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  1. Timothy Mahony(WA) says:

    Hi Jason!

    I like your new website theme-I’m doing the same to my website as well just now trying pagelines. Which theme is this one?

    Good blend of text and colors and images,-makes website very readable-like your headings which attract interest -really helps organize your content-people are interested in reading about scams

    Like the banner at the top and two sets of headings is a nice idea-

    I ‘d like to suggest that you set yourself a quota
    and give website feedback comments daily, maybe 2 or
    3 like I’ve been doing. I got about 100 comments on
    my website just by doing that over a few months when I have
    time.If you get your site exposed by this method, you will
    eventually get your site to rise in the Google rankings.
    You have some very significant information which I believe
    a lot of people would value. The criteria under
    “Site health” where you login to Wealthy Afffilates” will
    substantially help your website gain value if you
    get more people leaving comments at your site.

    ood start and good luck on your site Jason-Lots of potential-
    hope you’ll find time to visit my site and leave me some



    • Jason says:

      Hi Timothy,

      I was using Pagelines just before I changed over to Mesocolumn, although I will experiment from time to time with different ones. Pagelines is a good theme, but I just wanted to try out something new..

      I think the Mesocolumn theme is quite organized, that is one of the reason that it was chosen.

      Regarding what you said about setting a quota – I have now recently realized that the more I give feedback on websites, the more that I also receive feedback on mine, it is a give and take system.

      It is really great to know that you are getting quite a few comments on your website, I now know that comments are extremely important to a site’s health and development.

      I do appreciate the time that you took to click through my website Timothy. See you on yours!


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