NAME OF COMPANY: DS DominationDS Domination Review - Can You Be Wealthy With It?

COST TO JOIN: $19.95 Monthly

RECOMMENDED: Yes (will not make you wealthy)

FOUNDER: Roger Langille (No longer with the company)

DS Domination Review

This is the DS Domination Review.

I have been a member of DS Domination for maybe two months or so and decided to leave as I have grabbed the concept of what they teach.

Anyone who applies what they teach can earn money online, but you do not need to stay with them for the rest of your life earning DS Domination more money.

YOU should be getting away from this model, as that is what we all should be trying to get away from…right?

We should all have our business and earn ourselves our own money…?


DS Domination is a legitimate company that will help you to earn money online using your computer with an internet connection.

On the website you will realize that the company is legitimate as the below screenshots show the rating of DS Domination being 16,951 out of the billions of websites in the world and showing that out of the numerous amounts in the United States, they are rated at 7 590.

This is truly a high rating for a website.

That shows that people are visiting the website and it is popular, and for the most part, it is a legitimate website.

Ds Domination Review - Can You Be Wealthy With It

Ds Domination Review - Can You Be Wealthy With It?


Just to give you an idea, there are billions of websites right now in the world.

Right now you can see that DS Domination is ranked quite highly in the world as a popular website.


Is It East To Earn Money With DS Domination?

It is quite easy to make money with the DS Domination system as it tells you how easy you can use manipulate wholesaling giants like Amazon and Ebay and use the method of drop shipping to generate income online.

DS Domination is obviously not a scam.

It is one of the ways how people make money online and some people may use it as the number one source of income or the only source.

When I first joined DS Domination, I was searching for ways how to make money online and I ran into them,  joined them and learned a lot from them.

I have now gained enough knowledge that I now use to develop my own online business; which includes several websites which are earning money.

What I have realized is that anyone can become successful in life when they truly apply themselves and focus on success.

Roger Langille, the Fonder of DS Domination, came up with the idea that you could buy something low on amazon and sell it high on eBay, therefore, earning you profit,

He got the inspiration from himself that money could be made this way, and used that idea to create a business online, which now makes millions of dollars.

Is DS Domination A Scam?

Some may argue that DS Domination is a scam, but I can assure you that it is not.

I have used the knowledge that I acquired from their system to make money continuously on eBay up to this day.

It is certainly not the best model to make money online, as there are risks associated with it, still in life you have to take risks in business to learn and grow.

It is certainly not the best model to make money online, as there are risks associated with it, still in life you have to take risks in business to learn and grow.

The main concern for you when doing drop shipping is that you have absolutely no control over the products at all.

So if there is a problem with an order and the customer wants to blame someone, you will be the face that the customer sees and that customer can (and they do)  leave negative comments on your eBay profile thus making your score drop.

This can ultimately lead to eBay suspending your account where you will no longer be able to make money from this source.

Another risk involves you losing money.  The number one rule of thumb in business is that you should make more money than you lose.

In business, you make money,  you also lose money and that’s the fact.

Sometimes the prices of products rise and fall in the marketplace when the item that you listed is sold and the price that you will buy the item for increases, you stand a chance losing money.

Sometimes the prices of products rise and fall in the marketplace when the item that you listed is sold and the price that you will buy the item for increases, you stand a chance losing money.

You do not want to lose money in life, you want to gain it.

You have to pay attention to the marketplace when you are in business and that requires a lot of time and focus.  If you are using the DS Domination method, you should stick with it or just stay away from it.


Want A Better Way To Earn Online?

As you read, you may be asking yourself if there are better alternatives than DS Domination online.

The answer is yes!  You can create your very own business online by becoming an affiliate marketer.

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes other people’s stuff and earns commissions from the items when anyone purchases it through your affiliate link.

You DO NOT need to spend any money to do this.

However, you need to have a website, you do need to understand what you are doing in affiliate marketing.

=>Take a look on how to build a website yourself here fast, easy and FREE.<=


That is where my number one recommendation to create a business online comes in, you will learn all you need to know in order to create a very successful business online which is not difficult to do nowadays as the information to do so is contained on this website.

You, yourself can make a great business that even surpasses the success of DS Domination or any other website out there; it only takes a great IDEA and something that you are passionate about.

The very good thing about being an affiliate marketer is that you are in control of your business.

You do not need to worry about shipping of any products; if the customer that you refer to the product happens to dislike the product, you are in no way affected by negative reviews, you do not need to worry if a product price is going up or down.

You just make money when someone buys.  It is that simple.

To take advantage of this affiliate marketing, you do not need any credit card, no spam nor scam associated with it and you need no experience to start.

I can tell you that because before I am an affiliate marketer, I had no idea what I was doing when I just started, I just wanted to learn how to do it and today I can tell you that I am glad that I did learn how to do it.

You will be able to generate a consistent income, you will get all the training and tools that you need to turn it into your very own successful business online!

Do you have any questions, concerns or queries?

Let me know within the comments below! 🙂

9 Responses to DS Domination Review – Can You Be Wealthy With It?

  1. Kristie says:

    Hi Jason, I have used DS Domination in the past and I did make some money with it. The thing I liked was I could post products to sell in a 15 minute time frame.

    It did not take too much valuable time away from being a mom. I really liked that fact. I did not like figuring out what to charge for a product so that it would still be sellable and I could still make money.

    Returns were usually a nightmare. I do see how it works for people who have more time to give than I did at that time.

    • Jason says:

      I can see that you are no longer a part of their program. I am glad to know that you did actually benefit from the DS Domination. As I mentioned: people do make money using the system but the risks are quite high.

      Yes, the returns can be a headache for anyone. Thanks for sharing your experience with DS Domination. I can see you have moved on now with your own business, that is a great move!

  2. Darren says:

    I’d never heard of DS Domination until I read your article. Sounds interesting. I’ve never actually attempted drop shipping, but it is something I’ve considered doing ever since seeing it mention in the “Four Hour Work Week” book. It’s kind of like being an affiliate marketer, as in you don’t have to have your own products directly. Good to know there are some systems out there that teach you how to go about drop shipping.

    • Jason says:

      Drop shipping or arbitrage is a good business model especially for anyone who wants to earn their first $ online. In my experience, I find that the affiliate marketing is magic and works out just wonderfully.

      Thanks for stopping by Darren.

  3. Emily says:

    Hi Jason,

    I had never heard of DS Domination. But after reading your review it does not seem like the thing for me. Only because I want to control what I sell or promote. And it seems like with DS Domination I would not be able to. Yes I am sure one can make some money with it. But then being the go to person if something goes wrong with the customer’s order is not my idea of fun…I would rather build my own business and control what it includes.

    • Jason says:

      There is certainly great risks associated with the DS Domination platform, that is why I am not necessarily recommending it to you.

      The best option is to own your own business where you control all that is happening.

  4. Hindy Pearson says:

    Thanks for that post. It’s always helpful to read online reviews about companies that say they will help you make money, before you spend on something that is not legitimate.

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