I love reading and am getting more and more into the habit. We all realize that to read is the most important thing in life, I think so, don’t you?
I myself have asked this question and want to know if I can read better and faster.

How To Read Better

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It is known that the greatest of all people the world has ever seen, are and have been readers.  If you look at the greatest and most respected people now which includes the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, it would interest you to know that these two men are avid readers.

Bill Gates in particular goes off two weeks out the year to read in seclusion  while Warren Buffett has been quoted saying that he reads “8 hours a day”.

So I am intrigued to read and learn as much as possible to reach the heights in life.

What I have discovered is that you do not need to attend any form of college, university or school to achieve anything in life. I have to say that boldly because of what I know about many great men who did not go to any of the institutions listed above and they reach some of the highest positions in life.

There are many stories of inventors, politicians, lawyers, doctors and a whole multitude of professionals who have achieved great success in life and have never ever attended any of these places, but have taught themselves what they need to know by the simple skill of reading.

I say simple skill of reading, but maybe I should have said the skill of the discipline of reading. Anyone can read once they understand words but you have to PAY ATTENTION, PAY ATTENTION, PAY ATTENTION when reading and show much discipline.

If you lose focus, that is where you are going down the wrong path. You can read about anything that you want to be in life.


Thank goodness for the power of words, it is now available in audible formats to let the people who do not want to use eyes to acquire knowledge, but rather their ears, now have the capability to develop their lives.  Many people do waste time to listen to “JUNK” by listening to the top hit song that does not contain any value in it (well, it might be some value for some people, but not us right?)

When listening or reading from a book or an audio book, you must first clear your mind of distractions.  Do not talk to yourself and think of what you are going to have for dinner, but rather FOCUS on the words fully and meditate on what you are reading to gain understanding.

I want you to improve on your reading, as it will be what you put inside of your mind that you will use to acquire anything that you desire in life no matter what it is.  It could be money, fame, better relationships…or anything at all that you desire.

Take you yourself as an example, who are you?  How are you what you are?   You are what you are because of what you have experienced and what you have learned so far in life, also because of the dominating thoughts that you allow to be in your mind.  Tomorrow you will be a  different person from who you are today because of what you have learned today, that is why it is so important to feed your mind with something that will make you a better person and therefore a more successful and greater individual.

Really and truly friends, it takes your will power and determination over anything else to become great in life. Invest some time in your self and continue to read more often to develop whatever it is that you are developing (just make sure it is something good and something that will uplift mankind and it will be worthwhile for you). Share your knowledge and keep prospering in life.

There will be a video that I added further down that speaks about a lot more details and tips on how you can improve yourself.   I would also like to share with you a very important message from Benjamin Franklin who said that when you read, you should keep a pen nearby so you can jot down important notes.   Or just do it the new fashion way by typing or copying the note to any computer writing pad that you use.

When you watch the video below, (for those who loves watching videos) – great way to learn as well by the way, you will feel something inside you move you and lead you to investigate more. I think you will like it.

Hope you like the video! Share your thought below in the comments section or click any social media button you use to share.

So is it a good video or what?

Let me know in the comments section! :).

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Jason Foster
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31 Responses to How To Read Better – Good Tips To Follow

  1. Stella says:

    For me, I love reading the current events, blogs, and self-helps. That’s what I am into right now. Reading acquires us knowledge and updates it as well. As a mom, reading helped me cope up with myself and have that self time that I needed. It kept my mind moving and kept me updated with the world. I also listen to audio books especially when I’m doing chores. However, I still do like my music. Great article you have here. Thanks.

  2. Eric says:

    I find myself listening to music way less than I used to. I travel roughly 45 mins to an hour to work and I used to listen music, but now I find myself listening to audio books about personal development and motivational speech from Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor just to name a few.

    I believe that Reading is really the most important thing someone can do in order to have that self worth that they are looking for.

    Great post Jason, as always.

    Eric. 🙂

  3. Marc says:

    Hi Jason, excellent article
    I am a firm believer that people can learn anything if they really want to and one of the best ways to do this is by reading. We can all develop ourselves if we really desire to.
    Great work

  4. Dara says:

    Reading is such a great escape, and finding new books that speak to you is so rewarding. I would lose myself for hours if I could! With 5 kids much of my reading is in the form of Dr. Seuss. Good thing he offers great life lessons in his silly sounding stories.
    Great article!

    • Jason says:

      That is so nice that you read constantly to your kids, this will not only develop them, but also you yourself will be developed. Dr. Seuss is a really good book for kids and they do appreciate it when we read to them often. Thanks for visiting my post. Wishing you great success in life.


  5. Dinh says:

    Great article!
    Reading plays such a big part in my life. I would agree with you that the more you read the more informed you are and the stronger mentally you become.
    I used to read text book for school but now I enjoy books for entertainment. I like the way words take you to a place and make it so real. Your imagination is the only thing that is stopping you.
    Feeding your mind through reading is the best. I wish I had 8 hours to read everyday. Being a mother of 3, I’ll be happy with 1 hour.
    How long do you get to read each day?

    • Jason says:

      Most of us wish we had the time to read for 8 hours like some really avid readers out there or even take a “reading vacation” but due to the commitment we have to our families, we have to cut it short and read when we get a chance. I myself have a 5 year old and she really does make it a challenge to concentrate on reading since I stay with her most of the time. However, I still will find time to read when she goes off to school and that time will amount to about 4 hrs or so. We really have to keep reading whenever we do get the chance.


  6. Elvis says:

    I am totally in agreement with what you said, it is important to develop a habit of reading. Since most of the knowledge is acquired through reading, if you want to become an expert in a particular field, you have to read that topic constantly. This is also what I am doing now as I believe that when I reach a certain heights in life by doing that, success will come.

    • Jason says:

      Certainly Elvis, keep developing your mind to reach your goals in life. You are truly on the right path and you will do so well if you continue.



  7. Kristie says:

    I love to read because it takes me to a different place. I can use my imagination while expanding my vocabulary. Reading can also make us better writers. I wish I could read 8 hours a day or hide away in seclusion. As a mom, that is nearly impossible. I enjoy reading when my kids are sleeping or on long trips. Ben Franklin did have a good idea to have a pen when you read. I often find myself thinking about different things that I read. I always think I will remember them, but that is never usually the case.

    • Jason says:

      I think I have become better at writing because of my continuous reading habits. It is truly a life changer. I do not get the time to read long hours, but whenever I get a chance you will see me reading something that will add value to my life.
      Whatever you have read stays with you in your subconscious mind even if your conscious mind forgets it. At times when you dig deep down into your subconscious you will come up with great ideas because your subconscious mind never forgets whatever is inputted into it. Thanks for reading and looking forward to having you here reading my posts again.


  8. Will says:

    Hi there, great info. The truth is that many out there take this simple skill for granted all too often. I’ve always said that for the most part teachers just show kids where to find the information- if you can read and know your way around a library, teaching yourself anything is pretty easy. Have a great day!

  9. Christian says:

    I think reading helps with a lot of stuff. When I first got into writing, my mentor said, “Read a lot. It will make you a better writer.” I really think that statement made me a much better writer and the more I read the better I get at writing.

    I don’t think audio books have the same affect for me. They are really nice because I can listen to them while working or driving but I just don’t feel it’s the same as written word.

    • Jason says:

      I really do share your opinion in regards to audio books. The written words somehow has a more greater impact on me when I read it.

      Keep writing and reading to reach high levels in life.


  10. Matt says:

    I enjoy reading the daily news, as well as researching material on the stock market, but I wouldn’t consider myself an avid reader. Probably because I don’t read many novels/books…I average about 1 per year.

    What type of reading do you think is best? Is there any specific material that you believe provides more value than others?

    I certainly enjoy reading, but long novels take some time to read and there are just so many distractions in today’s world. It’s unfortunate. In the future I’ll be making a bigger effort to read even more.

    • Jason says:

      Self-developing books are books that I am currently reading, there are a great number of best sellers out there. Books are truly amazing and they will put you on a different level for sure. I also read materials that help me to be a better marketer since that is the field which I am exploring at this moment.

      You will find time to read more Matt, just remember to have discipline and follow the suggestions that I mentioned in the post.

      To your success,

  11. Stephanie says:

    As a former teacher, I cannot stress enough the importance of reading. It is very critical to read everyday. You will be guaranteed to learn something new each time you read. I like what Benjamin Franklin said about always having a pen and paper available to write down notes as you think about then while reading.

    • Jason says:

      Nice to have a former teacher commenting here. What did you teach? Reading really helps you in so many ways, it develops your writing skills, your comprehension skills and your whole mental state. The brain itself is a muscle and it appreciates when it is fed food which is information. What better way than to read to feed the brain!

      All the best Stephanie.


  12. Emily says:

    hi Jason
    I am an avid reader and have currently about 5 books at home that are on my to do list…..I spent more than 8 years in university reading for so many courses. But now I enjoy reading just for reading. Even professional material I enjoy. I am a naturally curious person and I need to read to be happy. I am lacking the time to read as much as I would want but I recently made it my priority again. So I am off to a new book!

    • Jason says:

      Emily, it is so good to have someone like you on my site. I admire people like you who read avidly, it is the way to go. What book are you currently on now? I am reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and it is a really good book that you may like. Talk to you soon!


  13. Yvonne says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thanks for your sharing your article on how to read better. I enjoy reading books a lot and used to read much more. But lately I only have time to read the Bible, daily news, online articles and my weekly entertainment magazine.

    I find the comment by Benjamin Franklin really useful and relevant as I tend to forget things that we read sometimes. We get information from so many sources so it’s a good idea to have a place where we can take down notes of anything useful or important to us.

    Regarding the video, I find that it is too long. I wish that he could just get to point sooner lol!

    • Jason says:

      Even if it is the bible or daily news you read, it still will help you to write better, be more informed and help you out in some way. It is even better to read something that will propel you further towards a goal that you may have.

      It is true what Mr. Franklin said, we should always have some way to write something down when reading.

      The video may be long, but I can can tell you that it will be worth your time. All the best in your endeavors.


  14. Donna says:

    I am a reading fan! Drives my husband nuts when I get in a book and refuse to pay attention to anything else hahah. I only wish I could get my grown children to like doing it as much as I do.

    My father taught himself how to hunt using just books when he was 22 (my whole family came from Brooklyn) and for the next 50 years he acquired quite a lot of knowledge (and books), and I am happy to say I am doing the same!

    • Jason says:

      Great to see you following in the footsteps of your great father, he has taught his daughter very well indeed. Keep reading as it will push you further.


  15. Fathima says:

    Hi Jason,

    I agree that a formal education does not mean that you will succeed in life.

    What you need to succeed in life is the ability to read, the aptitude to understand what you read and the vision to apply what you read. In our current times certain professions such as medicine, law and finance require specialised education but except for medicine, the rest, I believe, can be done through correspondence where you have to read, understand and apply the information yourself. This is how I did all my studies and I understand exactly where you are coming from in this article.


    • Jason says:

      Many doctors today are leaving their practice to venture into something different which is more profitable. They have spent at least 7 years of their lives in an institution and have spend thousand of dollars to then go into the medical world to earn a median salary (2014) of $111,630.00 annually. It is somewhat true that they need to be certified in those institutions because of the way that the law is with it, but the fact is that you can read and study and then apply what you have learned. If only the law was a bit different.

      Thanks for the contribution to this post Fathima.


  16. DhineshM says:

    Good article! Being a bookworm myself I agree with everything you have to say on the subject. Books make up a major part of my life and have given me so much insight into other cultures, philosophies, and opinions.

    I think reading – and reading effectively – can help really make us all global citizens, as we learn to experience some things that someone else has experienced over time – shared experiences can only make us see things through someone Else’s eyes.

    Thanks for the post! Look forward to more!

    • Jason says:

      It makes total sense to read effectively. We really can be global citizens and make the world a much better place. It is great to see that you agree and found value with the post. Thanks for clicking through and sharing your opinion through these pages.


  17. Rawl says:

    My father (who was born in 1898 and only had a 2nd grade education) used to tell me that if I could read I could learn to do anything. I believed it as a child and I believe it now.

    He did not have a college diploma and built a corner store (i.e. liquor store, supermarket, depending on where you live) from the foundation up by himself. If he didn’t know how to do something he would call his friends who did and they would tell him what to do and he would do it. He was able to do this because he was an avid reader.

    However, I don’t know if I agree with your statement, “There are many stories of inventors, politicians, lawyers, doctors and a whole multitude of professionals who have achieved great success in life and have never ever attended any of these places, but have taught themselves what they need to know by the simple skill of reading”. How can a doctor practice medicine if they haven’t attend med school? The same for a lawyer. How does a lawyer practice law unless they’ve attended law school. Most states, if not all, require this. Your thoughts?

    • Jason says:

      Your father did well in life without going to a traditional college/university to achieve what he did in life and many other people do the same and that is a perfect example.

      If you take a look at wikipedia “list of presidents of the United States by education” you will see that what I have said is quite true. Take a look at the article for yourself and see what it says. I have copied and pasted one of the paragrah here to let you see and you can also visit this link to wikipedia.

      The full point however is to let people know that they can become really great by investing some time in themselves by getting specialized knowledge on the subject matter that interests them.

      The below statement is taken from Wikipedia:

      “Several Presidents who were lawyers did not attend law school, but became lawyers after independent study. Some had attended college before beginning their legal studies, and several studied law without first having attended college. Presidents who were lawyers but did not attend law school include: John Adams; Thomas Jefferson; James Madison; James Monroe; John Quincy Adams; Andrew Jackson; Martin Van Buren; John Tyler; James K. Polk; Millard Fillmore; James Buchanan; Abraham Lincoln; James A. Garfield; Grover Cleveland; Benjamin Harrison; and Calvin Coolidge.”

      Thanks for your comment and hope that I have clarified this for you.


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