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iCoin Market is a Bitcoin company that has been generating a lot of buzz recently, especially on social media.

Perhaps you have come across one of their affiliates pitching to people on social media about the business opportunity available at iCoin Market.

There are many reviews about this company online where some people are saying it is a scam while others say it’s legit.

But what exactly is the truth?

Before you spend your hard earned money joining any MLM company it is important that you do a research about the company first.

I have done all the hard work for you regarding the company’s products, compensation plan and the owners, so that you can make a wise decision on whether to join the company or not.

So let’s get started on the iCoin Market review…


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iCoin Market Review – What exactly is this company?

iCoin Market Review

After checking their website, I wasn’t able to find much information regarding who owns the company, when it first started running, or where it is located.

This crucial information is what many people look out for before joining an MLM company.

The fact that iCoin Market does not offer any information regarding who owns or runs the company is a red flag.

With that said, I was able to gather information regarding the company’s domain name…

Their website domain name is “icoinmarket.com” and was registered in April, 2013.

However, it was recently updated on May 8, 2017 which is likely the same time the current owner took charge of the company.

I was able to come across a Hong Kong address on their site, which is exactly the same address that is on another website known as Click Intensity.

I found out that Click Intensity is a Ponzi scheme business which was started by Nick Johnson last year, 2016.

After checking Mr. Johnson’s Facebook page, I realized that he is also the owner of iCoin Market.

Since the start of the Click Intensity company back in 2016, Nick Johnson has remained active on his social media profiles promoting companies like Ads Cash Coin.

This was after Click Intensity started to perform poorly, leading to its eventual collapse.

Nick Johnson used the new company, Ads Cash Coin, to offload points that was generated by Click Intensity to new affiliates that signed up with the new company.

Initially, new affiliates who joined Ads Cash Coin were offered the points at 2 cents each, but were informed the value would increase in the future.

Unfortunately, Ads Cash Coin never kept its promise which led to its decline, after affiliates started to question where their money went.

This led to the launch of iCoin Market, another scheme by Mr. Johnson.


iCoin Market Review – What are their products?

iCoin Market does not offer any retail services or products to customers.

Most MLM companies are renowned for the products which they market to people to generate profits to affiliates.

With no retail sales activity going on at this company, affiliates who join the company market iCoin Market affiliate membership to others.


iCoin Market Review – The compensation Plan

Affiliates who are looking to join this company are required to invest their money so that they can earn ROI of up to 300%.

The following are the different investment level affiliates can invest in:

· Aggressive – affiliates will earn 60% profits that are generated after a period of 3 months.

· Distributed – affiliates will earn 40% profits that are generated after a period of 6 months.

· Safe – affiliates will earn 30% profits that are generated after a period of 12 months.

· Stable – affiliates will earn 20% profits that are generated after a period of 18 months.

· Fixed – affiliates will earn 10% profits that are generated after a period of 24 months.

Affiliates also get to earn referral commission that is paid on a unilevel compensation structure as follows:

· Level 1 – invest a minimum of $100 so that you can earn a 10% commission on every new affiliate you sponsor.

· Level 2 – invest a minimum of $1,000 so that you can earn a 3% commission.

· Level 3 – invest a minimum of 10,000 so that you can earn a 2% commission.


iCoin Market Review – What is the cost of joining the company?

If you are looking to join iCoin Market as an affiliate, the joining cost is free.

However, you will not qualify for a referral commission if you follow this path.

For you to earn MLM commissions, you are required to invest a minimum joining fee of $100.

However, to enjoy the full MLM commission, you are required to invest a minimum fee of $10,000.


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iCoin Market Review – The Verdict

There are many biased reviews you would find about this company saying it is a total scam.

However, based on this iCoin Market review, you might be wondering if it is a scam business or not.

So the million dollar question that you want to find the answer to is whether iCoin Market is a scam business or legit?

In truth, iCoin Market is not quite a scam.

However, unlike most MLM companies, iCoin Market has no products which it can market to customers.

That means, affiliates only have got the iCoin Market membership to market to new affiliates.

The problem is that if you rely on recruiting new affiliates so that you can earn a commission, when recruitment slows down you will end up losing your money.

This will lead to a mass exit as affiliates look for other avenues which can lead to a steady flow of income.

Therefore, iCoin Market will eventually collapse like other companies that was started by Mr. Johnson.

My verdict is that you should approach this company with caution so that you avoid losing any money in the future.

Thanks for reading my iCoin Market Review and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below…


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iCoin Market Review

iCoin Market Review

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