Copy Paste Ads Review


Copy Paste Ads Review


Welcome to the Copy Paste Ads Review. This is my honest, no fluff, no BS, straight forward review.

In this review you will find out what all the hype is about the Copy Paste Ads system, how it works, how much it costs, if it is safe for you, and most importantly will it be the best opportunity for you to make a decent passive income online.

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Now, continue reading further to find the answers to these questions…


Name Of Product: Copy Paste Ads

Official Website:

Type Of Product: Email Processing Software

Who Is It For: Said To Be For Newbies

Created: 2014

Price For Product: $25

Rating of Product: 1/10

Recommended: NO


What Is Copy Paste Ads?

Copy Paste Ads is another online marketing e-mail processing product that shows you how to process e-mails and earn $25 for each one that is successfully completed.

Is the process that Simple!? Well not exactly. Read further for me to explain…

The product is stealthily disguised as a database entry type of job so it will especially appeal to those who are already experienced in the database entry field.

The truth is that it is more difficult than how the creators make it appears to be.

People who usually sign-up with the copy paste system have a difficult time to get the full concept as the copy paste system doesn’t give them the right resource and tools to enable them to understand what they will be doing within the program.

From its inception in 2014, many individuals have been suckered out of their hard earned money after joining the system.

What those same people do is flock to Facebook and more popular sites like craigslist with the intention of getting others to join so they can at least make back their money.

The result is, of course, spammy posts which are not allowed on these sites at all – this could also lead to termination of your respective accounts.


How Does Copy Paste Ads Work?

Upon joining for $25, you will be getting a replica of

This will include a CopyPaste Ads review with your affiliate ID sprinkled within parts of the review.

A big warning for you is that duplicate content within the search engines is a BIG no no.

You will never be able to rank in the search engines and therefore no one will see your duplicate review unless you are using spammy tactics like blasting out to social media sites or to an e-mail list.

If you happen to be successful with your spammy promotions and someone buys, you will then make that $25 commission.

It is highly unlikely that you will make some good money with this system – even if you have a list of 1000 subscribers.

Most of those emails will end up in the spam folder of the people you are sending the e-mails to, as these types of duplication are considered spam and that is exactly where they will end up.

Even though you may have seen the Copy Paste Ads homepage advertise to you that you will earn $25 for each e-mail that you process, the fact is that what really happens is you do not make money in this way but rather when someone signs-up and hopefully buys into the offer- which rarely happens.


The Hype About Making $3000+ Per Month

Making $3,000+ or even $10,000 per month is totally possible online.

However, with the method that the Copy Paste system presents, I am just not seeing it happening for those people who are looking to create wealth for themselves online.

There is no real value with the system that enables its members to earn that amount of money in a month.

People will quickly see that it is something not worth investing into and quickly search for legit opportunities.

To be able to be successful in this online business world takes time, dedication, passion and an eagerness to genuinely help others.

It is never about a get rich quick dream that always points people in the direction of failure.

When you learn how to help others make their dream of earning consistently online a reality, you will see great benefits.

With a system like the Copy Paste Ads, this dream will never be accomplished for you.

Support is very limited, there is no forum nor live chat to get help when needed, and training is minimal, to say the least.

Do not be pulled into this spammy tactic that the Copy-Paste method teaches, you will only be punished by big sites like google and Facebook while trying to desperately get others to sign-up.

As a result of the facts above, I simply cannot recommend the Copy-Paste Method for you as it simply will not enable you to achieve your goals.


What Sources Are Recommended To Earn Real Income Online?

There are many legitimate ways to earn online that are free and far better than the Copy-Paste Method.

You will find many of them listed on this website but the absolutely best way to earn online is by having your very own website.


The bold, italics and the underline do not emphasize this fact enough.

Keep this constantly in mind.

You will need the help from someone with the knowledge to guide you through to success while building out your website.

You will need to take action by taking what you learn and apply it to your online business.

You need to have a system; a system that continuously teaches you how to apply the knowledge and concepts to your business enabling it to grow more and more.

I want to make sure that you have a shot at this great opportunity, so as a valued visitor to my website, I would like to invite you to  “test drive” this awesome opportunity for yourself.

Read my insiders review and then you will better be able to understand how powerful this will be for you! Over 800,000 members are raving about it so don’t just take my word for it – see what others are saying.

If you have tried and failed with online business before, I promise you that this will finally work for you!

No Hype, Simply Guaranteed.


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Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about anything that I have written here?


Let me know about it in the comments! 🙂


Your friend in success,
Jason (Founder)

6 Responses to Copy Paste Ads Review – Is It Worth It?

  1. Lila E Maguire says:

    What is the startup cost for the program. I have been suckered out of a lot of money joining programs that do not deliver.

  2. Zailinah says:

    Hello Jason,

    Firstly, I truly appreciate this comprehensive review on the program. I believe how the program is marketed is similar to the ones I saw on paid surveys and social media jobs.

    They always make it sound easy to do and earn money from them. But as it is, success doesn’t come without hard work. And ultimately, in any business, you want to offer people something of value that can benefit them. I doubt such programs have that kind of value?

    Your review tells me this is something I should stay away from … and I will. THANKS!

    • Jason Foster says:

      Hi Zailinah,

      Glad you appreciate my helpful review.

      The Copy Paste Ads could have been a better system if they were offering value to help people towards finding real financial success.

      Unfortunately, they were created to earn a quick buck. Systems like Copy Paste Ads simply will not work for someone who is looking to really create a long-standing business online.

      Thanks for your insight on this post.


      • BOB says:

        hi Jason, I review in your posting, I think that true. And now, I want to know how can I earn money. Can you help me, or anybody can help me?

        • Jason says:

          Hey Bob,

          Thank you for reading the review and I am glad that you found value from it.

          The best way that I can recommend for you to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to learn how to do it.

          Click the top of the page that says #1 Recommendation to read what it is all about or click here to visit Wealthy Affiliate.

          All the best Bob.

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