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Most likely you are here to find out if the GreenWood Formula is a legit way to earn an income online or if it is a big scam that is designed to take your hard-earned dollars out of your pocket.

As with all the reviews here on, diligent research has been conducted to protect you the reader and will allow you to make the best decisions.

Without any further ado, let us get into the full review…


What Is The GreenWood Formula?

The GreenWood Formula is an online system with scam tendencies that outright comes out telling people that they will be earning over $100K guaranteed in the next 30 days after signing up.

The claimed creator (Jake) went on further to say that if you; as a new member fails to make six figures within the space of that same month, he will personally give you $10,000 just for trying out the software!

Where on earth does someone pay you for signing up to a program and pay you if and when you do not make the money promised?

Now, if all this were all true, why would there be tons of negative review on the system online and wouldn’t  many people be partaking in this golden opportunity (including myself) and earning thousands of dollars per month?

You will be able to see a lot of negative reviews on the GreenWood Formula System once you do a google search and even a youtube video search.

This promise I think is very misleading and dangerous, especially for a newbie trader or a person who is simply looking to learn how to truly make money online.


Who Is “Jake” (GreenWood Formula CEO?)

So who is this person by the name of Jake behind the GreenWood Formula who happens to be so kind?

Is he well-known in the trading world?  Is GreenWood Methodhe a con man disguised as the CEO of the GreenWood Formula System?

Let us examine the facts to find out the answers to these and other questions:

You will see this “Jake” telling you that he will be able to make you a millionaire by filling out your name and your email address on the web page.

Upon investigations on the name of a “Jake” associated with the GreenWood Formula, no credible results were ever found.

I strongly believe that he is an actor hired by the real creators of the scam software.

Another thing that you must take note of is the movements of Jake’s eyes.

Obviously, he is reading a script from a teleprompter screen – just watch his eye movements very closely to see this.


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Is The GreenWood Formula Free?

It is mentioned over and over by Jake that you should put away your wallet and that he doesn’t need a penny from you.

However, once you make the dreadful mistake of entering your email and name, you will then be redirected to a different page.  This is where you will be introduced to a broker.

Once introduced the broker, you will be required to fund your account with at least $250.  Of course, this video will persuade you to make a deposit – as Jake already did promise that you are guaranteed to make money or he would give you money.

And since Jake has already “prepped up” users from the first video.  It will be easy for them to take your money since the first video was made with a cunning intention to gain your trust.

The truth is that once you deposit funds, you will never have the chance to recover your money back.  This is merely a lure to get your money as soon as possible.

Furthermore, there will also be a section for you to input your phone number into…

If you were to enter your phone number on this page, you would be taking a very high risk.

This risk involves the spammy and scam partners of the GreenWood Formula system to contact you and encouraging you to deposit more money into their trading accounts.

Many of my readers and subscribers have faced these very persuasive scammers from other scam systems whose sole purpose is to get their hands on your money.

Be a wise person and do not be persuaded by these tactics.


Fake GreenWood Formula Testimonials/Reviews

Just in case you were wondering about all the positive testimonials that you see on the website and think to yourself that all these people are making money, you should take a look at what I have discovered below…

As an example, let us take a look at one of the verified persons on the website by the name of Steven Eartrum.

My results show that the image was snagged from a different website and then placed on the GreenWood Formula Website to give it a look of GreenWood Methodauthenticity for the untrained viewer or potential victim.

In order to do an image lookup search, all you have to do is right-click on the image, then select “Search Google For Image”.  This will open up a series of results for you to investigate to see the facts about the image.

You can try this for yourself with any other image that you would like to get some more information about.  Please note that Google Chrome will provide this service and not Safari and Firefox browsers.

So, with a little investigation and legwork, I was eventually led to a series of sites that is not associated with the GreenWood Formula System.

Also, be on the lookout for affiliates promoting the GreenWood Formula to you as a legit software just so they will be able to make a commission once you deposit funds.

You will be sure to see some of them promoting the scam on Google or blasting them out via email.


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GreenWood Formula – Video Review

I could write a lot more information about this GreenWood Formula Scam, but I really do not want to bore you too much.  I think I have provided more than enough information here for you to know the motive of these scammers.

Below, you will see a video which will solidify what I have already pointed out.  You may double click the video if you wish to view it larger.



Real trading platforms are available online if that is what you are seeking.  I have seen a lot of scammy ones in my time and I have seen a few good ones.

Check out a Legitimate Binary Options Trading :


GreenWood Formula Conclusion

Making money online is certainly possible and there are many ways in which to do it.

My personal and most fun way are in the form of affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools you need to do it properly.

One thing that I can tell you today is that to mess with the GreenWood Formula is not the way to do it.

My advice would be for you to save your money and do not invest a cent into their broker account as this will bleed your pockets and bank accounts.

The well-crafted GreenWood movie will most likely lure a lot of people to fall for the trap, and I hope that with this GreenWood Formula Review that I have saved you and others from losing out.

Thank you for taking your time today to read this important GreenWood Formula Review.  I hope to see you again soon on

In order to show your thanks and support, I would encourage you to share this to social media websites or leave a comment below as this is the best way to show me some love and appreciation for writing this review for your safety.

As always: Avoid Scams at all costs!


Your friend,

Jason (Founder)

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7 Responses to Greenwood Formula – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Eric says:

    There’s no point in having the best binary options strategy if the broker you are working with is not carefully regulated.
    I got scammed by ctoptions, losing $45,700, I tried every legal means but all went to nothing, just ended up spending money on unnecessary fees.
    I ended up having to hire king-wizard(at)programmer(dot)net
    He had my money returned in 4 days.
    You should reach out to him if you’ve been scammed and seeking to have the worth of your Binary Option investment returned. It was really depressing for me initially when I found out I had been scammed so I know the feeling.

  2. Kim Bessette says:

    Hi Jason.

    I did sign up with and their site is primitive and no explanation or trade advice on when to click in….etc. I have questioned about this and not received any direction.

    They do reply back quickly when I need to have my password reset, though. I see they have an office in Miami, so I may drive down one day to check it out.

    I did wind up depositing money in CT Options, and I have been training and trading under one of their Senior traders, and have been successful…..maybe that was my blessing. Although they want more money more money more money. Any intel on CTOptions? out of London.

    • Kim Bessette says:

      that should have read

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Kim.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Even though you may be fortunate enough to not lose money with the system, do not lower your guards.

      I have not done a review on the CTOptions out of London, however, I have not seen too many positive words on it. In fact, the negative reviews outweigh the positive reviews. People have also reported that they have been ripped off in the past [ ].

      The positive reviews which you will see are mostly from affiliates. Do trod with caution if you do decide to proceed with the CTOptions.

      Also, note that when you choose a to trade online ensure that regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are monitoring the brokers.

      Kind regards,

  3. Jacob says:

    Thank you so much for saving me from this scam I was just about to sign up for it until this website caught my eye I didnt notice this guy was up to no good he is very convincing I almost fell for my trap my parents bank accounts would have been broken if it werent for you thank you very much i will do anything to repay you for warning me it is a shame that its a scam I will do whatever I can to repay you I will share your website to all my friends and do whatever I can to show my appreciation thank you zo much again .

    • Jason says:

      Glad that I could have prevented you from getting scammed by the creators of the Greenwood Formula Scam. Do trod with caution as you look for money making opportunities online by doing your research all the time.

      Thanks for your comment Jacob.

      Best regards,

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