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  1. Garen says:

    Hey Jason,

    I think a lot of people are intimidated by setting up a website. But, really it’s quite easy with SiteRubix at Wealthy Affiliate. A lot of people are actually surprised to learn that you can host websites with Wealthy Affiliate too. There are lots of services that provide just hosting for 5$ to $25 per month. But, Wealthy Affiliate offers so much more than just web hosting!

    More importantly, I talk with clients all the time and they want to focus on traffic but are unsure how to actually get targeted traffic. I explain the process of SEO and it really overwhelms them.

    I did have a question for you, though. What WordPress themes both free and paid do you suggest for newbies. I have used a number of paid themes in the past; Headway, Genesis, and Elegant Themes.

    • Jason says:

      You are quite right about people getting intimidated by setting up a website. That is how I felt before I started building websites back in 2014.

      I have learned that with Wealthy Affiliate, the process is quite simplified, it literally took 30 seconds to build my website with the SiteRubix website builder tool.

      I really think that Wealthy Affiliate has all the tools, training, and support that is needed to build a successful online business and I am proof that it truly works.

      Regarding my recommendations for WordPress themes to newbies, I would say that this particular theme that I am using is quite good; it is called the Pagelines theme.

      They have it in free (this one) and also paid, which I will be upgrading to pretty soon.

      Other great premium themes that seem to get some really positive reviews are the Thrive Themes and the Woo Themes.

      I would recommend that a total newbie start with a free theme then move on to a premium one once they get the hang of it.

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