This is a genuine and comprehensive iGlobAd review.

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The brand has become very popular over the internet and especially, on social media.

Therefore, if you have not heard of it yet, you are probably going to come across it not so long from now.

If you have heard about it, you are probably wondering if it is worth your time, money and effort.

Before signing up be sure to read this review and know all about it.

After this, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether to be a member in iGlobAd or not.

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What is iGlobAd?

iGlobAd Review

iGlobAd is an MLM that operates in the advertising niche.

According to its website, it claims to be located in London, UK.

It names Mackenzie Carter as the one who runs it in the capacity of a CEO.

However, the internet has no additional information about Mackenzie Carter.

This is a cause for alarm for a CEO of an MLM.

Apart from having no information about this person, the website has no photo of him either.

Therefore, Mackenzie Carter remains a mystery even to the members of this platform.

However, there is a corporate biography of Carter on the website, but it is not original.

This biography section has been copied from an Indian based enterprise known as Janrise Advertising and Branding website.

There is nothing that has been changed about this information as iGlobAd copy and pasted the biography on their page.

When iGlobAd incorporated itself in the UK, it was known as I Glob Ad Limited, but this changed with time to iGlobAd.

The fact that this website copied information from an Indian company may be a sign that it is not based in the UK as stated but rather in India.


iGlobAd Products

There are no products or services for sale in this company.

Retail customers have nothing to get from here. In Legit MLM setups, retail sales are the major source of income.

Lack of this in this platform is a discouragement to most investors.

The only thing that this program offers potential members is the affiliate membership.


iGlobAd Compensation Plan

If you wish to be part of the compensation plan in this platform, there are packages that you are needed to invest in.

This is based on an agreement of return on investment (ROI) of 10 months.

Below are the details of the compensation plan:

• Starter – required to invest $57 in order to receive $142.50 ROI

• Standard – required to invest $157 in order to receive $423.90 ROI

• Extreme – required to invest $357 in order to receive $1035.30 ROI

• Ultimate – required to invest $757 in order to receive $2346.70 ROI

• Bronze – required to invest $1257 in order to receive $4148.10 ROI

• Silver – required to invest $3257 in order to receive $11,399.50 ROI

• Gold – required to invest $6075 in order to receive $22,477.50 ROI

• Platinum – required to invest $12,750.90 in order to receive $49,725 ROI

In case, you sponsor a new member personally, you receive 10% Direct Referral commission on the funds you have invested.

Alongside this, there is a Residual Commission plan which is paid via a binary compensation model by the company.

The model places a member at the top of the team, then introduces level 1 beneath.

The level is divided into 2 sides in order to hold 2 positions.

Each of the 2 positions is then divided into 2 in order to create level 2 in the binary model.

The process continues in the same manner and the positions are created as required.

These positions are filled via member sponsorship and this can be directly or indirectly.

The binary team is limitless in this program and therefore, it can grow as big as it gets.

A rate of 8% is paid as a residual commission to affiliates in regard to the matched funds on both sides of a binary level.

In case one side of the team is stronger, the leftover funds are carried over to the following payment period.


Cost of membership in iGlobAd

Becoming an affiliate in this program requires you to invest funds in order to buy packages ranging from the Starter package which costs $57 to the Platinum package which costs $12,750.90.

The higher the package, the higher the income, and the greater the risk.


iGlobAd Verdict

After coming up with this iGlobAd Review, it is possible to determine whether the program is recommendable or not.

According to this review, iGlobAd is NOT recommended.

This is because there are lots of things about this website that raises immediate red flags.

First, the company’s owner is a mystery.

There is no information about him and even his name seems generic.

His biography is copied, making this site unreliable and untrustworthy.

I even noticed that the testimonials at the bottom of the page were done by paid actors from the website:

iGlobAd Review

iGlobAd Review

Paid Actor From Fiverr

iGlobAd Review

Other Paid Actors From Fiverr


The other thing is that the ROI promises by this venture are unrealistic.

They are way too high and too good to be true. MLM ventures are characterized by fluctuations where the number of new members can either go high or low.

In case, it goes low, the company cannot keep up with the ROI promises.

ROI should be given in smaller rates just to compensate affiliate sponsorship.

From this information, you should consider directing your money elsewhere for now and watch how this program ends up.

There are genuine MLM ventures available today but iGlobAd might not be one of them.

I hope that you found the information that you were looking for in my iGlobAd Review, and if you have any comments please leave them in comment section.

Also feel free to share this review so that others may learn about this “iGlobAd” Company.


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