Global Millionaires Club – Is Global Millionaires Club Scam?


Name: Global Millionaires ClubGlobal Millionaires Club

Website: (.co not .com)

Type: Binary Options

Claimed Creator: Alexander Wilson


Recommended: No




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Global Millionaires Club Review

The Global Millionaires Club looks very appealing to the eye.  The front page of the website has this good looking guy standing in front of some flashy looking cars and a nice looking mansion.  The name of the system suggests that you can be a millionaire by joining this club.

You may have even seen some fake review sites on google promoting the system and giving you the impression that the system works.

I am proud that you are still skeptical and is digging deeper to uncover the truth about GMC.

I promise that you will get the full researched truth about the system, so that you may make the right choice not to join this system.

You will now learn the full facts about this Global Millionaires Club system.  Continue reading below…


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The Truth With Proof

The straight up truth is that Global Millionaires Club or GMC for short is selling to you a dream that is on the minds of many people all over the world.  This dream is that you will make very large sums of money in the next couple of days or weeks with little or no hard work involved.

People like Warren Buffet makes a lot of money by being an investor and many people would also love to make the money that he makes.  But Mr. Buffet had to go through a lot of studying and practice to reach the status where he is at today.

These people that made up the GMC system tries to tell any ordinary person that they can become a guaranteed millionaire.  This is just a blatant lie that you have your God-given right to be skeptical about.

On their website, you will see many get rich quick indications.  One is that you should follow 3 simple steps to “be in the money”.  This claim is just as false as everything else on the website.  They make it sound very easy to do.  That is why they are so successful in getting people to sign up, eventually getting into their bank accounts.

You are smart enough to not let this happen to you, you are here doing your research.  I can tell you right now that you are on the right track.

Because of your determination to find real success online, I will provide you a great opportunity near to the end of this post.  I think you will like this bonus.  Consider it as my gift to you for visiting this website.  You are truly awesome. 🙂

Global Millionaires Club

GMC False Advertising

The full concept of the GMC that I have come to realize is that they promote a broker company by the name of Market Brokers where you will have to deposit money ($250 – $10,000) to fund your account.  If they are successful in getting you to sign up through them and depositing money, they will then get a cut from the sale.

The system will seem to be well organized and professional.  You will even get a welcome message from Daniel Lewis who is most likely another made up character.

Most people who get lured into the system eventually lose a lot of money.  Those same people will obviously try to get back the money that they invested into the system but never seem to be successful.

I would never want something like that to happen to even my worst enemy.  Imagine losing all that money?! 🙁

Further Proof…

This one may seem a bit obvious for the curious onlooker.  This involves the character by the name of Alexander Wilson.

I have done some extensive research on the image of the person and came up with some serious evidence that the person is just a made up character for the GMC system.

The research concludes that the photo is just a stock image that was purchased online to plug into the website so that it looks “professional”.  Take a look at the result that google returned when I did the search:


Global Millionaires Club


As you can see from the images: they are being used on various websites for marketing purposes.  The image is one that you too can purchase and use to do whatever you want to do with it.

This is a very common deception that a lot of scam sites uses to persuade the potential victim to buy into whatever product that they are promoting.

NOTE: As you might have guessed, the other images and testimonies that you see on the website are also paid for by the creator; whom you will never meet.



Binary Options Work But…

Binary Options is a risky game that people play.  There are legitimate ways to earn from this platform and I have pointed out the alternative above, but there are so many scams out there that promises you great returns on your investment and fail on their promises.  Their sole purpose is to rip you off, they don’t care if you lose of win in the game.

Personally, I do not play this game as it is not for me at this point in time.  I prefer to do affiliate marketing which really does work.  The good thing is that anyone without any experience at all can really take a shot at it and make some decent money doing it.

I know this because I started out as a total newbie and is now earning a consistent income doing it.

The concept is simple for Affiliate Marketing.  What you need to do is: Choose an Interest > Build A Website > Get Traffic > Earn $$.

Global Millionaires Club


It’s really that simple!  However, do not expect to make instant money like what the GMC website promises.

You will have to do some work to let this business grow for years to come.  If you are thinking get rich money, do not bother to even check it out, it will not be for you.  You might as well keep searching for get rich quick schemes online. (which does not exist.)

But if you think you have the work ethic and determination to create your business, giving it some time to grow, it will be a very rewarding experience and a perfect opportunity for you and those closest to you.




Conclusion + *Legit Opportunity*

You have come to the end of this review of the Global Millionaires Club.  You deserve a pat on the back as you have done your research.  You can now see for yourself that the system is false as can be.

The acting in false, the images are phony, the trading accounts are phony, in-fact EVERYTHING is phony about the website.

With all the evidence that have been found, I simply would be evil to recommend this for you.  There are no training for you to succeed as a newbie with the GMC system, there are no clear pictures for you to see.  There are only great promises telling you that you will make tons of money in a short period of time.


Global Millionaires Club

Do not…, I repeat, DO NOT fall for this scam.  Save yourself from losing money and also the embarrassment that comes along with it.

And one more thing before I forget: The Global Millionaires Club system is known to infect computers with malware.  This is very dangerous as it may compromise your sensitive information when you log into the system.  Please be safe out there.

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In-fact, if you know Tony Robins or Robert Kiyosaki, they wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to start making some money online.  It is by far the easiest, fun, and ethical way to earn money.

You may have read the review on my # 1 recommendation already, if not, you may take a look at it right here.

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Follow all the instructions.  Trust me, they will lead you to great success once you follow and apply the knowledge.

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Global Millionaires Club


I trust that you have learned what the Global Millionaires Club is all about in this review and that you have taken the necessary steps towards the FREE business opportunity that I recommended for you.

If you would like to know anything else as it relates to the GMC please let me know within the comments section.

Additionally, if you have any concerns, questions or queries about anything else on this site, also leave them below.  I would love to know your thoughts and views.

Please always remember to share this if you learned something of value today.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Jason (founder)


One Response to Global Millionaires Club – Is Global Millionaires Club Scam?

  1. Emily says:

    hi Jason
    ahhh the famous get rick quick scam! So much fun. Not! GMC does seem like a pure scam indeed. I absolutely hate that they use fake pictures and testimonials. That, to me, is just pure fraud. Good that looked up the picture of the man! And it does seem like one needs to invest a fair amount to get into this “wonderful club”. Money one will, of course, never see again but rather, will spend more money trying to get it back. I totally agree with your rating system! And I also support affiliate marketing 🙂

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