Earn At Home Club Review


“Earn At Home Club” Review

This is a factual review about the Earn At Home Club.  Find out if the Earn At Home Club Is A Genuine Work at home program for you or if it is a scam that will lead you down the tubes of poverty.

Name: Earn At Home Club

Website: http://earnathomeclub.com/rb/main.php

Type: Link Posting Website

Fictional Creator: Jennifer Becker


Earn At Home Club Review – Earn At Home Club Scam?

The Earn At Home Club has managed to gain tons of negative reviews from various review websites, simply because they have not provided any value for those who join them.  Many people have also made various negative comments about them as a real scam website.

Within this review, we will look into why they have managed to accumulate so much negative feedback.

First of all, let us examine the name, Jennifer Becker:


Who Is Jennifer Becker?

She happens to be a made up character featured on the Earn At Home Website.  This is very annoying to any sane person who is looking for a legit way to earn from home.  How do we know that she is fake?

Well, she happens to have already been exposed in the past on many other scam websites like “A to Z cash system”, “News Reports Today” and the very misleading; “My Home Cash System”.    These type of scams have all been blacklisted on many real review websites.

The Earn At Home Club website contains all classic scam signals that you should know about when you want to spot a scam website.
I made a post about this recently that you can take a look at…

…Read: ==> How To Spot A Scam Website.

Feel free to add any other clues that you may know of as it relates to spotting a scam website.

Let us now look into other clues that prove that The Earn At Home Club has no value whatsoever.


Urgent Call To Action Strategy

This tactic is used to rush the potential victim to sign up before they supposedly lose their chance to make money online.  You will be seeing the infamous countdown timer on the website, do not fall prey to such strategy.

Whenever you refresh the page, you will no doubt see the timer resets itself.  Even if you were to visit the website next year, you will still be able to sign up.  The point is there is no expiry date to “Earn At Home”.


The Price To Earn At Home

it is quite absurd to me to pay for a work at home job.  The majority of earn at home jobs online are free for anyone to try out, however, you have to pay your way with the Earn At Home Program.

The initial advertised price is set at $49.97, but wait!  You can get a “discount” once you click away to close the web page.  The price will eventually drop to the very low cost of $1.

If you were thinking to yourself; “$1, what do I have to lose?”  Well just stick with me to let me explain something to you right now.

If you were to read the terms listed on the Earn At Home Website (most people don’t read it), you will see a good breakdown of what you will actually by paying.

Once you enroll, you will immediately be charged $1 to validate your card, after this, you will be given a 3 days trial period.  You will then be charged the full price of $39 if you fail to cancel within the 3 days.

You will eventually be charged the $39 for every 30 days after that until you choose to cancel your enrollment within the system.

They also say that you will receive a 10-day free access to their Facebook training page… this, of course, comes with a catch.  Your card will be charged $1 after the 10 days period and $29 three days after that.

The Earn At Home Pricing Scheme is very misleading.  The action you take will determine the price that you pay.

It is also important to note that there is a no refund policy after the 90 days for the Earn At Home System.  Many people have lost their money this way, These people’s credit cards continuously get billed until their bank resolves the issue.


The Fake News Reports

Newbies who are dabbling with the prospect of making money online will be intrigued by the fake news report seen on the Earn At Home Website.

The report comes from another made up news source by the name of WAHC.  If you were to do a good full research on the WAHC news agency, you will see that no such network exists.  Do not be a victim to these people.


Earn At Home Club Fake Testimonials

You will also see testimonials from users of the Earn At HomeClub system.  These so called users have been found to be stock images which were either bought or stolen online.

The three main names that you will see popup are Rachel Heinz, Max D., and Beth and Sam.  I found out that these were fake images used to create trust by using the google image look-up which is available with google chrome.

Websites similar to the Earn At Home Club always use fake images to attached to fake testimonials because there are no actual real users who enjoy using their system.

The true testimonials can be found on review websites where the actual users vent their frustration and usually is seeking some form of justice.


The Bottom Line

The fake website Earn At Home Club really has no value to offer to you.  There is no real system to allow users to benefit online by working from home.  They just show you that money is made online (an obvious truth) but not how to make money online.

The creators of the system do play with the emotion of so many people, tricking them into spending money and falling to a scam.

It’s a shame that they have managed to be online for over 6 yrs now scamming people.  Hopefully, with this review, they will be shut down.

Help us to put an end to them by simply sharing this review out to the social media website of your choice.


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Thank you. 🙂

As usual, I want to thank YOU for reading the Earn At Home Club Review.  I hope that I have helped you in some way.
I would truly appreciate if you were to leave a comment below to help this post to grow online.

This review was submitted by Jason

(Owner) HowToStaySafeOnTheNet

4 Responses to Earn At Home Club Review – Earn At Home Club Scam?

  1. Online Tutoring says:

    This is really a great post as people often remain in confusion regarding their reliability and safety. It would be great if scam websites or sources can be identified using some clues.

  2. Marcus says:

    Great review Jason.

    I have always been looking for ways to make money online and it has been frustrating how many times that I have felt scammed.

    You are giving us some great tips with how you can spot a scam. Unfortunately I have fallen for the whole count down before.

    How is it that a “company” like this can operate for 6 years? Isn’t what they are doing technically illegal? Or is it just a very unethical way of conducting business?


    • Jason says:

      Sorry about your past experience Marcus. My motivation for creating this website is for the exact same reason – to prevent others from being victims of online scams.

      Scams like the Earn At Home manage to stay afloat for over the years because they will usually change their domain names which will trick the search engines over and over again. This is just one of the many tactics that these scammers use.

      Time will eventually get a hold of these fraudsters and Karma will do its job.

      I am happy to provide this information to you and others. Stay safe now while you continue your online journey.

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