Is Internet Wealth Biz SCAM or a golden money making opportunity for you?

It is possible to make lots of money as an online marketer, but is it possible to make money with Internet Wealth Biz?

Internet Wealth Biz is an online opportunity that claims to help online marketers to make more than $3000 a day.

This is a really exciting figure but is it too good to be true?

Before investing your money, it is wise to go through this review.

Here you will get all the answers you are looking for.

In this review, you will be able to determine if this online opportunity is worth your time, effort and money.

Keep reading for more details…

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Now, without any further ado, let’s find out the truth about the Internet Wealth Biz…


What is Internet Wealth Biz?

Internet Wealth Biz Scam

Internet Wealth Biz is an online program that claims to help both newbies and experienced online marketers to earn more than $3000 in a single day.

It goes by the domain name,

The website was registered in private and this means that its location is a mystery.

From this website, you will learn that Brian Thompson is the guy behind this platform.


Internet Wealth Biz ownership

Brian Thompson is mentioned as the creator of this program and the one who runs it.

Under his corporate biography, it is mentioned that Brian has been working in the online marketing industry for a very long time.

He says that he owns other successful businesses online and this one will not be an exception either.

However, despite all this, Brian says that probably most online marketers do not know him because he prefers to keep it that way.

According to him, he has kept his name hidden for so long and has no intention of exposing it to the public.

This is strange, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, like Brian says, there is no information about him over the internet and not even a photograph.

Very strange.


Internet Wealth Biz Membership

Joining this platform is not free of charge.

It comes at a cost of $47.

This is how much you part with, in order to get further access to the program.


Internet Wealth Biz Products

Legit online marketing ventures have services or products that they sell to retail customers for income.

However, with this business opportunity, there is no product or service involved.

You only pay money to access the system after which you are trained to earn with the platform.

The training you get there is of low quality and if it is what you pay for with the $47, it is overpriced.

The funny thing about the training offered, is that it does not inform you on how to earn with this platform.

All you get from the video are promises of how fast you will start earning after becoming a member.


Reasons why this program might not be legit

· Exaggerated income claims

· Inadequate information

· Up-sells


Exaggerated income claims

The income claims you get from this program are unrealistic.

According to the website, you start earning 20 minutes after signing up for the program.

The program guarantees that you will get not less than $3,384.81 every day after becoming a member of this platform…

Internet Wealth Biz SCAM

Internet Wealth Biz Exaggerated Earnings Claims

This figure itself is too specific to be true and for a start, you cannot get such much money immediately after signing up.

It is possible to make this money as an online marketer, but this takes a lot of time and effort for a daily income.


Inadequate information

In order for you to join any business, you need to be well-informed about the operations of the venture and the means to make money in the system.

This is something that the owner of this platform does not seem to understand.

All legit ventures inform you what you get after investing in them.

With Internet Wealth Biz, however, you are just informed that you will earn commissions without further details.



Risking $47 for a chance to earn over $3,000 a day seems to be worth it, isn’t it?

Well… it might come as a surprise to you when you learn that this is not the only amount you will spend on this program.

Once you pay the initial membership fee, you will be requested for much more in order to gain full access to the website.

In online marketing, this signifies a scam.

At the end, you will have spent a lot of money and even so, not make even a cent.



The Internet Wealth Biz is a program that has been created to help you part with your money and earn nothing in return.

You are better off if you stay away from the program as you will only waste your time and money.

There are many genuine online ventures that pay but unfortunately, Internet Wealth Biz is not one of them.

I hope that I was able to shed some light on this Internet Wealth Biz Scam program.

If you happen to have any questions or would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below…


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Internet Wealth Biz SCAM

Internet Wealth Biz SCAM

Internet Wealth Biz SCAM

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