Hey, Folks, Jason Foster here with my FULL eCom Crusher Review!

eCom Crusher is a website that claims to give users a chance to make thousands of dollars within hours.

This online business opportunity purports to be the platform that users can sell products through Shopify and make huge chunks of money effortlessly.

As tempting as that sounds it is crucial for you to do your research before investing in any opportunity.

The business opportunity promises its members that they will earn more than their current salary.

In case you have an intention to join this group and invest, it is wise to go learn more about it.

This will help you determine if your money is safely invested or not.

After going through this review, you will make an informed decision about whether the investment is worth a try or not.

I will discuss all that you need to know about this organization from its products to its advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, if you are still interested to learn more about this online business opportunity, continue reading….


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What is eCom Crusher?

eCom Crusher Review

eCom Crusher is a new website that is claiming to give its members an opportunity to make a lot of money by selling products through Shopify.

According to the website, you will get free training on how to make cash.

This website promises its users to make more than $10,000 within 5 days if they follow their technique.

They claim that money can be made if you just dedicate only an hour of your day to the website.

Getting information on who exactly run this website was hectic but fortunately, the website is listed under Robin Mcglynn.

Robin is the website owner, who has an address in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

Via a Cambodian telephone directory, this address has been verified and it belongs to Robin.

However, apart from this, there is no other information regarding McGlynn.

There are no social media accounts or any other information related to him.


eCom Crusher products

This website is an automated unit long on hype.

However, there is no clear explanation of how it operates.

There is no solid information on how the site helps individuals sell products on Shopify without stocking an inventory.

How this happens is actually a mystery since the only thing that the site focuses on is the amount of money users earn.

The site information and the promotional video on the website heavily dwells on how much cash you will make instead of how it accomplishes it.


Cost of joining eCom Crusher

Initially, you are required to pay $47 before joining this platform.

This initial amount only gives you access to the website – NOT full access to the operation of the website.

This is in relation to the huge chunks of money that a member can allegedly earn through this website.

Therefore, after paying the initial cost, be ready to contribute more before earning a coin from this website.

The best thing is that ClickBank processes the payments.

Therefore, the website promises a money back guarantee within 60 days of joining.

However, this guarantee only involves the initial cost.

This implies that, if you are a victim to upsell purchases, it will be impossible to get back a refund from the website.


The eCom Crusher Opportunity

Marketers earn by joining the affiliate program of this website.

The income is commission based and promises users to earn more than $800 per sale.

To be an affiliate, you will need a free ClickBank account.

The website supports the affiliates by offering them various email marketing campaigns examples which they can use.


Final Verdict

With eCom Crusher the e-commerce product on sale has no elaborate creator.

There is also no clear explanation on how the website works to generate money for its users.

The affiliate program of this website promises a commission income of over $800 for every sale with an initial price of just $47.

This information does not give enough confidence on the operations of the website.

Actually, the only way that anyone could make money on this site is through the affiliate program.

This is unethical but in case it isn’t a bother for you, you can join the group.

However, you might be ruining your reputation by joining the website if the site ends up being a scam.

If you want to keep your money safe and maintain a good reputation, you might just want to keep off the website and watch how the events turn out to be.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to engage in an e-commerce business opportunity, eCom Crusher is not the best option for now.

I hope that you found my eCom Crusher Review informative and helpful.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.


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eCom Crusher Review

eCom Crusher Review

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8 Responses to eCom Crusher Review : Does It Work Or Just A SCAM?

  1. Zak says:

    Sup Jason…thanks but I can see there are recommendations under ecom crusher
    But is it legitimate or what?

    • Jason says:

      Yes, Zak. All the sites recommended here are legitimate. Many people have used their training to build for themselves profitable online businesses.

  2. Nelson West says:

    Very illuminating..thanks for the info. I’ve been burned by this so far and haven’t seen a dollar. This Robin person clearly has no ethics or I wouldn’t be typing this email.

  3. Jerry says:

    Wow, very much promising! But I think that your video content focused too much on that. You didn’t gave us the exact information of how your system will work for us. How can we be so sure that this is not the same scam scheme you are talking of? By the way, I want you to know that this was not my first time to be introduced into a system that will lessen work on how to run an “eCommerce (dropshipping) with shopify. Fred Lam together with Robert Kiyosaki introduced this system to before on his e-book entitled “Starting from Zero”. But don’t misunderstand my points, I just want you to give us more confidence to trust in you by giving us more details on how does your system works. And one more thing, please include your face on your next video about presenting your opportunity. By that way, it will make us guarantee that you are not a fictional characters like a scammers. Thank you! ?

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Jerry,

      Thanks for your comment. However, your comment is a bit confusing. I am not the creator of ecom crusher. This is simply a review of the product.

  4. Alex says:

    Nice. Thanks!

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