There are numerous MLM ventures on the market for you to 
choose from.

With all these companies it might be a challenge for you to know 
which company is genuine and which is not.

Therefore, how can you tell where to 
place your money and where not to?

It is simple, just read and learn all about 
a company before registering as a member.

This God Gift Matrix Review will have all the 
relevant information you need to know regarding the company.

Find out if investing in this 
company is a risk worth taking…


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About The company

God Gift Matrix Review

God Gift Matrix is an MLM venture that has no information on 
its website about the CEO of the company or who owns it.

On the 8th of August, 
2017, this company registered its domain name privately as

In such a case where an MLM venture is not open about the owner 
or the manager, you should think long and hard prior to signing up or even 
investing your money in such a unit.


God Gift Matrix 

There are no goods or services being sold or marketed to 
retail customers by this company.

Therefore, the sole thing that affiliates can 
offer to people looking forward to join the company is the membership.

This is 
the only income opportunity that members can offer to the general public.

Once you become a member of this venture, you are granted 
access to ad credits.

With these credits, you can redeem to display custom 
advertising on the company’s website for others to see.


The God Gift Matrix compensation plan

The major focus for the members affiliated to this company 
is the attached compensation plan.

Here, the company gives a 2 by 9 matrix 
system for arranging the Bitcoin gifting activity.

Members joining this company 
for the first time are requested to make 0.0002 BTC as gift payment to another 
member in the company.

Once you make this payment, you become eligible to get 
0.0002 BTC from a pair of other members who will join the company.

There are nine total Bitcoin gifting levels throughout the 
matrix of interest.

All the levels operate in a similar manner.

Immediately a 
member is done with the first level, he/she can advance up the matrix in the 
following manner:

Level 2 members gift 0.0003 BTC then receive a 
similar amount from 4 other members

Level 3 affiliates gift 0.0006 BTC then receive 
a similar amount from 8 other members

Level 4 affiliates gift 0.003 BTC then earn a 
similar amount from 16 others

Level 5 members gift 0.02 BTC then receive the 
same amount from 32 others

Level 6 affiliates gift 0.1 BTC then receive a 
similar amount from 64 others

Level 7 members gift 0.25 BTC and receive a 
similar amount from 128 others

Level 8 affiliates gift 1 BTC then earn a 
similar amount from 256 other members

Level 9 affiliates gift 4 BTC then earn a 
similar amount from 512 other members


Membership fee to 
join God Gift Matrix

You will be required to pay a gift payment of 0.0002 BTC in 
order to join this company.

However, for you to gain full access to the 
provisions of the company, you will have to increase your gift payment up to 
5.3741 BTC.



A gift refers to giving without expecting anything in 

However, with God Gift Matrix, it is the opposite as members gift expecting 
a reciprocation.

Otherwise, why would strangers gift each other?

This company 
has no real services or products to offer and therefore, it has no real value.

This implies that once the membership recruitment comes to a halt, so will the 

Matrix based gifting schemes basically benefit the admin managing them.

This happens via gifting payment pass-ups per level and preloaded admin 
positions combination.

Therefore, a majority of the members in this company are 
bound to lose their money.

else you need to bear in mind is that God Gift Matrix states that the purchases 
of positions in this company are nonrefundable.

To be concise, you need to think 
twice before investing in this company.

I hope that my God Gift Matrix Review has been helpful to you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below…


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