High Ticket Income System Review


High Ticket Income System Review


Welcome to the High Ticket Income System Review!

Over the past few weeks, social media has been flooded with reports about a new guaranteed way of making money online from the comfort of your couch using a system called “High Ticket Income System”.

The system claims that you can make money through commissions from high ticket, as high as $9400 in a week that is according to the testimonials they provide.

However, in the past year, there has been a lot of hype and traffic about online means to make money, through network marketing and pyramid schemes.

Some are legit, but others are just mere scams, unethical plots by mastermind con men after your money.

The big question is, is High Ticket Income System one of these scams, or is it legit, the Holy Grail to opening the floodgates of your financial life?

We shall look at the facts, sieving the finer details from the chaff, and determine an unbiased verdict.

Let’ get on with the truth so you can decide…


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High Ticket Income System – The company’s background

High Ticket Income System Review

According to its website, High Ticket Income System, also known as HTI Elite, is a digital entrepreneurship online marketing firm that is located at 88 Glocker Way, Pennsylvania in the United States.

The same address is however listed in another network marketing firm known as Reverse Commissions.

It is backed up by a marketing software company called DPS Marketing Group LLC.

DPS Marketing Group is owned by Dale Payne Sizer, who according to LinkedIn, is the founder of Infinity Profit System, owner of American Financial Solutions and DPS Real Estate LLC.

These companies, with the latest; Infinity Profit System, have all had a controversial buzz about their legitimacy and ethical imbalances, with many claiming them as scams.

Infinity Profit System ended up collapsing, just barely two months after its birth due to scam reports which created bad faith for the company, affecting recruitment and affiliates from enrolling.

According to Amazon’s web traffic data and analytics company Alexa, High Ticket Income System is hosted on the same exact server as network marketers, Gift Me Bitcoins and Reverse Commissions.

Gift Me Bitcoins collapsed a few months ago, and Alexa’s ranking of Reverse Commissions are not showing a bright future of the company.

With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder if HTI Elite is doomed for the same fate.

If you are planning to invest your money in a company, you would want reassurance of the company’s existence, right?


High Ticket Income System – How it Works

High Ticket Income System uses a model known as Licensing to operate.

Affiliates, through this model, get to resell other people’s products, at relatively higher commissions.

Most network marketers, provide a commission based remuneration for their affiliates, and this remains true for HTI Elite, only this one boasts of higher commission rewards thanks to their license.

Using a license program model has its perks over normal network marketing affiliations.

You are rewarded higher commissions because before you resell other people’s property, you first have to pay for them first, giving you “the license” to resell.


High Ticket Income System – Products Offered

High Ticket Income System only operates through reselling the property at high commissions.

To do this, you need to sign up to get an affiliate membership.

That’s just about it.

There are no physical goods sold or marketed.  No retail activity, no stock is traded in the stock market and no evidence of any trade taking place.

Affiliates are only offered a vast platform where they get online marketing courses.

According to their products section, HTI Elite offers over 50 training courses and management coaching programs which will educate you on the latest thinking and trends in internet marketing today.


High Ticket Income System – The cost to Join

To start working through this system, you need to earn your affiliation membership first.

To do this, you need to pay an admin fee of $100, and a gift payment of $1000 which is shared between the affiliate that recruited you and the person that recruited that affiliate.


High Ticket Income System Compensation Plan

Making money with High Ticket Income System requires affiliates to recruit other people into the system.

For every recruit, you earn $500.

Once the affiliate you recruited recruits new members, you get $500 for each.

It’s a simple binary system.


So, is High Ticket Income System worth investing in?

The whole system seems interesting at an arm’s length.

It has only one stronghold; using a license model, but the finer details will raise red flags.

The system’s ties to Dale Payne Sizer, a guy accused of conmanship, puts its legitimacy to question.

Similar address and web hosting from scam identified network marketing systems like Reverse Commissions.

The system claims it operates by reselling property at a commission, but the compensation plan only talks about earning money through recruitment.

High start-up fee.  Not everyone has $1100 lying somewhere.  Again, why pay to start earning money?


High Ticket Income System Verdict:

The red flags speak for themselves here folks.

Personally, I would not venture into this investment, but if you are the daring type, try out your luck.

Now, there you have it…the full details that you need to know about the High Ticket Income System.

I hope that you learned from the facts from my High Ticket Income System Review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.


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