Fast Cash Biz Review


Fast Cash Biz Review

Name: Fast Cash Biz

Website: FastCash.Biz

Type: Binary Option

Presenters: Madison Clark & David Graham

Cost: Free Join, $250-$10,000 To Trade

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


Trusted & Established Platforms Where Traders Trade:


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Fast Cash Biz has been exposed by many websites on Google for over 2 yrs now as a binary options trading scam software.

Somehow, the Fast Cash Biz keeps popping up its ugly head in people’s mailbox and also to persons who are searching for a way to make money online.

When you type into google or any other search engine the search phrase “Fast Cash Biz” or “Fast Cash Biz Review” you will not see the official website of the Fast Cash Biz, but rather a host of reviews which are exposing Fast Cash Biz as a scam.

People are typing these keywords into google because they simply want to know more about the business, its owners, and its software.

Fast Cash Biz Review


It is normal when you type the name of a company into google that you will see the company’s business website at the top of the page.

As an example, if you type the name of a well-known legitimate online business into google, you will see that the official website is presented in position 1 in the list of results, not a bunch of negative reviews on it.

Fast Cash Biz Review

Example Of Legit Google Business Search


Why Are There Mixed Reviews On Fast Cash Biz?

You may have seen some reviews promoting the Fast Cash Biz while others are demoting them.  What’s up with all this confusion?

Well let me explain why this is:

The reviews (or people) that you see promoting the Fast Cash Biz software as a legitimate money making opportunity, are people who are known as affiliates, these same people will sign up to the Fast Cash Biz website as an affiliate which will allow them to earn a commission whenever someone signs up through their affiliate link.

These affiliates do not care if you lose money or not, their only concern is the amount of commission they will get from you if you invest any money into their “trusted broker’s account”.   This should give you a clear understanding of why you will see these types of positive reviews.

The negative review on the other hand, are usually from honest marketers who are really exposing the Fast Cash Biz Software for what it really is; backed with actual research rather than with enticements for you to join the scam system.  These same trusted marketers will often lead the reader off to find a real legitimate business opportunity online.

These same trusted marketers will often lead the reader off to find a real legitimate business opportunity online.

Why Do People Still Get Scammed By The Fast Cash Biz?

The Fast Cash Biz is a very well organized movie or screencast that really does look legitimate.  Within the sales video, there are some really glamorous images that are displayed on the screen.

Onlookers will see luxury cars, private jets, computer screens with bank account balances reaching far into the millions, luxury yacht, and designer clothes.  It is loaded with all the desires of the heart of man.  Many people watch the sales video and

It is loaded with all the desires of the heart of man.  Many people watch the sales video and do not even think twice before signing up and depositing money into the broker account.

Most of these people are really persuaded to join because of the “scarcity of spots left” that gives them the impression that they will somehow lose their spot in this life-changing opportunity.

Usually, you will see something like this enticement below:

Fast Cash Biz

Scam Tactic

I do not blame those people who have signed up and lost hundreds and thousands of dollars at all, they are honestly looking for a shot at finally making some money online.

The unfortunate thing is that these people should have done some form of research before they went ahead and invested their hard earned money into the system.

In most cases, some of these people have no knowledge about how the binary options trading world works,  they are just going in with a false hope that they will make some money immediately by pushing a couple buttons since that is what they were told by these scammers.

Should I Stay Away From Binary Options Altogether?

I am not saying that all the binary options trading software that you see online are scams that you should stay away from.  Some people are actually earning some decent money with some of these softwares.  The only problem is that the legitimate ones are very hard to find.

The afformentioned people are well-established traders who have been trading for a very long time and have gathered extensive experience over the many years they have been doing it.

Binary options does work when you have the knowledge gathered from trusted companies that have been around for years.  Three such places are Ava-Trade, 24Options & Easy-Forex.  These companies have been around for a long time and are trusted by many day traders from all over the globe.  These legitimate companies will teach you what you need to know as it relates to trading.

You will be provided with a demo account from these companies so that you can learn how to trade in a stress free environment and not losing any money at all.

The binary options platform carries a very high risk level and can result in the lost of all the money that you invest.  It is not recommended for people who are living pay check to pay check or people who are struggling financially who do not have upwards of $250-$10,000 to lose.

If you do decide to trade you MUST be aware of all the risks associated in binary options trading.  I would also suggest that you seek assistance from a licensed financial advisor.  When you do get your training you will be ready for the binary options trading world and you will win more than how you lose in the trading markets.

Just do not just jump into something that you have no clue about.  You will be setting up yourself for some major failure down the road.

What Should I do Now?

If you are convinced that binary options is for you then you should go for it!  Find a legitimate broker that is well researched and trusted for many years.  Get the training that will enable you to successfully trade in the markets.

Do not go into any system without giving it a through research and keep testing it before you invest big money.  Make sure to check if the brokers will have a demo account that you can do some dummy trades with.


I hope that I have saved you from this Fast Cash Biz system.  There are so many people who are still getting hammered by them.  Join me in putting an end to them by exposing them on all social media sites.  This way more people will know not to partake in their deceiving marketing strategies.


Have you ever been scammed by the Fast Cash Biz before?  Have you ever made money with the system? Were you thinking of joining before reading this review?  Any further questions, comments or concerns?

Let me know within the comments!  🙂


Your friend,
Jason Foster (Founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net


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