39 Responses to Facebook on Fire Review : $3,475.65 Per Day Or Big SCAM?

  1. Larry Perry says:

    Jason, thanks for the feedback. After I watched the video, I wanted some reviews on Facebook on Fire and came across your reviews. Very insightful and verified what I already believe was a scam. Thanks for the confirmation! I would love to build a business online as we see the world has moved away from big box to internet shopping these days. Larry

    • Jason says:

      You are welcome, Larry. You did the right thing by searching for reviews before you were ever another victim.

      You are also very right to want to build a business online. The fact is that online is the future for big businesses and the easiest and lowest cost model that I see for people to start is through affiliate marketing.

      You can check out my #1 choice for learning affiliate marketing at this link here >>

      I look forward to your success and if there is anything that you need help with in regards to affiliate marketing, let me know and I will help.

      Best regards,

  2. Arie says:

    Facebook on fire is a big scam so why isnt Mark Zuckerberg in on this by shutting these robbers out! If anyone believes this add they are crazy. You never pay not even 1 penny to work for anyone. That right there showed me they were as fake as they come

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the warning. My family and i are in a tight spot financially, and i almost fell for it.

  4. Cathy Warder says:

    Thank you so much Jason… I have been so confused about everything going on you don’t know who to trust anymore. I have the time to do this I just don’t know the right road to go down. Thank you once again God bless you I knew that Facebook on fire was a scam.

    Facebook would never post an ad like that. You have to use common sense too if it sounds too good to be true then it’s a scam. I can’t believe people actually fall for some of the crap that’s out there it’s almost like they deserve it for being so stupid

    • Jason says:

      You are welcome, Cathy. I am glad that you were able to do your research to learn the truth about Facebook on Fire.

      There are so many scams out there at the moment, so it is always best to do research before you actually spend any of your money.

      There are also legit ways to start an online business and make money too. During my time online, I have found a few sources which allows me to work strictly from my home.

      Links are at the bottom of the page, or you can simply contact me for any help.

      All the best in 2018 and beyond!


      • Mary Frances Wisdom says:

        I fell for it, and went in to try and start working, but it says web site could not be found. How do I get my money back?


  5. LAMAR RIVERS says:

    I’ve always wanted to know if there are programs out there, legitimate programs mind you, that offer free programs on how to make money and/or that teach better financial planning?

    • Jason says:

      There are many legitimate programs out there, Lamar. You just have to know how to find them.

      Since I started out online in 2014, I have come across tons of programs. Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing appears to be the most legitimate business model that I have seen…and also the easiest to start up.

      Check out Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate. They both offer well structured free training with optional paid premium services.

      I hope this helps and good luck!

  6. James hawe says:

    Thanks Jason I was thinking of an easy way to make money but I’m glad I didn’t it helps to have money to start I’m glad I didn’t get caught out cheers

    • Jason says:

      You are welcome, James. Usually whenever you see someone telling you that making money online is easy, they are most likely trying to scam you.

      You have to be wary and know what to look for with these type of so called systems.

      It really does take a lot of time to study and implement what you learn before you start earning income.

      If you are looking for a legitimate and honest way to earn an income online, then I would suggest you get into affiliate marketing.

      It’s by far the best method I see where anyone can actually make a full time income online by promoting other people’s stuff.

      Here are the 10 free lessons to get started.

      To your success.

  7. Miss Cheyenne R. M. says:

    There are a lot of (get rich quick) sites that are out there. It’s sad that people do take advantage of each other without any regards to the families that more than likely get destroyed. And those that are truly desperate in wanting so badly to be able to (put the food on the table), so-to-speak… and to be able to pay large medical bills… these are the people that get hurt the most.

    I’m a 51yr old lady with messed up back issues that prevent me from doing so many things. And can’t even get a job because of these issues. 🙁 It would be really nice if the wealthy actually give-a-damn, and help those that really need that boost of confidence. But, we live in a world where that simply isn’t true.

    My heart breaks for all those who get suckered into these scams.

    I can only hope that everybody had somewhat of a decent Happy Thanksgiving today! Blessing to all of you and yours!


  8. Peggy says:

    Thanks for the info I am a disabled grandmother living on a fixed income trying to find a way to make a living raising my two grandchildren. Their are so many get rich quick websites out there. How does one go about finding the legitimate ones? Im not trying to get rich I just wanted to be able to make a living and buy my grandchildren the things they need. It’s hard trying to decide if you have to choose between groceries and a new coat. Kids are so cruel and I don’t think that a child should be made fun of because of the type of clothes they wear. Sorry for my rambling. I just don’t know what to do.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Peggy,

      You are very welcome and I understand the situation at hand.

      It’s not easy to find the legitimate websites out there, but they do exist for sure.

      There are some red flags which you should consider and I discuss them here.

      When searching for online opportunities, instead of searching “how to make money online” try searching “how to start a business online” instead.

      The reason is that the results for the “business” search will be more credible sites, therefore helping you to go in the right direction.

      I have personally been through the so called “wild west” of the internet and I can assure you that it’s littered with scam systems in every direction.

      I have also seen that the business model of affiliate marketing is one that is legit, profitable and easy to get started.

      You can check out these 10 free step-by-step affiliate marketing lessons to get started on the right foot.

      If you need any help along the way, feel free to ask me and I will help you.


  9. Terry butts says:


  10. Yvette-Marie says:

    Thank you, that’s very helpful since I was a victim of fraud recently, I’m always interested in Making money, but don’t like being deceived.

    • Jason says:

      You are welcome, Yvette-Marie. Sorry to learn about your negative experience online, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

      I have also been a victim to scams in the past and have learned how to stay clear of them now.

      If you are looking for a legit way to start a business online, then check out the recommended online businesses at the bottom of this page.

      All the best to you as you move forward.

  11. Paul Dodds says:

    Any info on “AWOL”?

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Paul.

      I have not done any research on the AWOL company as yet.

      If I publish a review, I will let you know.

      Kindest regards 🙂

  12. Dafna says:

    How is Facebook responding to such scam hiding behind it’s trademark?

  13. Cparker says:

    Thanks but no thanks, I see that you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate. That program is a SCAM. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Jason says:

      How can anyone be ashamed to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to men and women who are serious about building profitable online businesses for themselves and loved ones?

      Wealthy affiliate teaches it all (white hat SEO, how to build websites, youtube marketing, how to rank high in google, etc, etc, etc

      On top of that members have access to state of the art hosting, expert help, training resources, live video classes…

      Do you not know that the success rates of people who go through the training and take action does earn income online?

      They are one of the most ethical, reputable, and honest companies that you will ever find online…and they have been in this business since 2005.

      Please be sure to do your research before you utter false statements.


    • Vijay Roy says:

      Then tell me which one is not a scam

    • amy says:

      how rude

  14. L.B.Saw says:

    Good advice. There’s probably zero credibility or any genuine get rich online program that is in the market. Every offer with all the hype and testimonies are just scams. Is there any way the people making these scams be expose as to their real identity and location so criminal report can be lodged with the nearest police department to arrest them.

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for stopping by, L.B.Saw. Yeah, usually whenever I see a website that promises that one can earn “X” amount of money, it’s usually not true.

      https://www.usa.gov/online-safety is one of the websites you can report crimes related to phishing attacks, Internet investment fraud, consumer complains regarding internet marketing, scam e-mails, and much more.

      There are way too much frauds online, and one way to reduce the number of them is by lodging reports to the relevant authorities.

  15. Al says:

    You cut down FACE BOOK ON FIRE to sell another unnamed program!? Prove your program is better and is affordable!

    • Jason says:

      Due to the detailed research carried out, it has been found that Facebook On Fire has a lot of red flags (elaborate income claims, fake testimonials, and promises of push button riches). With Systems such as this, I never recommend them to my readers because I know that they do not provide any value whatsoever.

      Unnamed program!? The business model which I recommend here is affiliate marketing, which is by the way a well-known and legitimate way to earn income online.

      Some of the best affiliate marketing training can be found at Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama, Chris Farrell, and the Internet Jetset.

      These are the exact type of training I went through when I got started as an affiliate, so I know it works.

  16. Susanne Bowman says:

    Thank you Jason for your honesty.

  17. Harralyn Swinger Rawls says:

    Thank you. Very helpful

  18. Hussen says:


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