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Instant Cash Club


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This is an important warning I want to bring to the forefront today, so pay very close attention.

The Instant Cash Club claims that you can make up to $10,000 per day using their state of the art software.

Read further to see how factual these claims are


What is the Instant Cash Club?

First off, why are there so many negative reviews on the Instant Cash Club?

Instant Cash Club is a Binary Options Software which promotes a fantasy lifestyle to people who are not so keen in spotting a scam website.

If they say that their software is state of the art and one of a kind, how is it that they get such a low rating?

I literally could not find any positive reviews on the Instant Cash Club when I searched on youtube nor on Google, except for some scam review websites which are endorsing it to the fullest.

The top 3 results on Youtube undoubtedly points out that Instant Cash Club is a scam (See Below).


Instant Cash Club Review


The top 3 results on Google also points out the very same fact (also see below).


Instant Cash Club


Why have these authority sites point out that the Instant Cash Club is a scam?

Well, let us examine what has been found out to be known as facts.


The testimonials that are displayed on the Instant Cash Club website are all fake.


How do we know this fact?

There is a website known as (and others) where you will find a wide variety of people who are willing to read any script once they are provided with it for as little as $5 bucks.

The actors who were used in the production of the “Instant Cash Club movie” are very crafty and tend to sway people to believe the lavish lifestyle that they claim to live.

I know this because I have been investigating these type of scams for a while now and I have seen these actors in many sales video such as the Instant Cash Club saying they have earn tens of thousand and even millions.

I have reviewed many others similar to the Instant Cash Club like the Quantum Code as well as Gemini 2.

Trust me, these are dangerous programs that you should be aware of and avoid like the plague.

Also, Thomas Jordan and Andrew Haines are made up names and are not real people.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you see displayed on the website is all fake.


My Advice Today.

Don’t believe all the hype when you see systems telling you that you will be making tens of thousands of dollars by doing simple tasks and also in record time.

Ask yourself this question: “If it were true wouldn’t everyone be doing it including me?”

“Wouldn’t the entire world know about this revolutionary software?”

I don’t think that I would waste my time to even write about this software if it were true.

What I would most likely do is keep it as a secret to myself.

Listen, I have been earning online in an ethical way since 2014 and I know that it is not easy peasy or abracadabra.

The truth is money is made online in small quantities and also in huge sums.

You should know that there are TONS of scams out there waiting for you to lose your money right at this very moment.

I would encourage you to read my post about how to spot these scam websites where I give some top clues to you to recognize them.

I do not want you to get scammed so trod with extra caution as you navigate your way on the internet.

I would also advise you to pick up a free copy of “How To Become An Online Trader” from if you would like to learn more about trading.


Viral Scams To Avoid

☠ Copy My Commissions

☠ Financial Health Reset

☠ Countdown To Profits

☠ Work At Home Institute



To conclude this report on the Instant Cash Club system, I am just going to reaffirm that you stay away from all the lies that you will see on the website and also watch the below video:



As usual, I am online most of the times keeping you safe and will offer my help to you if you ever need me.

When I am not online busting the balls of scammers, I can be found inside this online community learning how to make real money on the internet.

You are also welcomed to leave your comment, concerns and questions below and remember to share this Instant Cash Club Post on your favorite social media site.

The truth must be shared.


Your friend,

Jason (Founder)

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