Digital Altitude Review


Digital Altitude Review


Welcome to my Digital Altitude Review!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this high ticket coaching program, so I decided to conduct a full investigation to make sure that it will actually be worth your time and the huge sums of money if you do decide to join.

Michael Force’s Digital Altitude program has been getting some high marks and also low marks (see the comments further below) since he launched his high ticket e-marketing coaching program in 2015/2016.

Michael Force’s current promise is to teach digital entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable online business with their “unique” coaching products (which I will delve into below) and their world-class live events.

Within this Digital Altitude Review, I will set out to give you the most comprehensive, detailed and well-researched information to enable you to get a better understanding of what Michael Force is offering to the network marketing community.

Let us proceed with the important details, shall we?


Name: Digital Altitude


Physical address: 16192 Coastal Hwy.  Lewes, DE 19958-3608

Phone Contact: (800) 820-7589


Type: Hight Ticket Online Marketing

Founder/Creator: Micheal Force

Price(s): Covered Further Below

Founded: 2015|2016


NOTE:  It is important for you to note that I am not an affiliate of the Digital Altitude System, so you can be certainly assured that I will not be pushing the system to you to earn affiliate commissions.

This review is simply facts for you to make your own decision going forward.  I sincerely hope that you will find great value from what I will provide for you within this review.

Also, do know that the Digital Altitude System is a high ticket system and will not be suitable for everyone.  Invest in the system only if you have the funds to do so.

DO NOT let anyone (pushy coaches or others) force you to pay thousands of dollars to invest into something that you do not fully understand, know and trust.

Furthermore, there are other programs equally as good, if not better, for a fraction, and I mean a fraction ($49 per month) of the price.


Who Is Michael Force?

Michael Force (Facebook profile) is a 7 figure internet marketer who has accumulated his online fortune by working for and being affiliated withDigital Altitude | Digital Altitude Review some top level affiliate marketing companies for over 15 years.

He is also responsible for coaching other budding internet marketers to creating  6 and 7 figures in their online marketing careers.

In the past, he was a marine of the U.S Marine Corps.

Michael has put in a lot of time and effort in creating the Digital Altitude company.  

Michael now resides in beautiful Los Angeles, California with his wife Dalila Force and their two lovely girls.  They spend a lot of their time traveling; especially to France for summer holidays.

You can read more about Michael and his family on his website ( if you wish to do so.


What Is Digital Altitude All About?

Within the Digital Altitude platform, Michael and his team focus first and foremost on your mindset, which makes perfect sense to me.

The team ensures that its users will have a positive mindset developed for getting their online business to the highest level of success.

I like this aspect because some people who delve into the online marketing world enters with a “get rich quick attitude”, which most times does more harm than good.

In any online business, you will be required to put in the time, work, dedication, and patience.  The get rich quick mentality is a sure way to failure and that is the hard truth.

The Digital Altitude program, of course, offers some great products (which I will get into shortly), but I think that the mind needs to be developed for success first, that is why the many personal development coaches (most of whom are millionaires) provide this very important training aspect.

Are you now ready to learn about the products that Michael and his team created for the Digital Altitude platform?

Very well then, let’s get into it…


Digital Altitude Core Products + Prices

I want to give you a very clear and concise breakdown of the Digital Altitude.  This way you will not be left in the dark so do bear with me while I give you the details. (You want to know about the products right?). 🙂

Let’s go…

There are six membership levels, they are based up off the mountain theme. (You will see what I mean judging by the names below).  

Let us start from the basic to the more advanced memberships…


Digital Altitude Aspire Membership

The Digital Altitude Aspire Membership contains two (3)  membership levels and is the entry level product of the program.  It is

Digital Altitude Aspire Membershipalso known as the “Digital Business Sales System”.

Following are twelve (12) services that you will get with the Aspire Membership:

[1]. Networking, Live Events & Coaching – this aspect is very important to Michael and his team.  They believe that your net worth is the direct result of your network. (I believe this too).

[2]. Traffic & Social Media Solutions – Traffic is one of the most important aspects of any online business.  Without traffic, there is no chance to earn online.

[3]. Follow Up Sequences & Sales Automation – Here you will learn how to follow up with your prospects which will help you to dominate bigger profits.

[4]. Community & Leadership – Similar to the Private digital client for life coaches (# 11), however, offers more.

[5]. Digital Business Video Trainings – These videos will provide genuine business tips enabling you to scale your digital business. (More and more people now prefer to get information through video format).

[6]. Done-For-You Branding Solutions – This enables the user to get more conversions and sales.

[7]. Merchant & Payroll Services – Morgan Johnson is the finance officer, and she does ensure that all complications of accounting are taken care of allowing you to focus on what really matters.

[8]. High Commission Back End Products – Michael and his team have build resellable high commission back end products for members to leverage the platform.

[9]. Latest Tools & Resources – This allow you to be ahead and keep in the know when there are changes in this ever evolving world of internet marketing.

[10]. Sales Funnels & Websites – This is created for you by 7-fugures earners to work on auto for automating the sales process.

[11]. Private Digital Client For Life Coaches – This service does allow users to get 1-on-1 private coaching from 6 & 7 figures earners allowing you to reach your goals at a faster rate.

[12]. Live Chat, Support, & Forums  – every successful online opportunity needs support, live chat and a forum to be up-to-date in the game.


Here is a breakdown of what each membership within the Aspire level is all about:

(1). Aspire Walker – $37 per month

With this membership, you will have access to:

  • The member’s area
  • The start-up training videos
  • 1 tier payout
  • And a 40% commission on each sale

If you would like to take a test run with the Aspire Hiker membership, you can do so for 14 days for a low fee of $1.  

After the two weeks have passed, you will then be billed the $37 monthly.


(2). Aspire Hiker – $67 per month


For the price of the Aspire Climber, you will have access to even more.  Take a look below to see what you will be getting if you were to choose this membership:

  • 3 Tiers of Payout to You
  • Access to Members Area
  • Start-up Training Videos
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Weekly Training
  • Supplementary Sales Funnels
  • Resources & Training Tools
  • Client For Life Coaches
  • Lucrative 60% Commission


(3). Aspire Climber – $127 per month


  • Up to 60% Commission
  • Access to the member’s area
  • 3 tiers of payout


Most members start at this level then move on to the base level.  

Continue to the base level membership to get all the detailed information that I have gathered…


Digital Altitude Base Membership ($597)

The Base Level of Digital Altitude is all about setting up masterclass websites, setting up your business goals, your financials and

Digital Altitude Base Membershipeventually turning you into a brand online.

What is taught within this membership level is usually what you will find in some major business school across the world.

Aspire Base is broken down into 3 sections which altogether contains 12 modules.  Take a look at them below:



{1}.  Preparing for your path to success + Setting the right business goals.

{2}. The Fundamentals: which covers Business banking & accounting, business planning & entity formation.

{3}. This module covers creating your captivating branding and product design.

{4}. This module covers establishing a solid web presence for massive traffic & higher conversions.



{5}. This module covers how you will launch your business so that prospective customers buy your offer.

{6}. This module covers how to create a social media campaign to spread the word.

{7}. This module covers the 5 key elements of website analytics that drive results.

{8}. This module covers 5 task every entrepreneur must do when launching an online business.



{9}. Within this module, you learn how to run, bootstrap & optimize your business for long term profits.

{10}. Within this module, you learn how to captivate a customer experience that gets them listening to you.

{11}. The eleventh module teaches you how to build a hungry following that hangs on your every word.

{12}. Within module 12, you learn how to build automated systems that pay you while you sleep.


As highlighted within the sub-title above, the Digital Altitude Base Level price is a one-time flat fee of $597.


Digital Altitude Rise Membership ($1997)

As you might imagine, the levels will keep getting more advanced and the price will also be reflected as we go along…

Digital Altitude Rise Membership

The Digital Altitude Rise Membership contains five (5) sections with a total of nineteen (19) modules.  In essence, the Digital Altitude Rise Membership is a more advanced version compared to the Base Membership.

The breakdown of the five sections along with the nineteen modules are below for you to examine…



{1}. Covers the topic: Commitment To Success As A Marketer.

{2}. Covers the topic: The Fundamental Mindset Shift.

{3}. Covers the topic: How To Use The Irrationality in the markets to create buzz for your products.

{4}. Covers the topic: 80/20 Rule Of Customers (learn how to capture the 20% of elusive customers then convert them).



{5}. Covers the topic: “Emotional Trigger Buttons” in Customers persuading them to purchase what you are selling.

{6}. Covers the topic: Identifying & Attracting The Perfect Customer (usually 99% of the time).

{7}. Covers the topic: Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs.

{8}. Covers the topic: Becoming an “Educational Marketer. (Knowing your product!)



{9}. Covers the topic: Creating A Brand Name That “Sticks”.

{10}. Covers the topic: Triggering A Powerful Buying Desire In Your Customers’ Minds. (Very powerful tactic).

{11}. Covers the topic: How To Capture Repeat Sales In The Most Captivating Way.

{12}. Covers the topic: How To Create A FREE “Tripwire” Front End Product which makes your visitors eager to sign-up.



{13}. Covers the topic: The Little Known Code Behind High-Converting Headlines Which Results in More Sales

{14}. Covers the topic: Learning How To Build Credibility & Trust With Your Personalized Brand Story.

{15}. Covers the topic: How To Architect “Serial” Sales Copy That Will Sell Any Product, Even If You’re Not Good at Writing.

{16}. Covers the topic: How To Create and Craft The Perfect Marketing Message Which Will Captivate The Right Customer.



{17}. Covers the topic: How To Effortlessly Create Ads That Generate Huge Reply

{18}. Covers the topic: How To Associate With Other Marketers To Sell More Of Your Quality Merchandise And Services.

{19}. Covers the topic: Getting More and More Referrals Quickly & Easily


For a refresher, the price tag for the Digital Altitude Rise Membership is a one time fee of $1997.

Now let us move on to the Digital Altitude Ascend Membership.  As usual, I will be going into detail so that you know what you will be getting if and when you decide to embark on this mission…


Digital Altitude Ascend Membership ($9,997)

The Digital Altitude is a three (3) days live workshop which is held in Sunny Las Vegas, Southern Nevada. This workshop is led by

Digital Altitude Ascend Membership Michael Force and his full Digital Altitude team.

Some influential business leaders are also featured from time to time.

This may or may not be for you, depends on your thought process and your financial status.  I will however still delve into what it entails.

Below, I will present to you all the details which are included with this membership.

Ready?  Let’s go…


Day 1 Schedule

  • The Top 5 Most Effective Traffic Sources Online
  • 6 Strategies To Scale Traffic
  • 7-Figure Conversion Hacks
  • 3 Powerful Funnel Formulas


Day 2 Schedule

  • The Power Of A Personal Brand
  • How To Tell Your Story
  • Finding The Guru In You
  • How To Master Video


Day 3 Schedule

  • Increase Conversions With Analytics
  • How To Create Amazing Content
  • How To Work Smarter With Outsourcing
  • How To Build A Team


Now let us move on from Ascend Membership to the Peak Membership (getting closer to the Apex of the mountain).



Digital Altitude Peak Membership ($16,997)

The Digital Altitude Peak Membership is another live workshop which lasts for five (5) days and can be described as an upgradedDigital Altitude Peak Membership version to the “Ascend” Membership.

The price is really for two (2) people, so you may invite your spouse or anyone else that you choose.  It includes a  premium retreat, where Michael Force along with other top leading web entrepreneurs teach you what they have learned over the years.

There are twenty (20) topics which are broken down into 4 topics per day.  Below are the details of what you will be learning:


Day 1 Program

  • Finding The Best Talent To Get The Job Done
  • Adding Massive Value When Creating You Product
  • Creating Joint Ventures Therefore Earning 6-7 Figures
  • How To Scale Your Digital Business Online


Day 2 Program

  • Strategies For Motivating A Winning Team
  • How To Prepare Your Legal Entity
  • 6 Strategies For Awesome Accounting
  • How To Build Your Team To Create A Solid Organization


Day 3 Program

  • How To Create Powerful Presentations That Persuades
  • 7 Powerful Little Known Sales Growth Strategies
  • Learning The Power of Influence
  • Creating Customers for Life


Day 4 Program

  • How To Automate 80% Of Your Business Enabling You to Do Less Work
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Create More Time Freedom
  • Create More Efficiency In Your Online Business


Day 5 Program

  • How 7-Figure Earners Did It
  • Create More Cashflow
  • TheTop 5 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid
  • How To Raise More Capital In Your Business


So now, we are about to enter the tip of the mountain.  Are you ready?  Good.  Let us learn what the Digital Altitude Apex Membership is all about…


Digital Altitude Apex Membership ($27,997)

The Digital Altitude Apex Membership is a full all-inclusive seven (7) days package for two people.  This membership was created

Digital Altitude Apex Membershipmainly for very successful internet marketing experts who have made millions over the years.

It is billed as “simply the best business training in the world”

These successful marketers will learn how to manage their money in the best way possible.  Therefore, the speakers at this event will mostly be investing experts and coaches; teaching you how to manage your millions of dollars (plus making more money tips) 

Let us take a peek into all the activities that will be covered over the seven days period…


Day 1 Activities

  • Build Streams Of Cash Flow – Add more streams of income to satisfy your bottom line.
  • Secure Your Retirement Income – Learn 5 strategies to secure a retirement income that pays you while you sleep.
  • How To Become Financially Free – These are 5 keystone steps to the path of financial freedom.
  • How To Create Additional Income – Learn how to diversify your already established income streams.


Day 2 Activities

  • Fund your investments with OPM (others people money).
  • How the rich get richer – This has been hidden from the lower and middle class for centuries.
  • How to beat wall street – Solid financial knowledge.
  • Take control of your financial future – Get a hold of your finances and manage it like a pro with 6 steps.


Day 3 Activities

  • Creating long-term wealth strategies – The wealthy use these 9 steps every day.
  • Leverage secrets – Learn the power of leverage to scale your business.
  • Investing like the rich do – Uncover the secret investing strategy of the rich and powerful.
  • Boosting your financial IQ – Get your financial IQ at a very high level.


Day 4 Activities

  • The Law Of Attraction – This powerful lesson shows why your mind is the master of your destiny.
  • How To Stay Wealthy For Life – Learn these 9 guarded secrets on how the mega-rich stay rich.
  • Your Financial Thermostat – Learn why the majority of people are lost as it relates to money &, correct it.
  • The Inner Game of Wealth – Learn the ways to replicate how the wealthy think.


Day 5 Activities

  • Create A Tax-Free Retirement – Enabling you to live your golden years in ultra comfort.
  • How The Rich Use IRA’s. – Learn how the super rich do their IRA’s and why you should follow suit.
  • Win The “Credit Score Game” – easy tips on how to create a better credit score.
  • How To Create Your Own Bank – A common knowledge known only to the rich.


Day 6 Activities

  • Risk Managment Tactics – Limit your risk when your invest money.
  • Ultra Rich Legal Tax Strategies – Learn the tax strategies of the ultra rich.
  • Impressive Asset Protection – These 4 strategies will help you to create better asset protection.
  • Annuity Analysis – Learn the newest way to probe annuities then choose your best option.


Day 7 Activities

  • Wholesaling & rehabbing profits – Learn how you can increase your profits with rehabbing and wholesaling skills .
  • Time tested tax liens – Learn how to save big when tax season comes around.
  • Rising real estate – Learn how to invest in the real estate market like a pro.
  • Hidden markets & no money down – This is huge; learn how to dominate hidden markets and seal the deal without investment.

So for a cool $27,997.00 you will get all that I have outlined and dissected above.


Yea…I know it’s a lot of information to take in, but you do want to know exactly what Digital Altitude is all about right?  Plus I did gave you the heads up above 🙂

My job is to do this research to give you the true information which will enable you to decide if Digital Altitude is the right opportunity for you or not.  (Plus I enjoy writing this review for you).

I will now go into the compensation plan for you so that you may get a full understanding of the substantial amount of money that you will have the potential of earning back with Digital Altitude as an affiliate.

Oh, by the way, there are 3 additional add-on products that Michael threw into the Digital Altitude platform.  These are…

(1). Traffic & Funnel products – These are 12 products and services (traffic packages so you can build a list of “hungry” subscribers).

(2). Inbound products – These are content and blog which ranges from $15 to $1500 per month depending on your preference.

(3). And the “Guru You Product” – These are branding and social media tools designed to help you set up professional social media accounts.

Now let us get into the compensation plan…



Digital Altitude Full Compensation Plan

In total, there are 60 compensation plans, with 19 of them being recurring; which means you will be earning monthly commission provided that another member does not cancel his or her membership.

I did cover the Aspire compensation plan briefly above, however, let me now go into the full breakdown to show you how you will be earning money with each membership.


Aspire – You will earn a 40% commission, 1 tier payout at the $37 level and 60% commission on 3 tiers of payout at the $67 level.  

That is $17 or $41 per every 30 days for every person you refer to the Aspire Level.


Base – You will earn 60% commission over three tiers which happen to be a handsome $240 per sale.  If you require help from one of the life coaches, you earn 40% commission, therefore, making you $160.


Rise – You will earn a 60% commission over three tiers, which equals to $1200 per sale.  Choosing to have a life coach close the sale for you?  You will earn 40% commission over three tiers.


Ascend – You will earn 60% or 40%, (depends on the option you choose).  The total earning comes out to $6000 per sale.


Peak – You will earn 60% or 40%  or $10,200 across three tiers – [Tier 1: $7650, Tier 2: $1,700, Tier 3: $850]


Apex – The Apex membership allows you to earn 60% commission across three tiers.  This is $16,800 per sale across three tiers [Tier 1: $12,600, Tier 2: $2,800, Tier 3: $1,400]


NOTE: Be sure that you have reached the level that you are promoting or else you will not earn a commission if a sale is made.  Instead, the person who sponsored you will receive the commission.


Now that should cover the Digital Altitude compensation plan.  YOU should now know which plan will suit you best.


Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

Many people are saying that the Digital Altitude is a scam while others are saying that it is a legit business.

So who should you believe – who is telling you the truth?

I am going to be totally honest with you right now…

The people who are saying that the Digital Altitude is a scam are those people who have not earned any money with the system or has been scammed in the past by high ticket programs similar to the Digital Altitude.

On the other hand, the folks who are saying that it is legit are the ones who are making huge commissions from the people who they are able to sign up to Digital Altitude.

The reality is that most people who are searching the internet for ways to make money do not have funds of up to USD$30,000 to purchase a membership from the Digital Altitude.

Ordinary folks are looking for ways to earn money and not to spend money!

The bottom line is that the Digital Altitude will not be the system for you if you do not have thousands of dollars to invest into the business.

Again, the #1 recommended system to profit online is available to you for a fraction of the price of Digital Altitude.

Click here to see what I mean


URGENT UPDATE: It has also been brought to my attention recently that some of the coaches are using forceful tactics to pressure new members to purchase the higher priced memberships.

If you are a member and have faced any such force tactic, I would encourage you to stand up for yourself and let he/she know that you have a mind of your own and will upgrade if and when you feel compelled to do so.

Feel free to share your experiences (good or bad) with using the Digital Altitude System in the comment section further below.


What’s Your Take On The Digital Altitude System?

What are your thoughts on this Digital Altitude System Review? 

Are you a current or former member who would like to share your honest experience(s)?  

What about those of you who are looking to join.  Do you think that Digital Altitude is for you?  Would you be able to find real ethical financial freedom?

I would love to hear your thoughts, so do join in the conversation below.

Also, please share this Digital Altitude Review on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or any other source so that others may learn more about Digital Altitude.

Thank you for reading.

To your safety and success online,
Jason (Founder)

131 Responses to Digital Altitude | Digital Altitude Review

  1. Matthew Morrissey says:

    As with any business there is an investment that you need to make. You need to choose whether you believe the investment is worth it for your end goals. That’s right, you should have some quantitative end goals that you want to reach. And when you review a product analyze if that product will help you reach your end goals. Also take into consideration if you have support and mentoring from people who have done it before. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time searching for answers, and time is money.

    • Jason says:

      I agree with your points there, Matthew.

      It is SO important that you have help and support when you are going to be involved with any business – whether it be on-line or off-line.

      Thanks you for stopping by.


    Hi yes, I signed up with the $1.
    But boy am I battling to get feed back from anyone, started the 1st training next thing I have to have a coach to go to the next level.
    Also reading you comments this is not as what they say it’s all about. They make it sound so easy and so exciting now reading your review I see what is now happening.
    I have a training session on tonight so will see.
    Yes I am a South African as well as I saw a lady saying is there anyone from South Africa,but I am living in the UK.
    Please can anyone tell me about Wealthy Affiliate as they say they the NO 1. online business to get involved with.
    Many thanks.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Denise,

      The truth is that you will need to have the investment for the Digital Altitude Rise Membership ($1997) to see any success with the platform.

      The only persons who are doing good are those who went “all in” then selling the membership to others with funds to invest.

      You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading the Wealthy Affiliate Review. It’s a great place to learn and apply affiliate marketing with the premium level priced at $49.

      All the best to you and yours,

  3. Beverley Bergen says:

    Digital Altitude is a program like no other on the internet. I am planning on going all the way. I have been looking online for years and this is already all done for you, all you have to do is drive traffic to it. A “no brainer” . I am excited and know that I will be making 6 figures just by following my instructions and with support from the fantastic coaches.

  4. Thami says:

    Now that i have signed in the Dollar.. how sure can i be that this DA facility has not captured my bank cad details.. how can i be secure with this investment.

    and secondly i have been reading comments on this review and still members complain about coaches kind of enforcing them to upgrade to a next level yet in the first level there is no significant evidence that the members are making money for real as it appears on these pop up ad videos?

    i am an intrested aspiring member but i still feel thers still more to consider before one can safely say im investing over the internet. Thing is we just are tired of losing money over these internet scams…. right now i have submitted my payment and still havent received an email with my log i details…. i need to be convinced on how professional this DA thing is

  5. Lucky Zwezwe says:

    I am a South African and I will give it a try. I hope there are South Africans in the program already although the exchange rate is killing.

  6. mira says:

    hey !
    i just started with the DA program just finished my 6 steps and waiting to speak to my coach on how to start.
    i have the money to go on the the Rise membership which also includes the Base membership as a promotion they are doing.

    i am kind of new to online marketing and i just want to know if you think i would see the results i am looking for if i proceed in doing so , and what kind of monthly earnings you think i can make from your experience with the rise membership , i am willing to put in the work and i have the time to do so

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Mira,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      Just so that you are aware; I am not a member of the DA Rise Membership and I am in no way promoting it.

      This review was done to give you information on the DA system’s products and if it will be a good business for you to join or not.

      You are in total control over which direction you want to take.


    • Beni Moshiashvili says:

      Hi i did the 6 steps and now thinking to buy license to the upper level it seems real good program to success i hope I am not doing a mistake it is a lot of money that I hope increase my income significantly

  7. mark says:

    HI Jason,
    Thanks for the review, some really solid stuff. I had my DA strategy session today and the coach was very helpful, not pushy at all and even has been very responsive with my follow up questions via email after our call. Basically said being I am new to this space to do my due diligence and be confident this is the right move for me.

    I have a few questions I was hoping you could help with…

    1)Do you have any idea on conversions?
    I have heard that about 5% of the leads convert into Aspire Package and 30% of those aspire signups will convert into Rise and ~30% of those into Ascend – do these numbers seem accurate for a program like this? If not, what would you say is more reasonable?

    2)It seems the ones doing really well are purchasing traffic, assuming you are fortunate to have a budget of $2,500 or more per month and you are paying $1/click what is a click to lead rate that you would feel confident in using to model out some scenarios? I was told that a 30-40% click to lead rate on a traffic at $1/click is reasonable in this space but I have no idea, Would you agree?

    3)I am looking at this as with any sales role, it’s a numbers game and getting the most at bats. If you can re-invest money earned or have money to spend on advertising to generate more clicks that drive more leads your chances to succeed increase – is this accurate?

    Thanks and look forward to your reply!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Mark,

      I hope you are well today.

      I am going to suggest that you follow up with your coach to get those questions answered.

      I am sure that the coach will be better able to assist you since he/she is invested into the Digital Altitude company, and it is their job to do so.

      As you continue your online journey, be sure to provide value to other people and not just for yourself.

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. I hope you acheive success in life.


  8. MC says: – if you want to see just how full of s**t these guys are, go read about Michael Force’s background. Hope they get shut down soon, don’t see how this will last. Just wait for the SEC and FTC to come after them.

    • Jason says:

      I read about your mother in law and I am very sorry to hear what happened.

      I hope that justice is served.

      Please stay in contact and let me know the outcome.

      I will keep your information confidential.

    • Jerold says:

      I had read your discussion on Wealthy Affiliate. I originally got a call from Matt at digital attitude. Saw your post and decided to go with WA. I have a problem I tried to create an account and I used my Yahoo email and it keeps saying that I already have an account and I can’t go no further so I tried to re-register and use my Gmail email and it’s still saying the same thing it won’t let me go past this and I’m hoping that maybe you can tell me what to do or leave me the right direction I appreciate it

      • Jason says:

        Hey, Jarold,

        You have made a great choice indeed!

        There should be a “forget password” link on the signup page.

        Click on the link to get your password link sent to your email.

        Let me know the results.

  9. Walter Hullesch says:


    My question is, if I buy Rise, do I get Aspire and Base as well, or only Base? And If I buy Apex, do I get all the levels or only the one beneath it, Peak? And can I earn a full commission on a level that I didn’t actually purchase, just skipped over and recieved it as bonus?

    Thank you very much,

    • Jason says:

      Hey there Walter. Thank you for your questions. I have researched and got some factual information for you:

      When you buy a level, say Apex it includes all the levels beneath it.

      You are only eligible for commissions depending on how you positioned yourself e.g. if you get RISE but not Ascend then you are only eligible for RISE commissions even when your downlines get ascend.

      I hope this is clear for you.


      • Walter Hullesch says:

        Thanks for your response!

        I see. Don’t you know maybe, will I get commissions for levels that I didn’t actually purchase, just skipped over (bought a level above them) and recieved them like this? Or I get commissions only for levels that I actually purchased. For example, if I buy Ascend, will I get commissions if my refferrals buy a level of Aspire or Base or Rise, or I’ll only get commission if they buy Ascend?

        Thank you!

        • Jason says:

          You will get commissions for the level that you purchase plus commissions from the levels beneath it.

          So the answer to your question is YES. If you buy the Ascend, you will “own” all other levels beneath it ,therefore, earning you commissions once someone purchases any of those levels.

          I hope this helps.


  10. Todd says:

    Hey Jason,
    I’ve just spend the last hour reading your review as well as responses to people’s questions in both this forum and one on WA.
    I’m brand new to the online business concept but I’m also very curious and eager to learn more about it, as I believe the sky is truly the limit in the internet space. I also believe that hard work and dedication coupled with the right system cannot fail.
    Ive signed up for Aspire with the $37/mo plan and have completed the first 6 steps. My “strategy” phone session is scheduled for this Friday. The last thing I would care to hear during that call is a relentless sales pitch, but I will give it a shot.
    I do have a couple of questions for you if you wouldn’t mind offering your insights:
    1. Are the business model, concepts, and action steps taught through DA applicable in any outside business? Or are they only geared toward selling their internal digital products only? In other words, would I be able to utilize the same strategies learned to increase profit in my other business ventures, if I choose to down the line.
    2. Seeing that you’re an affiliate of WA, what do you see is the BIGGEST advantage WA has over DA in terms of profitability?
    3. Realistically, do you see a ceiling for DA as a company, considering the fact that they only advertise their own products? To me, it may be just a matter of time before most people will have heard about DA and their products that the market is too saturated for true long-term revenue.
    Regardless of the pros and cons, I think that both DA and WA offer solid education, and I look forward to getting involved with one of the programs. I think most skeptics are out there with the assumption that these programs are designed for them to get rich overnight, which is never the case with any business in life.
    Thanks for your feedback and for what you do for people, Jason.

    • Jason says:

      Hi Todd,

      Thank you. I appreciate you taking your time to read the Digital Altitude review.

      I like your mentality as it relates to achieving high goals in life and I do support your enthusiasm in this business.

      I will give you a bit of my own insight and opinions as it relates to your questions:

      1. It is my understanding that the business model, concepts, and steps taught at DA can offer a bit of help to you if you were in a different business, however, the main purpose of the DA system is really geared toward you buying the highest membership and selling the DA packages to other people.

      2. The BIGGEST advantage that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer over the Digital Altitude is the freedom to choose any niche of your choice to be involved in. With the DA, you only have ONE product to promote and that is just the DA high price items. WA helps even the newest newbie to understand how affiliate marketing works and many have created multiple websites and profits from the training provided there.

      3. I see the DA losing it’s momentum in the coming years. It does have a ceiling in my humble opinion. This is because I am now seeing some complaints popping up online about the company (which I will include in this review).

      The #1 reason why you will see it getting this amount of momentum now is because it is being heavily promoted by successful MLM enthusiast who have managed to gather a lot of social media and email followers over a long period of years.

      Wealthy Affiliate does offer a real ethical business opportunity for everyone. They have been in this online business for a long time now and they are here to stay for sure.

      Yes, I do agree that both WA and DA offer solid education, however, there is a huge monetary difference in the prices. Many people will be turned off by the Digital Altitude because of the high price ranges. People will realize that they can get the same or even higher value for a much lower price elsewhere online.

      You will eventually make the right decision for yourself when you look at the facts presented.

      An online business does require time and commitment to grow into something quite special. I support you once more in your drive to succeed online.

      I am genuinely here to help you out in the best way that I possibly can.


  11. bio says:

    Hi, am a Nigerian too. How do we get paid if we join seeing
    that we don’t use PayPal in Nigeria. Cos from my findings,
    you get paid via PayPal. Are there other payment methods.

    • Jason says:

      Getting paid by check by WA is also an option for you. I will be sending you an email to explain further.

      • ola says:


        I tried to sign up for WA from Nigeria. The message i get is that registration from nigeria is not supported.

        Can you help out

        • Jason says:

          Hi, Ola, unfortunately certain geographical areas (India, regions of Africa) are blocked due to the large amount of abuse within the community from within those countries.

          However, the premium WA membership is available. Join directly here if you like.

          All the best in what you do.

  12. This is a high pressure module with initial “coaches” being nothing more than sales people. The refund period is extremely short, just a few days. Once they have your money, it can literally take 3 to 4 weeks to get on the calendar of coaches.

    Coaches have to release modules and the slowness of release will definitely get you outside the refund period. Other delay tactics will likely get you outside the period in which you can challenge charges with credit card companies.

    The model is built upon MOBE has multiple FBI internet crime complaints filed against it. Also Mobe has filed a law suit alleging copyright infringement, federal theft of trade secrets and other counts. See

    The fact that very little marketing is occuring other than the business opportunity and that one has to purchase the largest packages (under high pressure) to earn the greatest commissions make this ideal for the big boys with large followings such as on Facebook. The big boys can make a killing meanwhile, individuals are being encouraged to spend their life savings to “go big” or “go all in”.

    Unless you can afford to go to the top level, have made sales at the $16,000 and $30,000 levels or have very large following you are extremely likely to lose money. To get into this program at top levels is going to cost you over $50,000 then you had better have substantial advertising reserves and know how to market. The quality of videos is marginal at best with far better training available on Udemy for under $50. Even if you take 10 courses on Udemy, you come out WAY ahead.

    One should also note that Michael Force was a leader in the Empower Network, which went defunct leaving thousands out large amounts.

    Oops, forgot to mention the massive amount of legal paperwork they make you sign. When you try to get your money back from credit card companies, expect a war!

    • Jason says:


      This information will be vital for many people who are thinking of joining the Digital Altitude system.

      Thank you for your kind contribution.

      • Abby Stavola says:

        Jason, I would like more info on WA. I joined Digital and the first thing my coach said was to get Rise. He knew I didn’t have money so he said I know you will find it. I purchased it and now it seems the only way to promote it is paid advertising which I may add is a link of his. I’m within my 72 hour period and I cancelled today. I’m on top of them about getting my money back. If I have to I will dispute the charge and pay money for it. The only thing I did like was the training. Got a lot of tidbits from the lessons I listened to. Please give me more info about WA. I am very interested in the $49 package and making money while I learn.

        • Jason says:


          If you would like to know more about WA, I would suggest that you read through this page before signing up.

          It explains to you what WA is and gives you some examples of popular niches.

          I have also written a couple of reviews:

          Review 1 (Short Review)
          Review 2 (Long Review)

          Let me know if you need any additional help.

          Also, I hope you will be able to get your funds back from the DA.

          Use this link to contact them.

          • Abby Stavola says:

            Hi. I did get my money back finally. It took awhile but it happened. I just saw your response and I will look at it. I’m now in a company I love but I won’t mention it here. When I quit DA the coach was so rude. He messaged me and said “Good luck. I make more in a month than you will in your entire lifetime. “. I give DA 0 stars and a buyers beware. Please email me. Ty.

          • Jason says:

            Hey, Abby,

            Thanks for the update.

            I am happy that you were able to get your money back.

            That was extremely rude of the coach to make a statement like that!

            Thank you for letting us know whats taking place over at Digital Altitude.

            I’ll send you an email soon.

            Continued success,

  13. Kevin says:

    Thought I would throw my 2 cents into this discussion since I am actually a rise member working to save up for Peak. I have seen a lot of positive and negative responses throughout this Q&A discussion and I must say I have nothing bad to say about DA. I am sorry to those of you that have been set up with poor coaches, my initial Rise coach was hard to schedule with and missed one of our calls, but I was able to switch and I’ve really enjoyed the guy I have been working with. He has shared his stories of online sales and marketing along with Showing me different ways to save up for Peak because it is expensive but offers you larger payouts to payoff the initial fee asap. I also see people complaining that they’ve made no money or receive worse payouts then people who have paid more then them… Well that makes sense. DA is not going to offer as much coaching, commissions, and all around help to someone who paid less than $1000, rather give that extra effort to those at the rise level and beyond. As I said, I’m currently at the rise level, but I know the extra effort will be given to me at the peak level which is what I am saving up for. I’m a 22 year old recent college grad that sees $17,000 as a lot of money, but I am willing to pay for it whatever way possible and get my ass to work to pay it off. You can treat it like a hobby and make some money each month, but I’m looking to turn it into a profession. My dream is to work on my own, travel, and be able to do whatever I want. The system with DA makes sense to me

    • Jason says:

      Hi Kevin,

      It is good to see you leaving a comment as a current rise member of the DA.

      I am happy for your success so far.

      I sincerely hope that all the people that you get to join will also see success for themselves.

      As you continue your online journey, be sure to provide value for your prospects.

      Treat them with respect and just don’t think only of money.

      Put people first and things after.

      Kind regards,

  14. iyke says:

    Hello i wanted to register with WA through your link but is not available in my my country, am from Nigeria. What should i do?

  15. Charlie says:

    Hi Jason, thank you for your detailed review.
    I read it 2 weeks ago when I signed up for the 1$ trial, so full of hope.
    I went through the first 6 steps, haven’t learned anything I didn’t already know, and I’ve just had my 4th call (the so-called Strategy call) with my coach.
    No strategies were discussed, she was just selling me the Rise membership. Even though I am totally motivated and ready to start, I told her I wanted to proceed slowly going through each membership and “climb” to the next one month by month, but she would not accept this, she insisted over and over again that I get the Rise membership right away, she suggested that I call my bank right away if I needed more funds, and said that I could pay part now and part next month etc.
    I’m so disappointed and disillusioned! I was 100% motivated and now I feel she didn’t listen to me and only wanted to make money off of me… The call ended, I’m still logged in on the site and I don’t even have the possibility to buy the Base membership (I chose not to renew Aspire automatically after the 2 week-trial).
    Not sure what I’m supposed to do now… Any advice? What’s next now that the call ended and she was unhappy with me for not wanting to get Rise (2000$) right away?
    Thank you

    • Jason says:


      I am here reading your comment and I have to say that I am very disappointed at the coaches and what you are going through now.

      Obviously, the coach’s only intent is to get your money! As I mentioned within this review, no coach should force you to buy any of the products. This should be your choice if and when you do decide to do it.

      I am now also making some updates within this review to reflect what is really taking place within the DA space (particularly with the coaches).

      In the meantime, I would suggest that you get in contact with the support team for DA at or call them at (800) 820-7589.

      Let them know what took place and let them know that you would like to go at your own pace (that is if you decide to continue).

      Also, do not worry about the feelings of the coach. She should really be ashamed of herself to force you to spend money which you do not have.

      I hope things will work out the best way for you.

      Kind regards,

  16. Samuel says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for this awesome review.

    Couple of questions for you please.

    I previously tried WA, but didn’t work for solely because I ran out of contents for my blog page and didn’t go as far. Can you only market amazon products, or can you market others like Clickbank, etc? Also, what can I do if I run out of blog contents? I started DA which prompted me to your site, I never knew the cost is that high, what are the chances of getting referrals for such products via solo ads? Pls I Needyour advice about WA. Thank you.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Samuel,

      Thanks for your comment and I also welcome your questions.

      Glad to know that you have tried WA and sorry to know that you ran out of content ideas.

      There is no limit to the amount of affiliate programs which you can join to promote on your website. Amazon is just one out of the many affiliate programs out there.

      Many WA members do promote Clickbank and many other products on their websites. If you run out of blog contents, you can always do a bit of outsourcing from various places.

      Outsourcing could be a remedy for you when you run out of blog content ideas or you can read this post. It is important to love what you write about. If you focus on connecting with people and offer your real help, then it will be easier for you to write…

      As it relates to DA and Solo Ads; I would suggest that you speak to the coach which was assigned to you in DA for further details. With that being said, solo ads are actually an effective way to boost sales for most products as is email marketing and SEO.

      Wealthy Affiliate is still the best in price and training for any newbie or even an advanced marketer to profit online. The community keeps improving every day.

      Looking forward to connecting more with you online. 🙂

      Chat to you soon,

      • Samuel says:

        Thanks a lot for your advice buddy.
        I appreciate and look forward connecting with you online.

        By the way, I had my strategy call today and the coach was very open, allowed me to ask questions and didn’t force anything on me. I told him I will think over the rise membership and get back to him tomorrow. My question to you please Jason, I don’t mind climbing up to the rise package, however my concern is traffic. The coach said I will be assigned a more senior coach once I sign up. Sorry, do you have any advice you can render about getting traffics from your own experience. I will try the solo ads as you mentioned, but need your guidance on this please. Thanks a lot!

        • Jason says:

          Hello again Samuel,

          As it relates to traffic, I would say that SEO is the best way to get more people to your offer.

          As an example, if I was promoting the Digital Altitude on my website as an affiliate, I would be getting a lot of people to sign up to the DA platform through my website, therefore earning me commissions.

          That is how the top Digital Altitude affiliate actually makes most of his sales. SEO involves targeting a particular keyword that people are typing into the search engines.

          When these people search and find your website, that is where you will have the potential to “sell” your offer.

          Email marketing is also extremely effective and may be something that you may want to look into as you build up your online business.

          Having your own website is a must to achieve these things.

          I hope I have provided some good insights for you, Sam.

          Talk to you soon.


  17. Bev says:


    What if I tried to be in with the $1 for 14 days and after a week I decided not to continue, will I still be billed for the $37? Thanks.

  18. VB says:

    Thank you for the service you provide, Jason.
    I appreciate the integrity you have in both your due diligence process and in your responses to all the comments. I am in the consideration phase for DA and very happy to have stumbled on your review – not only for the detailed facts you provide, but for the opportunity to learn about WA as well! Thank you for paying it forward.
    In gratitude,

    • Jason says:

      It is a pleasure of mine to provide an honest and ethical service to my readers. I strive to do the best online at all times and to help out as many people as I possibly can.

      I realize that now that many people are provided with real opportunities and only a small amount of those people are willing to take action to get out of the “working for someone else” mentality.

      Systems that I know works and is working for myself and others are the systems which I will give a recommendation for others to profit from.

      I wish success in all you do.

      I hope to connect with you more as you progress online.


  19. Bobbee says:

    Great review but I’m a little confused on what the product is still. I know people have asked and you have have said it’s the DA program itself.
    So essentially it is just creating leads and selling memberships?

    Also, how would affiliates outside the US be paid?

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Bobbee,

      Just to clarify any confusion which you may have: Digital Altitude is the system that you will be earning from when you refer others to the company.

      Payments to affiliates are made via check or direct bank wire. According to the DA website, other methods will be added in the near future.

      If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

      To your online success,

  20. C N says:

    Hello Jason,

    Awesome Review. I noticed you did not give DA a score out of 100 like you did other products online. May I know why that is?

    Also, it’s a fairly new system and Micheal Force himself has a bit of bad reviews on him online. What do you get out of that?


    • Jason says:

      Hey C,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Not all the reviews which I do is always structured the same way. I may at times give a score out of 100 or 10, but not all times due to the difference with these systems and I never want my reviews to seem robotic. With that being said, I may add a score based up off what others are saying about the platform in the coming future.

      I am also aware of some of the negatives which have been associated with Mr. Force in the past, however, this review is solely about DA and not about what happened in the past life and business of Michael.

      I hope I have clarified your queries.


  21. James P says:

    From what I see, the people promoting this program are doing it by showing off their Digital Altitude earnings. I just got off some guys site and he was pushing it based on the fact that he got to ride around in a nice car and buy $1,000’s in new clothing. Somebody is losing their shirt for him to be able to buy this shirt.

    I find it scary when I do research online and people are promoting things based on how much they are making and the high commissions, nothing else.

    These people are feasting on newcomers. They are making money as a result of someone losing money. $30k for a 5 day course. That is highway robbery. You can get a 4 year education at university for same price disgraceful stuff taking place here.

    • Jason says:

      Hi James,

      You have really made some points which I do agree with. There are some online marketers out there who are not really providing a value to others but rather looking to profit from people by any means necessary.

      It’s not easy to find a great system which does work and does not cost you a whole lot of money. Personally, I am glad that I was able to find Wealthy Affiliate after all the search which I did. Today, I can proudly say that I am glad that I made the decision to team up with the community in 2014.

      The Digital Altitude system’s prices are really high and as I mentioned within the course: “it is not suitable for everyone”.

      Still, I do hope that you will find a system suited for you to start profiting online in the most ethical way possible – provided that is what you are seeking.

      To your success,

      • Trevor Kunz says:

        Hey Jason,

        I thought you said you were not affiliated? Is payment weekly, biweekly. Monthly?

        • Jason says:

          Hey Trevor,

          Yes, I am not an affiliate of the Digital Altitude platform for sure. I have done this review as an independent reviewer to provide you and others with detailed information about what the DA is about, therefore I have done extensive research to provide this information to you.

          Affiliate members of the DA program get paid through Check, Bank Wire and also Direct Deposit. Members are paid out commissions every two weeks.

          If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to let me know. I am always researching for the right answers for my readers.

          Thank you for your comment,

  22. Beau Binning says:

    It’s a great system. It is working for me already, so it will work for you too! Try it: [AFFILAITE LINK REMOVED]

    • Jason says:

      Glad to hear that the Digital Altitude is working out for you Beau.

      You may have also noticed that I have removed your affiliate link. I do not allow individuals nor companies to place their affiliate links on my website without my permission.

      You may use the techniques which the Digital Altitude teach to get your affiliate link out there. ie. Solo Ads, SEO, email marketing etc, etc.

      I wish you more success along the way and thank you for your comment.


  23. Danielle Broussard says:

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you so very much for the information provided about Michael Force’s Aspire program. I noticed you endorsed another online system called Wealthy Affiliate. I do not know if I am searching your page correctly, but I am not understanding the information provided on the reviews about Wealthy Affiliates as I did about the information provided about the Aspire program. Can you help me out with that, please? Thank you

  24. JulieB says:


    This is the best review of Aspire that I’ve seen. It has made me feel more confident about taking the chance. I have done the first two steps of Aspire and it is good information. I’m looking forward to speaking with my coach for the first time tomorrow. (Of course, I didn’t get it done in the first 14 days, but that’s what procrastinators do)!

    I appreciate your straightforward and honest review. You also made me feel better about your assessment of Michael Force. There are so many scams out there, it’s hard to know which is legit.

    I also looked at WA and like it, too. Even though I know there is a possibility of information overload, both programs appeal to me.

    Just FYI, I am a retiree, but didn’t plan well for my financial future. I have over 35 years experience in the business/IT world in a lot of different facets. So, all this makes a lot of sense to me.

    Thank you so much for the information. I look forward to seeing more from you.


    • Jason says:

      Hey, Julie,

      I really appreciate your comment here and I am pleased to know that you found the content useful.

      Both WA and DA are good sources and are ideal for any business oriented individual like yourself to take advantage of.

      With your experience which you already have in the business and IT world, I strongly believe that you can create success for yourself.

      Whatever decision you make, I will only wish you the best of success creating your business.

      I am here to help if you need a hand with something.


  25. Millobea says:

    Hello, I’ve been a member for 2 months. I have a problem with the traffic sources. How would I increase my traffic and with HIGH CONVERSIONS PLEASE?

    • Jason says:

      Hey Millobea,

      I have seen that the methods for generating traffic are laid out for you to understand at Digital Altitude. I am not a coach of the DA platform and I am not affiliated with the program, however, the methods which are effective for generating traffic are through paid advertising, paid solo ads, email marketing, and also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) [RECOMMENDED]. There are other methods as well, but the ones which I mentioned are the most widely used.

      Follow up with your coach for more details.

      To your success,

  26. Mbinze Akwensioge says:

    I became a member four months and started marketing last month. So far it’s going great. It’s quite interesting for someone who’s not had an online business in the past, or any business experience. Anyone who’s interested in joining my team is welcome. Send me a message on Facebook and I’ll gladly guide you.

  27. Alice says:

    good morning, i have joined the program a few days ago and they recommend to do at least two steps at day. i have sent appointments schedules to my assigned coach, emailS as well and also one email to customer support and haven’t received any answers, because i would like to proceed to step 3. I would like to know if i start to make money before my 14 days are up, in order for me to have a taste of what the business is going to be. or they get in touch with you almost when the 14 days are up. Do you really make money during this time period? thank you

    • Jason says:

      Good day Alice,

      I know you are looking to really achieve online with DA. It is not encouraging to hear that your coach and the email support team have not yet responded to you in a timely manner. Sometimes things like this will happen since there is usually a very high volume of people in line before you. Give them a bit more time to respond to you.

      It is not a guarantee that you will make money within the 14 days period, but it is possible online. It is really going to depend on the work that you will be putting in to make it possible.

      One thing I must let you know is that you should never let any of the coaches pressure you to shell out the thousands of dollars if you have not gained a full understanding of the system.

      To tell the truth, the coaches at the DA platform knows that the more money that you spend to upgrade the more money they will make and you will also make the money as well. Just be prepared to buckle down and learn the steps on how to earn money with the system.

      Trod with wisdom and caution as you proceed. I hope that I have answered your concerns Alice.


  28. Judith says:

    Hey Jason. this is amazing!!!! I’m so much interested. But I have two defaults that could deprive me of this great opportunity that I have been so longing for. I am a student,with little available resources and I am a Nigerian. I am very determined to make this work for me. Please tell me this package is available for Nigerians!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Judith,

      As far as I know, the Digital Altitude is available to you once you are able to access the internet on your device. Once you have a desire to be successful in life there will be no deterrent. Check out the OFFICIAL website of Digital Altitude for further information.

      I wish you great success in life Judith and do let me know how it works out for you.


  29. Marc Marseille says:

    This is a really good review of the program. I am also a member and I have seen results in a very short time. First week to be exact.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Marc,

      Thanks for sharing your experience so far with the Digital Altitude System.


      More success to you,

    • Kevin Ringgold says:

      I joined today! How easy is it to sell whatever products they are offering to sell?

      • Jason says:

        Hey, Kevin. The more you are able to go through the materials available at the DA website and work closely along with a coach (if you choose to one), you will be provided with strategies and techniques on how to sell the system to others.

        Do note that the DA program is what you will be “selling” to others and not any other product(s). As you continue, do share your honest experiences so that others may get a clearer understanding of how it all works.

  30. Bernardo says:

    Hello Jason,
    I am living in Peru but my English is sufficient to communicate normal.
    Would you recommend this business as well to people outside North America?
    Thanks for your great review.

    • Jason says:

      Bernardo, thanks for your comment on this Digital Altitude Review.

      The Digital Altitude system is available to you where you are located. As long as you have your computer with a good internet connection, it should work just fine.

      Make sure to get a full understanding of the system before you are making any investment and be sure to stick to it for the best of results.

      I wish you success Bernardo.


  31. Louis Destefano says:

    Hi Jason,
    I am a new member of DA at the Rise level, haven’t finished all my Steps yet, thought I knew everything about the Compensation Plan, until I found out today the numbers don’t quite add up. They said that if you sold a Rise membership, the compensation would be $1200, minus 20% for the coach who closes the sale for you. Totally fair, as the coach is the one who actually makes the sale. So if you subtract 20% from the original $1200 (which is #240) $1200 – $240 = $960 commission…..or so I thought, but after speaking with a few people in the system already, that commission is only $500, or 25%, not the 40% number they said. Still, $500 for sending out an e-mail that someone else closes for you is good money, but I was still a little disappointed that they weren’t up front about it. Now, when I do possible projections, I have to lower the profit margin. I’m still going to go ahead with this, but I was just interested if you knew about this or anyone else brought this up. Anyway, thanks so much for the excellent review.

    • Kevin Ringgold says:

      The 20% is actually deducted from $900(tier1) example they gave. 900-180=720 +300= 1020. I literally was just reading this and pulled out my calculator. So initially they charge $180 to sell the product for you

  32. Adrian says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’d like to clarify a few things please with someone independent from DA like yourself.

    Having now worked through steps 1-6 for myself, it turns out that or the level you describe above, for $67 per month, you have not stated that it also requires an up-front investment of $1997 — am I right, or am I missing something ?

    In order to see any commissions, I have to supply the sales leads, – that’s fundamental to this working, right ? What further costs could I expect to incur in order to generate these leads, in addition to the sums already mentioned ? (eg advertising perhaps ?)

    The actual product set you describe in this article is the actual product set I am selling, right ? — it’s the same system of induction/training into the paid-for Aspire/DA steps, that I am currently working through right — kind of self-replicating ? In that case, I am not going to see any commission until people DOWNstream of me start buying into this very same system, just like I have, through my OWN advertising efforts, right ?

    Does only a percentage of people who buy-in actually end up making commissions ? I’m sure it will depend on the individual’s efforts in advertising/promoting their own link into the Aspire system, right ? If I understand this correctly, roughly what proportion of applicants are actually successful in making a profit after taking out their subscription costs ?

    Thanks Adrian

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Adrian,

      You have asked a lot of very good questions which I will do my best to provide the right answers for you.

      The understanding is that the DA system is ultimately a high ticket system which is designed for MLM enthusiast to earn bigger commissions.

      There is obviously upsells which amount to thousands of dollars as I have outlined above. When you are at the $67 per month level, you are not requried to upgrade to the $1997 price for the Digital Altitude Rise Membership.

      Your coach may suggest that you upgrade to higher memberships, but you should be able to make your own decisions based up on reason.

      Yes, in oder for you to earn commissions, you do need to supply leads. Many people do use Solo Ads (paid), email marketing (paid) and SEO (free) to get these leads which will transulate into sales. It is most fundamental to this business model and will work once you implement these techniques.

      To answer your next question; yes, the actual product is the DA products which I went into. This is what your propective referalls will hopefully go through when they sign up through your affiliate link.

      The only setback which I see is that in order for you to make the commissions if your prospects say for example upgrade to a much higher level like the Apire level and you are not an Aspire member, you will not earn that commission from the sale.

      The people who actually make the real money are the well established marketers who have been in the business for a very long time and have managed to go all in. You will however make money from the memberships that people join once you are also a member of that particular level.

      There is a percentage of people who make good commissions from the platform at DA and I hope that you will do the same. As you mentioned, it depends on the individual’s efforts in promoting their affilaite link.

      Please again note that if you are out there promoting the Aspire level and not a member, you will not be earning the commissions at all.

      I really do hope that I have answered your queries.

      All the best to you Adrian. Digital Altitude is working for many top marketers with years of experience and with the money to back them. Do not stretch yourself too thin when it comes to investing in an opportunity online. Be sure to work hard in whatever endeavor that you set out to acheive.

      Do let us know your progress as you go through with the rest of the program.


  33. Rob says:

    I watched the first “free” video. I am thinking of doing the $1 14 day trial. What products do you sell to make the commission?? So I guess what I’m getting at is In the first 30 days if you do the 14 day trial. And pay the $37 subscription. Your only out $38. And if you follow there step by step process what type of commission could you make?

    • Jason says:

      Hey Rob,

      Digital Altitude is the product in itself. It is what you will be making commissions from if you do decide to join them. If you are planning on making money with the system or with any other legit business opportunity, you should be thinking about it long term and invest wisely.

      Rob, do refer to the compensation plan which I outlined above to get a full understanding of the commission structure (how much you will be paid out).

      All the best to you and I hope that you will be seeing success!

  34. Adrian says:

    Jason, a lot of useful information – thanks.
    You start by stating that you are “not an affiliate of the Digital Altitude System”. However, with respect, you seem to know a lot about it in that you know the answers in depth to all the questions posed here. How come ? are you truly independent, and can we trust your advice, as you seem to be very pro-DA ! Thanks

    • Jason says:

      Hey Adrian,

      Thanks for your contribution here. Yes, I am not an affiliate of the Digital Altitude System. I am a reviewer of the system and have done extensive research to put this review together so that people like yourself who are looking to join will be able to get the full information on the system.

      I do my best to make sure that this Digital Altitude Review is accurate and will make edits based on new information received. It is all about providing value for my readers.

      Personally, I have reached out to actual members with questions and have really scoured the internet to be able to put all this information together.

      I would not say that I am “Pro DA”. The thing is that whenever I see some serious legit systems online, I feel it is my duty to do a proper review so that people will get the facts about the system.

      Only facts will be provided within all my reviews.

      There is only one true online business that I truly endorse and you are invited to give it a look as it is proven over and over to work for anyone. The best thing about it is that it is totally free to start and will cost you less than $400 per year or $49 per month if you do decide to upgrade – it’s really something special in my book.

      Take a look here for further details.

      Talk to you soon Adrian and wish you best of success in whatever you do.


  35. TAW says:

    You mentioned products at the beginning of the article but I never saw products being sold other than memberships. What product are members selling?

    • Jason says:

      Hey Taw,

      Thank you for your question here. Just to clarify for you; there are two types of products that you can sell anywhere online or offline – physical and now the very popular Digital products.

      Digital Altitude along with the core products which I outlined within the review are the products. This is what members sell to other people in order to earn commissions.

      Every day, many people all over the world will purchase information online, this could be in the form of an ebook, email course, etc. Established platforms like Clickbank does sell digital products all the time that you can promote to help others and earn commissions within the process.

      I wish you success and hope I have clarified your concern for you.


  36. Curtis says:

    I joined at the $127 month Climber level and also at the $1999.00 BASE level!

    This program is really what the income opportunity seeking PUBLIC needs. Its some real EDUCATION about online marketing, along with some REAL sources of advertising clicks coming from some REAL people, many of whom will also easily recognize this is a great online marketing EDUCATION opportunity.

    Here’s the thing. Its NOT a JOB! Its really a BUSINESS, just like any other brick and mortar business that requires both a sizable startup investment, along with an ongoing ADVERTISING investment, that will be needed to SCALE up from a part-time income to a full-time income!

    If a person, can’t afford to put out their hard-earned money for them BOTH, its best they wait until they can.

    Otherwise, without also having some consistent ADVERTISING money they will be reinvesting to SCALE up their income over an extended period of time, they will just sooner or later become disappointed, while they will still be required to keep on making their monthly payments!

    Incidentally, in the initial Coaching Steps 1 to 3, they tell you all of those facts upfront, so you can cancel within the first $1 14-day trial, if you realize your are not financially qualified to be in anybody’s business.

    So if a person don’t understand they really can’t afford to do BOTH, when they are forced to finally realize they have to quit after a few monthly payments, they will have just “SCAMMED” themselves out of whatever they will have paid up to that point!

    (Its the same with joining ALL online money-making programs, no matter how CHEAP or FREE they are to join!)

    • Jason says:

      Hey Curtis,

      Thanks for your valuable and factual contribution to this comment thread. I am sure it will prove to be helpful to many people who read this review.

      Wishing you more success as you continue your online journey.


  37. Kwin says:

    I had the $1 trial before and ended up cancelling because my coach didn’t go into details that I could stay within the $37 membership to make money. He wanted me to automatically jump to Rise ($1,997) and I grew skeptical of it. I thought about joining again after reading your review. So with the $37 and $67 membership it’s still possible to make a couple of hundred a month and do we still get the sales team to close deals and don’t have to start a website? Thanks.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Kwin,

      Thank you for letting us know your experience so far with the Digital Altitude System.

      The more feedback we receive from people like you will determine the ethical standards of the Digital Altitude System/coaches.

      You should never be forced to upgrade to any membership anywhere, especially one of such a high price. The $37 and $67 membership does allow it’s members to make money and if you need to have the sales team to close the sale you would have to pay for the service, but as I have mentioned before along the lines of this comment thread that one should only upgrade to the much higher prices once they are able to afford it.

      In all honesty Kwin, I would not suggest that you allow any coach anywhere to force you to do anything. You should be able to make your own decision on when you want to invest your money.

      Hope I have clarified things for you Kwin.


  38. Jane says:

    Is this the same as MOBE? If not, I’m interested. Thanks for the review.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Jane,

      Thanks for your question. The Digital Altitude System does have some similarities to the MOBE system so it might not be something that you will be most interested in. Just like the MOBE system, it is a high ticket system which can cost you up to almost $30,000.

      The business model works if you do have the money to invest into it. Still, if you are not looking to invest thousands of dollars to make money online then I would honestly recommmend that you take a look at the top recommendation to start a business online.

      I wish you great success Jane.

      Kind regards,

  39. John Worthy says:

    Jason, you know as well as I do that Digital Altitude is as much a scam, maybe even bigger, than Empower Network was. The only ones going to make money are the ‘founders’, which can afford to ‘go-all-in’ from the start. The only purpose of this so-called training is to teach people how to suck money out of gullible dream chasers. And 18 months from now, when the pyramid comes grumbling down, 98% of the participants will have nothing left but to count their losses. Shame on you

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for your comment John.

      You have said that the Digital Altitude is a scam even bigger than the empower network. How did you come to that conclusion? There are people who are making money using the system.

      Digital Altitude is providing something much more comprehensive to the online world. The system is a high ticket system which can and does earn huge commissions for those people who are able to afford the advanced memberships.

      This review is true facts about the Digital Altitude Platform. This is meant to provide the right information about the system so that others may get a full overview of the structure.

      There is no shame for me to provide useful information. Systems work when people are determined to make it work. Even with my number one recommendation for people to earn online (Wealthy Affiliate), some people will still come to the conclusion that it is a scam. This is because those same people are not willing and able to put in the work to make it a success for themselves.

      If you have any proof that the Digital Altitude is a scam, please leave your comment below this so that others may see your proof. Thanks again John and I wish you great success.

      • John Worthy says:

        Jason, thanks for NOT simply deleting my comment like some of the DA associates did. Yes, I give you a couple of compelling reasons why I think this is a scam just like EN.

        Digital Altitude is an MLM pyramid scheme like EN with only ONE difference. It’s more expensive. Now take a look at the official income disclosures of EN (google it, you even can look at them by Year…starting at 2011) and will find that 94% of over 200,000 members lost their money, some even their life savings by ‘going all in’. ONLY less than 2% made more than 20 grand a year. And don’t say “the rest didn’t work”.

        But more importantly: Assume I join and can only afford the “Climber” Level @ $127 per month and the $17 Affiliate fee per month. I refer a new member, which decides, and can afford, to buy into the “Ascend” level @ a price tag of $9997. Since I am not a member at that level, I WOULD NOT receive the commission for my referral.
        I got scammed out of the fruit of my work. A system like this forces members to spend money they can ill afford. I call it a scam.
        You know how legitimate affiliate marketing works. If I promote a $10 product and the customer arrives at the merchant’s site through my link, and buys a $500 product instead, I will receive the commission.
        Now compare that to a typical pyramid scheme and tell me with a straight face that MLM pyramids, which do NOT sell tangible and usable products, are not a scam.
        And throwing together a bunch of videos that teach you only how to sell a membership, is, in my humble opinion, not a tangible product.
        Especially with material like…

        Module 11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.

        This is just one of the issues I have with these kinds of “make money online scams”

        John Worthy

        • Jason says:

          John, the only comments I delete are spam or irrelevant ones.

          Thanks for sharing your additional views on the Digital Altitude System.

          As my other readers read through this comment section, they will form their very own opinions on the system and eventually make a well-informed decision.

          I do know about the unethical business practices which were employed by the Empower Network (EN) that you mentioned and of course, does not endorse such business principles.

          Do bear in mind that this Digital Altitude Review is one of deep research and is not promoting the system. I am merely reporting to the public what it is and how it may be of benefit (or not) to them.

          The prices for the DA memberships do have a high cost and I would only recommend it to well-established MLM fanatics who are obviously financially stable to afford the system.

          I would not say that all MLM products are scams at all. Some of these same systems have changed the financial lives of many people from all over the world. They do not always work for everyone, but some do provide value and results.

          I would recommend newbies to thread with caution as they proceed with the Digital Altitude system. They have to know that in order for them to make the big commission, they will have to invest big money too.

          The review is meant to give readers the information about the entire system which includes the pricing, compensation plan, information about the products and modules, etc.

          I am not always quick to bash an online program like most other people. Let’s give the Digital Altitude some time to prove itself and in due time we will all see if it did prove to be of exceptional value to its many members or not.

          I personally have reached out to members who have managed to go all in and they are really seeing some great results. MLM is not for everyone – some love it while some despise it and I think it is mostly becuase of the reputation that some of these systems have build for themselves.

          I do thank you again for your contribution to this comment thread John.

          All the best.

  40. MaryAnn says:

    I signed up today for the $1 trial membership and a excited. Disappointed that I have to wait until Wednesday to speak with my assigned coach before I can begin anything. I’m pumped right now! Too bad they don’t let you start right away.

    • Elizabeth George says:

      I joined the $1 trial 7 days ago and was told I would have to wait to speak with my coach. I simply Skype him a message and he opened up the trainings for me early!
      There is however some high pressure sales from your coach after the 6 step module so make sure you have your budget set before proceeding with the second call! I will follow up after the end of my 14 day trial!

      • Jason says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience so far and looking forward to learning more about your progress. Please drop by again when you get the chance.


  41. Rachel says:

    I have to buy rise for 1,997. I’m not understanding if I have to give so much money how is this going to help me? I am basically going to be broke for 2 months. I’m also confused about the program. I have to get people to buy the program and what is the product I am supposed to sell? Or the program is the product?

    • Jason says:

      Hey Rachel,

      Thank you for your questions. Even though the price for the DA Rise is almost $2K, there is a very high success rate with this level. The business model that the team at Digital Altitude employs is quite a solid one.

      If you are really interested in getting in, I would suggest that you start at the lowest level then work your way up when you start seeing profits.

      Digital Altitude is the program that you will be “selling”. The coaches of DA will lead you in the right direction which will enable you to have a full understanding of what you will be doing.

      Wishing you some great success online.

  42. Jordan Dorsey says:

    Hey Jason, thanks for the review, this helped alot! I wanted to ask though: If I join at the $37 a month level, about how long would it take to generate enough income to move up to Base level? Also, how does the payout work with Digital Altitude?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Jordan, thank your for your questions and it is a pleasure to provide you with the answers.

      When it comes to how long before you make money…It will all depend on how fast you implement the steps which your personal coach will be going through with you.

      However, to get the bigger commissions, you will need to consider the higher levels like the BASE etc.

      But, you do everything according to your budget and goals.

      If you just want to make $1000 per month or along those lines, then all you need is the $37 per month level.

      If you want to make $5000 per month then you should consider getting the base level.

      Refer to the compensation plan which I have outlined above to see the payout structure. You get your pay through bank deposit or cheque.

      Again, your coach will tell you when to get it and will be able to provide more in-depth information.

      It’s all about when you are ready for it.

      I hope that helped you out!

      • val says:

        hi Jason,

        I really have been thinking deeply if I should join DA. I have read a lot of reviews about it but so far, your review is the most transparent and honest, maybe because you are not an affiliate of DA.

        I am hoping to target $1000 a month income from DA. Is it possible to get that income with the $37 walker plus $17 affiliate marketing monthly package?

        I have read a lot of comments from people who started out with $1 trial and then moved to walker $37 but were sort of ” forced” by their coach to move to rise which is $1997. I feel like they really don’t encourage members to have the walker level only.

        If I am only planning the $37 monthly fee then suddenly asked to pay $1997 instead, then i will definitely feel hesitant.

        You mentioned that $1000 is possible with $37 walker level, right? I want you to be truthfully honest, is it really possible to get that income with walker level $37 monthly plus affiliate marketing $17 monthly?

        May i know how is that possible and what do i need to do to achieve it?


        • Jason says:

          Hey Val,

          Thank you for your question.

          According to my research, people are able to earn $1000 or more per month at the $37 per month level. It is true that some of the coaches are using unethical measures to force new members to upgrade to the more expensive memberships so that they can gain personally.

          You should never be forced to upgrade to any system. You should be able to make your very own decision when you think the time is right.

          Just as it is with any legitimate online earning system, it will depend on the energy you put into a system that will enable it to grow more and more. You can make your target of $1000+ per month but know that it will not come easy at all. You have to be willing to do a lot of promotion of the Digital Altitude System to make it possible.

          There are many ways to promote your Digital Altitude affiliate link. Solo-Ads is a very popular way, as is email marketing. They do provide this information within the DA platform and you can learn how to do it. Just remember that if you are forced to spend thousands of dollars then you should not be easily persuaded by a coach.

          If you have any other question, do not hesitate to ask. All the best in what you do online Val.

          Also be sure to check out how I have used the internet to earn monthly paychecks, and the good thing is that you are not forced to do anything. You are invited to check it out for free right here. It’s number one across the internet.


  43. tom says:

    Hello Jason,

    Im interested in this opportunity.
    But I still study so I dont have any regular income now.

    The most important question for me is how much money I need to spend to see at least some results? I mean how much I need to pay for website, autresponder and especially for a traffic??

    And also can I start making money at the first $37 level?

    Thank you

    • Jason says:

      Hey Tom,

      With the Digital Altitude System, you will be able to start for $1 for fourteen days. Other people are able to make money at the lowest level and it will all depend on his/her skill set, mindset, determination, work ethic etc.

      You will not need to pay for a website, autoresponder, but in some cases, you will be paying for traffic using the method of solo ads for example. There are of course free methods to get traffic which is also covered for you as a member.

      For sure, once you put in the work and follow through diligently, you will be making money with the system. The more you invest in the system, the more money you will be making.

      I hope I have answered your questions.


  44. Give says:

    I join Aspire member and I finish my six steps and today I subscribe to Aspire climber for 129 $
    I wish I can make some profit with this online program
    I already lost money with scammer of forex and binary brokers and wish to recover with Michael Force program

    • Jason says:

      Congrats to you. I hope to hear the results from you once you start seeing success.

      Yea…there are so many online Forex scams, it is just not funny. I have exposed a lot of them on this website and have helped a lot of people to save money.

      Best regards,

  45. Joseph says:

    Hey Jason thanks for this info I have an important question to ask. So I’m in Amway, mostly because my wife of 2 years was in first and got be hooked in. Not dissing it but the recruitment business of friends and family saying I have an opportunity is not my cup of tea after failed friendships. Though I do like how you mention the coaches can do it for you and another reviewer in this business said we do not have to contact friends and family. Love that bit. My question is, would this be the best for me considering I’m in Amway. And if I have to travel to meet coaches my wife will question why I’m neglecting Amway. Yes seems like I have no back bone but I want to earn for my family, I cannot convince her of this except through Amway, I had to give up my passion of comic book writing for it. Sadly I’m asking is it possible to do it without her finding out. An odd question yes but very serious.

    • Jason says:

      Hi there Joseph,

      Thanks for your question here. I understand the situation with you and your wife and know that you are looking the best way forward for you and your family.

      The business model which Amway uses is not one which I personally recommend mostly because of the whole recruitment process. Affiliate marketing is what I totally endorse and that is what Digital Altitude offers to people.

      Sorry to know that you are not working for your passions Joseph. However, to answer your question: I would not suggest that you try to hide this from your wife, be open and honest and explain to her that this business model works and will eventually offer less headache down the road.

      If you like, you could also keep doing Amway and somehow find some time to put affiliate marketing in your schedule.

      Hope I have answered your question and I wish you success in your business.

  46. Kevin says:

    nice review thanks!

  47. Sam says:

    Hello.. hey how do i cancel my membership to aspire.. i joined up 1 week ago. Reason being i dint have time.. i know i would love to gain experience but really im a miner who earns a 6 figure income anyways. But i guess im trying not to be too greedy. Could anyone tell me a phone number.

    • Jason says:

      Hi Sam,

      You can reach out to the Digital Altitude team by contacting them here. I also provided the phone number where you can reach them at the beginning of the article.

      I would recommend that you call them directly for a faster response.

      Hope this helps.


  48. moynul says:

    I signed up on saturday for $1 and today i spoke with my coach for the first time and he plugged me in steps 1-3 which i have completed. So far i have nothing but good things to say about it.

    • Jason says:

      I have no doubt that you will do well with the Digital Altitude system once you apply all that they teach you. Looking forward to hearing of your success Moynul.

      To your success online!

  49. Amelia says:

    I actually just finished my start up portion of Aspire, i am meeting with my coach this evening to move to Base and Rise. I am loving this system! I took a leap of faith and I am never looking back!!! This was a great review and very well researched! Thank you!!

    • Jason says:

      Congratulations Amelia! I feel so happy when I hear success stories such as yours. I encourage you to keep following the path to success with the Digital Altitude program.

      Thank you for sharing your experience thus far.


    • Shelli says:

      Hi Amelia,
      Question for you
      By joining Aspire, will I be able to generate enough income that could cover the price to then join Base level?
      Or will I be pushed to join Base level to start earning proper income?

      ~Thinking of joining ~

  50. says:

    Dude these digital altitudes look so cool 🙂 I wish I could afford them ;/ Maybe some day I will make enough money on my website to be able to afford things like this 🙂
    Anyway, very awesome review man.

  51. Jason says:

    Glad you liked the review, Marcus.

    My goal was to get all the information out in the best way that I possibly could.

    In all due time, we should have enough money to partake in this venture if we wish to do so.

    In the meantime, keep building out your online business to create great success.

    To your safety and success online.


  52. Marcus says:

    Great Review Jason.

    There was a lot of information to take in but you put it out in good and easy to follow sections.

    This is obviously looking real interesting. This is the type of stuff that I want to get involved with.

    Yes there is a high price tag on it at first but with time and effort this money should be paid back quickly.

    I will definitely consider this once I have started to make more money on my other online marketing websites.


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