Financial Health Reset Review


Financial Health Reset Review


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Welcome to my Financial Health Reset Review!

I have been hearing quite a lot of buzz about this new company so I decided to conduct a full investigation for you to find out if the Financial Health Reset company is actually legit!

Chances are you stumbled upon the Financial Health Reset website while you were on Facebook or you may have seen the ad pop up in your email inbox.

Follow along with me in this important review where I will uncover some dirty little secrets about the FHR which will allow you to make a well-informed, smart decision today.

Let’s proceed along…

Name: Financial Health Reset (FHR)
Owner: Karen Evans (Fabricated)
Price: $97 + Upsells
Rating: 0/10
Recommended: NO

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What Is The Financial Health Reset?

The Financial Health Reset is advertised as a website where you will be presented with a rare opportunity to work online from the comfort of your home.

They claim that you will earn thousands of dollars each week and that your money will be deposited into your bank account every 7 days.

The ads which they put out are actually quite misleading, to say the least…

These ads are specifically designed to play with the emotions of countless amounts of people – driving fear and a promise of great riches into the equation.

The creators of the Financial Health Reset have also used the very common tactic of inventing news stories which outline economic hardships happening in the US and elsewhere in the world.

One of the fake ads even had billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban endorsing the Financial Health Reset as a real legit opportunity as seen below:

Financial Health Reset Review

Just to set the record straight and put all the lies to rest, I would like you to see what Mr. Cuban expressed on Twitter.

When asked by one of his twitter followers the following question:

Peter Shapiro: @mcuban “Do you endorse “Financial Health Reset”?  My wife is interested in this it seems shaky to me?  Please reply ASAP Thanks”

In reply to the question which Peter asked, Mark Cuban responded by tweeting the following:

“It’s a scam.  I have nothing to do with it at all”

Financial Health Reset Review

My Suggestion to you right now is to avoid this useless scam.  If you are looking for an honest work at home system that truly works, I would point you in the best direction possible.

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How The Financial Health Reset Scam Works

The Financial Health Reset Scam along with similar link posting scams will typically work like this:

Scammer purchases a website, making sure to use enticing names such as “Financial Independence“, “Financial Health“, “Easy Home Job Institute” and other names indicating that you will be financially free if you were to signup.

They make sure to add images of money all over the website as well as purchased stock photos of usually a smiling man or woman in front of a computer.

These will convey a hopeful “financially free” messages to the person who is viewing the web page.

At the time of me writing this review, one of the current stock photos that being used is the one that you see below:

Financial Health Reset Scam

The truth is that the image was either bought or stolen from the website as you can clearly see below with the Shutterstock watermark:

Financial Health Reset Scam

image courtesy of

The website creator will change these images from time to time simply because they know that they are being constantly exposed as fraudulent online schemes.

If you were to ever sign up and pay the $97 advertised price, you would then be bombarded with immediate upsells to other shaky products.

These products will likely be more link posting schemes which by the way will get you into a lot of trouble if you were ever to get involved.

NOTE: When you post links all over the internet on websites such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc, you pose a very high risk of being banned from these websites.

Link posting is not a real way to create a business online and this is something that real internet marketers are totally against and for good reasons too.


Other similar link posting scam websites to avoid:

The below websites are identical to the Financial Health Reset and should be totally avoided if you were to ever encounter either one:

These one-page websites all have one thing in common:  they all costs $97 to join and countless amount of people do get scammed.


Conclusive Verdict

In plain simple words that you can understand; the Financial Health Reset is a link posting scam that is being heavily promoted online.

It is my hope that you will take this warning and save your money to do better things.

Financial Health Reset Review

As I said earlier above, if you are truly looking to start generating online income in an honest, proven way, you need to take a look at my #1 recommendation now if you have not checked it out as yet.

It’s time to get serious about making money online and stay away from the many online scams that over promises and never delivers.

Thank you for taking your time to do your research.  You are now on the safe list for sure.

In the meantime, I would love to know what you think of this “Financial Health Reset Review

Are you satisfied with the information which I have provided for you?

Do you have any questions or concerns?

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I can be reached via email at or on my online business profile here.

I am always eager to help out others to find true success in life.

Looking forward to getting to know you and help you!

Jason (founder)


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