Excel Cash Flow Complaints

So you are here to find out if Excel Cash Flow is legit or if it is a scam?  Keep reading now to find out for yourself.  Firstly If you are searching online for legitimate ways how to earn online, you are also at the right place.

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I have been making money online for over the years now and I would like to get you making money too, but I don’t want you to fall a victim to scams like I did when I was just starting out, that is the whole idea of this website; to keep you safe and find REAL opportunities for you.

So let’s get back to the revealed truth about the Excel Cash Flow system…

What is Excel Cash Flow

Excel Cash Flow is a BIG FAT SCAM that’s what it is.  This will be the lowest grade product ever reviewed on this site simply because of the flat-out lies and enticements that it promotes.

The Excel Cash Flow website says that the system will train prospects on how to become a Search Engine Agent.

Search Engine Agent definition: Someone who works from home or elsewhere posting some links for big companies and uses the links to sell their various services and goods.

So then the people who are lured into using the program and learn how to be a Search Engine Agent will then have to purchase the membership for a fee of $97.00, although it has been said that the program can be worth more than $2K.

People who are interested in using this training program to learn how to be a Search Engine Agent can purchase membership for a one time fee of $97, even though the program is quoted as being worth more than $2000.

What Does Link Posting Mean ?

Even thought the Excel Cash Flow describes this as an opportunity to have a traditional job working for top major companies who pay you when someone clicks on your link, the real fact is that it is an independent business opportunity.

What this means is that if you are an independent business, you will work for a major company, but you will then partner with a several business with the intention of promoting the links that they will use to sell services and goods.

When these links results in sale, you as will then be able to earn commission. Just one other thing before you go any further;  the image that you see below is also one of the images that you will see on the Excel Cash Flow website.

It is meant to give you the feeling that because it is featured on the top news network that it is legitimate, therefore enticing you to join and then get scammed.  Do not fall prey to this very old trick in the book.  There is no way that you will be able to get back your hard-earned $97++

What Does Link Posting Mean ?



The Major Scams With The Excel Cash Flow System

To be successful online is not a matter of wishing that you are successful, but you have to get the education and the skills from a reliable and trusted source. Many people do get scammed because websites like Excel Cash Flow build up some false hopes and stories for people to believe.  Read what they actually promises people… and I will just quote what these scammers are claiming:

        • When anyone clicks 15 links for $15 you will make $225
        • $225 for only 60 minutes of work
        • If you do it for five days a week you can make $1125 per week
        • That equals to $4500 a month and $58500 per year


Now if I was new to the world if scams I would definitely sign up for this program, but because I have been there and done that I know that this will only lose me money and there will be no way that I would be able to get it back.

You may now realize that this is a scheme to lure unsuspecting individuals to sign up and therefore get scammed.

In reality, you will not earn any money unless some poor soul uses the link to purchase something, then you will earn your percentage of the sale as your commission, that to me is not way to earn a living by preying  on the uninformed.

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS UNETHICAL MODEL.  You do not need have this guilt on your shoulders. The truth is that it is possible to make money online and many people do.  Link posting is also a way to do this, but not in the way that this company describes it.

If you are interested in building a great business and learn how to make money online in a way that will profit you for as long as you want, you should read about the number one recommended system out there on the internet and you will be so happy that you made that move.

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