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Get Paid 1K Per Day Review

You don’t have to read too much to know what Get Paid 1K Per Day is all about; the name of the company speaks for itself.

However, the question that you must be wondering is whether it is possible to make 1K per day in today’s rough economy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who are making this kind of money working online.

The problem is that programs that offer such opportunities are hard to come by and even if you land one, it will take you months if not years before you start making that kind of money.

This is where the old adage “when the deal is too sweet think twice” comes into play.

don’t know what you have heard or read about Get Paid 1K Per Day, but before you spend your money to join any business, it is important that  you do your research.

It can be tempting to hear someone telling you that you can only work for 10 minutes per day and simply watch the money roll in.

According to one ‘James Noah’, that is what Get Paid 1K Per Day can do for you if you use his system.

However, you don’t want to lose your hard earned money joining a scam business that failed to live up to its promise, do you?

That is why we are going to take a close look at this company, including its owners, website age, compensation plan and products if any, so that you can judge for yourself if it is a legitimate business or a scam.

So, let’s get started on the Get Paid 1K Per Day Review


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Get Paid 1K Per Day : Who are the owners?

I happened to come across a sales video talking about this company.

The man in this video is called James Noah who claims that his system can make you 1k dollars per day working for only ten minutes.

The funny thing is that there are no pictures of James Noah available on their website or this particular sales video.

In fact, after doing some further research, I realized that the website domain name www.getpaid1kperday.com was registered privately.

This makes it hard to tell if James Noah is the owner of the website or not.

Going back to the sales video, I saw a couple of testimonials from people claiming that this company has helped them make 1k dollars per day.

The testimonials sound pretty okay until you hear the voice speaking of James Noah, claiming he has made millions of dollars working online, and that he operates a secret group where 100 people will join his network.

These are all sales pitch aimed at attracting new people to join the business.

It’s easy to believe this hype but there is no evidence to prove that what James Noah is speaking about is actually true.

I have seen a couple of automated money sites use the same tactic to lure innocent people only to end up scamming them off their money.

Sorry, but I don’t see how Get Paid 1K Per Day is any different.


Get Paid 1K Per Day


Get Paid 1K Per Day : Compensation plan

After doing some research, I didn’t’ find any clear compensation plan about this company.

This company wants you to believe that you can make 1k dollar per day but does’nt show you how that will happen.

That in itself is a big red flag.  All we know is that Get Paid 1K Per Day is an automated money site that is based in the cloud, according to the words of James Noah.

For you to make money with this site, you are required to sign up with a web hosting company called CloudURL.

From there, everything will be ‘done for you’ by a team of highly skilled specialists’.

Apparently, the niche website that is set up for you will not bring in money if it doesn’t have traffic.

Unfortunately, James Noah thinks everybody is new to SEO and online business.

I have to tell you that I have been doing this type of business since 2014, and I know for a fact that without traffic, you stand a very slim chance of ever earning any money.


Get Paid 1K Per Day Review: Pros and cons

Here are the Pros on Get Paid 1K per day…

· Professional looking website.
· Affordable web hosting service.
· Good testimonials albeit fake.
· The sales video is educative.
· They make private invitation to people.

And here are the Cons…

· There is no guarantee of user privacy.
· James Noah does not show you how to make 1k per day.
· You have to spend money which you might never get back.
· Don’t know if James Noah is a fictitious character or real.


Get Paid 1K Per Day review: The verdict

If Get Paid 1K Per Day is legit as he claims in the sales video, I don’t see why James Noah is not confident enough to show his face.

The thing is, if you want people to believe what you are telling them is true, at least show them you are a real person like them.

“Seeing is believing”, thus goes the old adage.

Otherwise, people will start to think that you are only pampering them with sweet sales talk, only to end up running away with their money when the system fails to meet their expectation.

About the testimonials you see on the sales video, forget about it.

I was able to find out that they are actors paid to give fake testimonials.

You cannot claim to have made money, while the system has an earnings disclaimer saying that no one has made money using the system because it is still new.

In fact, James Noah happens to be an affiliate of the company called CloudURL.

CloudURL is a web hosting company, and Mr. Noah earns a commission every time someone buys a year of their web hosting.

To be fair, CloudURL does not look like a scam business.

The problem is that James Noah is using his website to trick people to purchase web hosting from CloudURL.

And even if you end up buying it, there is no way you are going to make 1k dollars per day working for 10 minutes as James claims.

Get Paid 1K Per Day is simply another get rich quick scheme that is bound to fail like many other similar sites in the past.

My verdict is that you keep off this company lest you want to be frustrated.

Thanks so much for checking out my Get Paid 1K Per Day Review.

Be sure to share this information if you found it helpful.  It may just save someone from losing their hard earned money.


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3 Responses to Get Paid 1K Per Day : [Review] – Big SCAM Or Legit?

  1. LINDA GOLDMAN says:

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for that although I read it after I had enrolled in the scam and paid 97 dollars for the cloud for the year! Is your system based on sales of high end products which I will still have to buy?

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Linda, sorry to hear about what happened to you.

      The training system which I recommend is based on teaching you how to build your own online business by promoting other people’s products and services for commissions.

      You can choose to promote anything that you want. It can be a low ticket item like a $7 e-book or a high ticket item such as Gold investment kits.

      It’s not necessary to purchase products in order to promote them.

    • Mscozy says:

      I signed up too. I requested a refund and they said I should get it back in 3 to 7 days. It had me pay 104.00 and then after 24 hours it said my status was incomplete and I needed to pay 49.00. That’s when I cancelled. Scam all day …. Are there any real online businesses that don’t cost to start up 🙁

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