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Not everyone prefers the 9 to 5 jobs that keep you chained to the desk all week. If you have been looking for a legitimate opportunity to work online, you might have heard about Digital Cash Academy.

Digital Cash Academy is a new program that teaches you how to start a multi-million dollar online business. Well, that is according to the owner of the program called JR Fisher.

This guy also claims that the methods he is teaching in his program the Digital Cash Academy helped him to make $27,000 in one day.

That is quite a bold statement, which if true, would make anyone want to sign up for his program.

However, before you sign up to join any program, it is highly advisable you conduct a thorough research about the company.

In this Digital Cash Academy review, we are going to look at the owner, company’s product, pros and cons, so that you can know if this program is right for you.

So, let’s get started on Digital Cash Academy review…

Digital Cash Academy: About the program and owner

Digital Cash Academy is an online training program that teaches people how to make money by selling products on an e-commerce platform called Shopify.

Digital Cash Academy Review

JR Fisher

The program was designed by a man called JR Fisher, who runs a successful e-commerce store.

In his program Digital Cash Academy, JR Fisher claims that he can show you how to make up to $10,000 over 5 days working for less than 60 minutes daily.

So how exactly is this even possible?

When you sign up for this program, you will be taught how to make money online via dropshipping.

Dropshipping involves sourcing products from suppliers without buying them, then listing the products for sale on a third party e-commerce site such as Shopify.

Once a customer buys the product, you will have them sent to the customer without physically handling the goods.

Dropshipping is more or less like affiliate marketing which allows you to promote goods you are selling. If you are interested in dropshipping, Digital Cash Academy has easy to follow videos that show you how to sell products on Shopify.

In this program, JR Fisher has revealed all his secrets that helped him become successful by running a multi-million dollar e-commerce business.

Overall, Digital Cash Academy is an easy to follow guide that shows you how to run a successful e-commerce store.


Digital Cash Academy: How does it work?

Digital Cash Academy Review

When you sign up to this program, it will teach you how to start and operate your own e-commerce website.

This is achieved by following a 5 step method that is outlined in the program…

They include the following:

· How to get a smart start

There is thousands of e-commerce websites that deal with similar products to yours. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to get a smart start. Digital Cash Academy puts you in the path of success by helping you build the right foundation for your e-commerce business.

· How to select a solid niche and name

When starting an e-commerce business, it can be difficult to select a niche that you can focus on. This program teaches you how to select a solid niche and name for your e-commerce business. By selecting the perfect niche, it will be easier for you to start making money right away.

· Designing an e-commerce website

Without a doubt, this is a big plus for anyone signing up for this program. This program shows you how to design your own e-commerce website from scratch that will help you attract customers.

· How to create products

In this step, you will learn how to create products based on the little expertise you have. From there, you can sell the products at good profits on your e-commerce website.

· How to get more sales

Finally, this program will teach you how to generate more sales on your e-commerce website. You will be taught how to use social media and SEO techniques to attract new customers to your e-commerce site.

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Digital Cash Academy: The joining cost

If you are interested to join Digital Cash Academy, you can choose between to payment method.

The first method is a one off joining fee of $997. The second method is a 6-month fee of $247 every month.


· Whether you are experienced in dropshipping or a novice, Digital Cash Academy provides you with the tools to succeed in e-commerce business.

· This program helps you create a professional and easy to navigate e-commerce website even if you don’t have web designing skills.

· In case you are not satisfied with this program, you can ask for a refund within 60 days as it is protected by ClickBank.


· To generate traffic to your site, you are required to spend a lot of effort and money on online ads.

· Dropshipping requires people to have a lot of money to spend while starting out, which most people don’t have.

· It is hard to make 5 figures income in five days as this program claims by just signing up and working for less than one hour daily.

· If you fail to carefully follow the instructions outlined in the sales video, you could end up losing money.


Digital Cash Academy Review: My recommendation

Forget about what you have read online, Digital Cash Academy is not a scam.

JR Fisher is a successful e-commerce store owner who teaches people his secrets through this program.

However, if you sign up for this program, it is not a guarantee you will make 10k dollars over 5 days working for less than an hour daily.  Really think about this…

It will take time and effort on your side, before you start to make a living through your e-commerce site.

Dropshipping can be an expensive affair because you need to have lots of cash for advertising (and buying inventory).

If you don’t have this kind of money while starting out, you will enjoy less success even with this program to guide you.

Hence, I am not recommending Digital Cash Academy to you if you do not have the capital to invest.

However, if you have the budget and is serious about starting your e-commerce business with DCA, then register for the webinar below:

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Thanks for taking your time to do your research in this Digital Cash Academy Review.

I hope that I have helped you to make a well-educated decision whether to join or not.

If you happen to have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below.


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Digital Cash Academy Review

Digital Cash Academy Review

Digital Cash Academy Review

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  1. Sandy Reed says:

    I’m not looking to have a retail business where I have to deal with paying sales tax on products and keeping those type of records. Is that what this program requires?

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