Infinity Reloaded Review


Infinity Reloaded Review


Welcome to my Infinity Reloaded Review!

Wow, there has been such a buzz and hype about this Infinity Reloaded system so today I will do a full review so that you will know for sure what the system is all about.

I will cover the products (if any), the compensation plan, the cost and other important details which you should know.

Without any further ado, let us get down to business…


Name: Infinity ReloadedInfinity Reloaded Review
Registered by: Luisa Menezes
Founded: October 2016
Type: Two-Tiered Pyramid Scheme
Rating: 2/10

Affiliated with: Easy1up + others discussed below


What Is Infinity Reloaded?

While gathering very detailed information on the Infinity Reloaded Pyramid Scheme, I found out some truths which is of importance and I will now present to you…

The domain name; was registered by this person by the name of Luisa Menezes, however, there is no information on the Infinity Reloaded website to indicate who actually runs the company.

The same Luisa Menezes hails from Langholm, Scotland and goes by the name of Lou Menezes Santos on the social media giant; Facebook.

I am not sure if she uses a nickname on Facebook or if she is just trying to hide her identity.  This does indicate to me a possible red flag.

Upon further research, I discovered that Santos is an affiliate of the Skinny Body Care (SBC) and happens to have recruited some of her referral into her Infinity Reloaded downline.

Menezes even referred to the Infinity Reloaded as SBC (Skinny Body Care) Infinity Reloaded before there was an actual product launch.

Read on further to see if there are actual products available at Infinity Reloaded…


Infinity Reloaded Products

The Infinity Reloaded does not offer any retail products or services to those members who join.

If you were to join the Infinity Reloaded, you will be able to only promote and sell the affiliate memberships.

Upon a successful registration, an affiliate of the Infinity Reloaded is provided with downloads, software, scripts, & courses to learn how to promote it.

Let us now learn about the compensation plan of the Infinity Reloaded…


Infinity Reloaded Compensation Plan

The Infinity Reloaded Compensation Plan is usually what most people are interested in learning more about, so let us now take a detailed look at this aspect of the business.

First of all, you should know that Infinity Reloaded affiliates are required to pay a monthly membership fee if they plan to promote the opportunity.

The commissions are earned when the same affiliate manage to recruit other affiliates into the company who then pays the same monthly fees.

The Infinity Reloaded pays out down to two (2) levels to each affiliate in the pyramid:

1st Level – (these are personally recruited affiliates) pays out 80%  which is paid out by same recruits.

2nd Level – (these are affiliates recruited by the 1st level affiliate) 5% is paid out.

There are 7 membership levels offered by the Infinity Reloaded.  These are as follows:

(1). Level One/Basic: ($10 per month) – Payout is $8 on 1st level and 50 cents on 2nd level

(2). Level Two/Newbie: ($50 per month) – Payout is $40 on 1st level and $2.50 on 2nd level

(3). Level Three/Warrior: ($100 per month) – Payout is $80 on 1st level and $5 on 2nd level

(4). Level Four/Captain: ($250 per month) – Payout is $200 on 1st level and $12.50 on 2nd level

(5). Level Five/Sheriff: ($500 per month) – Payout is $400 on 1st level and $25 on 2nd level

(6). Level Six/Pro: ($1000 per month) – Payout is $800 on 1st level and $50 on 2nd level

(7). Level Seven/Pro Diamond: ($2000 per month) – Payout is $1600 on 1st level and $100 on 2nd level

You should also bear in mind that the levels do go in sequential format, therefore, affiliates are required to maintain their lower membership fees if they wish to upgrade to a higher membership level.

Now that we have covered the Infinity Reloaded Compensation Plan, lets now take a look at the prices…


Infinity Reloaded Price(s)

If you decide to partner with the Infinity Reloaded, you will need to pay monthly memberships fees from $10 up to $3910 to stay and promote the system as an affiliate.

As an example, if a newbie member wants to move up to the warrior level, he/she will have to pay a monthly fee of $50 (newbie fee) + $100 (warrior fee) = $150.

Naturally, you will need to pay the higher prices if you would like to earn higher commissions.


Infinity Reloaded Verdict

As you may know, pyramid schemes are a no-no when it comes to having an ethical online business.  The Infinity Reloaded is operating as a two-tiered pyramid scheme and in my opinion, should be avoided at all costs.

There is no product or services for its members to sell to other customers and the only thing which can be sold is the actual membership.

I am not seeing their business strategies lasting, especially since there is nothing of real value offered to the affiliates.

It is really just a matter of time before you see the Infinity Reloaded system crumble due to the shaky framework of the company.

Current affiliates who might be making some money now will soon see that many people are dropping out more regularly.  This reminds me of the GameLoot Network that is now slowly dying a painful death.

Another thing that you should know is that the Infinity Reloaded is a front funnel leading to easy 1up plus other Pyramid schemes.

You will see this information on the sales video available on the website:

“…system packed with multiple income streams that will run on autopilot, such as easy1up, coinbase, Moneyline & much more!”

It has now become clear that whenever you see claims of “autopilot” you should approach with caution.

For those of you who do not know what the easy1up is, I would like to point out that it has already been exposed as a cash gifting scheme (not a recommended business model).

The Moneyline is also another Pyramid scheme which has elements very similar to the  Infinity Reloaded and almost functions the same way.

What I notice about schemes like the Infinity Reloaded is that they pop up creating a buzz and is marketed all over social media and email.

After a few months or so, the Pyramid usually collapses leaving the members on their face and are therefore forced to seek other online money making systems.

I hope that you found my “Infinity Reloaded Review helpful and as usual, if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.


What Do I Recommend?

I have seen a lot of “make money online” programs that is full of hype promising me that I would be making TONS of money on autopilot as if it was magic.

I have now come to the realization that making money online is possible, however, it requires hard work, patience, and the right tools with great support.

I was fortunate to have found this online affiliate marketing community which provides all that I need to make this finally work.  Honestly, I know that it is the best out there…and the best thing about it is that it is absolutely free for YOU to start!

Click here to see what I mean


To your upcoming success,

Jason (founder)



19 Responses to Infinity Reloaded Review – Biggest SCAM or Legit Opportunity?

  1. dinezjuki says:

    Hi Jason!

    Firstly I would like to acknowledge you for your kind work.

    We often hear about people making money by just using the internet thus more people will fall for this kind of scam.

    Without your articles, there will definitely be more people that will fall victim to this kind of internet scam.

    So thanks again for this valuable info. Keep it up!

  2. Robert says:

    Thank you for writing this article and trying to blot out a blemish on many people being taking advantage of in this Great Country.

    Pyramid schemes are just created by people who are cheaters and sadly many are unaware socially that they are doing something wrong.

    Hard work is hard work right? The problem is the financial intent and no real product being sold as you have outlined so well.

    Doing our best to be knowledgeable which you clearly are gives hope to those that do want to work hard.

    Your arrival at something you truly believe in that morally is something you can stand by is a tremendous badge to not only you but the opportunity available in this country is we live with integrity.

    God bless.

  3. Pete says:

    Good to see people keeping an eye open for dodgy schemes. I have only just started to look at an online business and can’t believe how much rubbish is out there. If all the claims were true we would all be millionaires. No self respecting business would ask sales agent to pay to promote their product so I think that Infinity reloaded is best avoided.

  4. Michel says:

    It is amazing how many such like pyramid schemes exist on the internet, and that so many people are still sucked into them.

    This one is one of the more expensive ones I have seen. It starts off cheap at $10 buy the $2000 is a little steep for my liking. And what’s more, you still have to pay the membership levels below. The owner must be scoring big time if she can get people to actually pay these.

    I prefer the idea you present at the bottom. Hard work and patience will ultimately win the day.

    • Jason says:

      Yes, I agree. It is much better to start your own business and grow it, instead of getting involved with pyramid schemes.

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Matt Janowski says:

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, after reading your review and visiting their site, there is no way on earth I would join this organization.

    Your review highlights exactly what a pyramid scheme is: Paying commissions for recruiting but having no products to offer. That’s a pyramid scheme top to bottom.

    Thanks for pointing this ‘stinker’ out and possibly saving people thousands of hard earned dollars!

  6. Dan says:

    I don’t know who this woman is, but she sounds like a con artist and she needs to be shut down ASAP. If in fact she is running the type of scheme you describe, then she is directing a pyramid scheme, which is illegal here in the USA. Thanks for spreading the news. The more people hear about this, the better.

  7. Chanan says:

    Hi, Jason!

    As someone who fell into a few scams…(I assume that I’m not the only one), I see it so important to alert about those scams, and I really admire your work.

    When falling into a scam for a lot of people it can take a long time until they get out of it, financially and emotionally.

    But when alarming on those scams before, it prevents us of making these bad decisions.

    Thanks for the useful information!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Chanan,

      I am glad that you found the review at the right time.

      This is the reason why it is wise to conduct a full research before joining any company.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Ankit says:

    Truth be told. This company doesn’t seem like a genuine one from my perspective because even it’s unclear that who runs the company officially so how can anyone take this business so seriously? And there appears to be lot of up-sells to buy and sell because of this I’m much sure about the training here will be of no help at all. thanks for taking time and writing this post.

  9. Stisse says:

    Hi Jason,
    thanks for a great review of Infinity Reloaded. I took a look at this program a while ago and first thought they seemed to pay out good commissions, but now after reading your review, I understand that they have never ending upsells.

    It is certainly not right that you have to pay more and more to earn bigger commissions. I can understand that you have some kind of premium membership where you can earn more, but not continuously step it up like that.

    Thanks again for saving me one more headache of all these online scams!

    • Jason says:

      I agree with you, Stina – too much up-sells with the Infinity Reloaded.

      Glad that you found the review before you joined them.

  10. Levi says:


    Thanks for your review, its very clear for me how Infinity Reloaded works now.

    The compensation plan that you mentioned is very handy. For me its important to know what awaits me when I start something like Infinity Reloaded. I think its too expensive for what you get from them.

    Kind regards,


  11. zebra36 says:

    Wow, infinity reloaded sounds kind of scary. How do you achieve the different levels in their plans? 1st and 2nd level I get, but the other levels? Is it just based on the amount you pay to them or off traffic? Either way, there does appear to be a lot of red flags I can see a lot of people easily being scammed out of $2000 very easily in no time. Thank you for your warnings and review of IR.

  12. Gary says:

    After reading your review of Infinity Reloaded, I visited the Infinity Reloaded website and tried to read the disclaimer and the terms of service. While there are apparent links to the Infinity Reloaded Disclaimer and TOS, I could not access them. Click on them leads nowhere.

    Not being able to access the Disclaimer and TOS may be a technical issue, but it seems suspicious. I’ve found many online scams purposely hide their Disclaimer and TOS.

    Thanks for the warning about the Infinity Reloaded scam.

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