By now, you must have heard about Get7Up Company and probably looking forward to joining this organization.

Regardless of whether this is your first time in MLMs or you have been involved in several of them, one thing is for sure…

You must do your homework first before joining any of them to ensure that your money is safe.

Your presence here means that you want to learn more about Get7Up.

This is a great move and a wise decision.

This Get7Up Review will definitely inform you about the Get7Up Company.

It contains information that helps you determine whether Get7Up is legit or a scam.

Information about the compensation plan and products of this company among other things are discussed here.

Therefore, to determine whether your hard earned money is safely invested, keep reading…


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What is Get7Up?

Get7Up Review

This company is among the newest MLM organization to join the industry.

According to the terms and conditions of the company’s official website, James Manning is related to the company.

James Manning is from the 4dollar7up website.

He claims to be an experienced internet marketer for more than 10 years.

The company also has its residential address in Alabama, United States.

James Manning, earlier in the year 2017 founded two more companies by the name Highway Mails and Emerald City Ads.

Within a short period of time, after the companies were launched, they collapsed.

In May 2017, James Manning registered to promote a scheme of cash gifting as an affiliate in Leads Ad Space.

After this, Get7Up came to be in July 2017.


Products of Get7Up

This company has no known product line.

There are no retailable services or products associated with the Get7Up.

The only thing that the organization markets, is the affiliate membership.

This membership gives access to services of advertising that can display ads to fellow affiliates of the company.


The Get7Up compensation plan

Members of this organization are paid through commissions in order for them to recruit others.

Once you decide to join this organization, you will be required to pay a $10 fee.

Then you will be able to recruit your friends, family, and workmates among others.

They will also do the same and from the money they will contribute, you will get a share.

You will get $7 from the first member you recruit.

However, the affiliate who recruited you also gets a share from all those you recruit.


The membership cost

For you to be an affiliate of Get7Up Company, you will require $10 as the membership fee.

With this amount, you are a full member who can recruit others into the system.


Scam or legit?

It is too early to tell if this system is a scam or legit.

This is because lots of individuals have a good intention when selling something.

However, you can also not underestimate some facts that might compromise the security of your money in this organization.


Final Verdict

The person associated with this company, James Manning, is not new to MLM systems.

Unfortunately, he does not have a good reputation in the industry.

Get7Up might be his new attempt to trick people and get their hard earned money.

Since there are no services or products sold by the company, there is a reason to worry.

Additionally, commissions are entirely paid based on affiliate recruitment.

This makes Get7Up a pyramid scheme, which is not new to MLMs.

According to the histories of most pyramid schemes, these systems collapse within a short time.

Therefore, before joining Get7Up just soon after it has been invented, you might need to take some time and watch.

The person associated with this company does not have the best reputation in the industry.

I hope you enjoyed my Get7Up Review and if you have any questions, please leave them below.


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