Cointherum Review


Cointherum Review


Hey Folks – Jason here and thank you SO much for stopping by to check out my FULL Cointherum Review!

With the surge in the cryptocurrency industry, a lot of companies have come up to offer online trading opportunities.

Some are quite transparent with real opportunities to earn money genuinely.

One of the newest digital trading platforms is the Cointherum.

But is it a legit business opportunity or a scam?

You’ll discover the truth behind this pyramid scheme and whether it is safe for you to invest your hard earned money below.


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So, what is Cointherum?

Cointherum is an online trading company where you buy invested e-currency in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The owners promise you about trading and gaining profits in a continuous, safe way and hence the 90-day 200% ROI guarantee for all members.

Cointherum Specs

• Price: 0.01 BTC $50 minimum

• Web:


A little About the Company Cointherum

Cointherum Review

The administration is not upfront about who runs the company, but its domain was bought in May 2017.

Surprisingly enough, this domain name ( was privately registered and there is no mention of the names behind the company.

As a trading company, you would expect to see a better handling of the business.

Cointherum promises people of high returns on the investment they make.

The deposits come with the notion that, after 90 days, you can expect to have double of your initial investment.

This company flows from the idea behind Bitcoins hype, but the products and services are not tangible.


Cointherum Products

This is simply a multi-level company with no known products or services, except for the affiliate program.

In this program, you have to promote the business so that you get members to join under your referral.

What you do is market the product on social media websites such as Facebook and convince people to subscribe.

After succeeding in signing members, you then get a commission on deposits.

Some people indicate the existence of a trading service, but the platform is unreachable.


How to Invest

For you to start earning, you are required to make an initial investment of $50USD, which is equivalent to 0.05BDC.

The success of your investment is backed by a promise of making 200% ROI in 90days, which is quite impressive considering that you want to make some real money.

Once you invest your money, it goes to the person who referred you, and then the source of your membership splits it further to other members.


Cointherum Compensation Plan

Cash gifting is a legal method of earning money online in the United States.

As such, Cointherum has a method of compensating the members through such a program.

The full compensation plan is a binary structure that can be filled up directly or indirectly.

The first level embeds two positions of the first two members you get to join the business.

The other levels are generated by splitting the posts further and so on. There are no limitations on how deep a binary tree can go.

The commissions you get are usually according to the plan you subscribe to.

Here is a breakdown of the commission you stand to gain depending on the amount you invest.

• Investing 0.05BTC=5% commission

• Investing 0.1BTC=6% commission

• Investing 0.3BTC=7% commission

• Investing 0.5BTC=8% commission

• Investing 1 BTC=10% commission

• Investing 2 BTC=14% commission

• Investing 4 BTC= 15% commission

• Investing 10 BTC= 16%commission

• Investing 15 BTC=17% commission

• Investing 20 BTC= 20% commission

• Investing 30BTC=22% commission

• Investing 50BTC= 23% commission


Withdrawing the Commission

As the promise states, there is a maturity date, which is after 90 days.

But here is the catch.

To withdraw your earnings, you have to reinvest an equal or higher amount than the initial investment.

If you are going to make money, then your withdrawals should not be limited to plowing back of the original investment.


Cointherum Verdict:

If you are looking for financial freedom, Cointherum is NOT the place to be.

Without any actual services to invest in, gifting money will not get you out of piling bills.

The business owner is in the shadows, meaning that there is no way to make a claim for a refund.

The only people who stand to gain from this pyramid are the company owners as they are at the top of the payment ladder.

The plan follows a Bitcoin con scheme since there are no active models and real trading platforms.

And again, to get a 200 percent ROI is in the realm of impossibility in today’s modern trading.

There are a lot of legitimate cryptocurrency trading companies, but this is not one of them.

I hope that my Cointherum Review has helped you to fully understand what the company is all about.

I wanted to make sure that you got all the right information before you made your decision, since some reviews are mostly lacking in FULL details.


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Cointherum Review

Cointherum Review

Cointherum Review

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