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Name: Clixsense
Type: PTC Company
Admin: Jim Grago
Founding Year: 2007
Rating: 4/10
Recommended: YES
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I am a current member of clixSense.  I want to share with you, my experience with using the system and its benefits, and how it also can be of benefit to you.

First of all to join clixSense is very simple.  In this review, I will guide you through, to use the system.  It is totally free for you to sign up.

First off, when you go to the official website, it will look like the image that you see below:

clixsense website


How to sign up with Clixsense

To sign-up with clixSense, just click on the sign-up button at the top of the screen, right beside the sign in button.

Enter your name, email address and your chosen password.

ClixSense sign up

When I sign into, I can instantly make money by clicking ads.  I can choose from viewing ads to viewing the clixgrid, or refer other people to join Clixsense.  These all result in me making money.   Take a close look at the screen below.


Here is an example of viewing an ad and earning $0.001.

First, click on the view ads tab.  A new window will open with the ads for you to view.  Click on any one that you choose.

clixsense ads

When you click on any of the ads, a new window will open up for you to click on a cat.  Look carefully and select the cat to proceed to the next screen.  If you wait too long to do this, your click will expire.

clixsense cat

Once you do this, a new window will open with the ad that you clicked to view.  All you need to do now is wait for 5 seconds for the timer to countdown.

During that time, if you wish, you can scroll down further to view the ad.  You have a choice to click on the ad or not.

clixsense timer

On the next screen, you will see that you have been credited $0.001!

clixsense ads

Click the close button to view more ads.  You can repeat this as often as you like.

NB:  If you are a brand new member, you will be limited to the amount of ads that you can click.



Another simple way of earning money on Clixsense is by playing a game called clixGrid.

It is a game of chance where you stand a chance of winning $10.00 instantly which will go directly into your account when you click on the correct grid.

The first thing you need to do is click on the tab that says clixGrid.  When the screen opens up, it should look like the screenshot below:


It contains exactly 600 grids (30 X 20).  As a free member, you will get 30 chances to win each day.  You can win if you are lucky, remember, it’s a game of chance so there are no guarantee that you will win.

I have clicked around several times on the grid but have not won yet.  You may be much luckier than me when you try. 🙂

Many people do win daily from the clixGrid.  The website is updated regularly for you to see the most recent winners.

You can view them within the clixGrid tab.



Affiliate Program

One of the greatest benefits of using clixSense is the affiliate program.  Once you are a member of ClixSense, you will be able to refer anyone at all to clixSense and earn commissions.

There are different ways to locate your affiliate link.  My favorite and shortest method is by clicking the link button on the top of the home screen.  You will see your affiliate link there.  clixsense link

Another way to access your affiliate link is by going to your account summary tab.  You can access this tab by clicking on your profile name located at the top of the home page right beside the shortcut affiliate link.  Once you are in, look for your affiliate link under “my affiliate details”.

Copy and paste the link on a page or post on your website, email to contacts or post to social media to refer people.  Do not spam or use your affiliate link in any way that is irresponsible.

If you use your affiliate link in a way that goes against the policy of clixSense, your account could be suspended.

Not only do you get commissions from referring people, you will also earn commissions when the person you refer clicks on any ads, purchase advertising on the site, complete simple tasks, and offers.

You also get the chance to earn even more commissions when your referrals upgrade to premium – all through 8 levels.

clixsense levels

NB: You must be a premium member to take advantage of this.

If you are interested in signing up for the affiliate program, please click  here to get more information.


How Do I Get Paid With ClixSense?

There are several ways to get paid by ClixSense.

I personally get paid through my PayPal account.  The other sources for you to get paid through are:

You also have the option of having your money sent directly to you via check format.  You can have the check sent to your bank by direct deposit.  Direct deposits usually involve a fee.

The above processes are very simple.  All you need to do is have one of the accounts listed above and you will be set up to receive your commissions on time.

Cash-out Options:

  • For a standard member, the minimum cash-out value is $8.00.
  • For premium members, the minimum cash-out value is set at $6.00.

If you chose the option of having your money sent to you by check, your minimum cash-out value will be set at $10.00.


The earning potential as a ClixSense member is quite endless.  You will get out what you put into the system.  This is by no means a method to make you a millionaire overnight, however you can earn some decent money towards it if you take full advantage of the system.

This is just another stream of income for you. I use it in my spare time to make money. I make most of my money by building and monetizing my websites. If you would like some help from me, do not hesitate to let me know.

You can always contact me at my Profile page.

I did some investigating on the huge earning potential that ClixSense has to offer.  It is quite enormous.

An example is this particular member that has over 24,500 active referrals.  I know that member earns a good amount of commission from all of his referrals.  How much do you think he/she earns?

Affiliate program

What I have mentioned so far is just a scratch of the surface of ClixSense.

You can earn in so many ways when you play games, complete micro-tasks, do surveys and a whole lot more.

clixsense games

ClixSense has been around from February 2007 and is a well-established website on the internet. has ranked ClixSense 768 worldwide and  8567 in the United States.

ClickSense Rank

The site trust of ClixSense is at a very high level along with its child safety level according to tests websites for safety and trustworthiness.

clixsense site trust

If you would like to get more in-depth in Clixsense, I would suggest that you also read The Ultimate ClixSense Beginner’s Guide by Justin Stephens.  This book is available at

You will get more tricks and tips on how to dominate the ClixSense platform.  If you are a prime member on Amazon, you will be able to read this book for free.

I trust that I have covered all that you need to know about ClixSense.  If you may have any questions about ClixSense that I may not have covered, you can feel free to let me know.

In conclusion, ClixSense is worth  a try but will not make you a millionaire overnight as mentioned earlier.

If you are new to earning income online,  this would be a good platform to start.  If you are already used to earning online, this will be another source of income for you.

Try it out for yourself and share your views with others.  Refer people to help them out just like I have helped you out today.

Thank you for reading the Clixsense Review.

Click here to enter clixSense and try out what I have shown you.   See how well you can do for yourself.

All the very best to you.



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    Oh wow! Up until now, I hadn’t heard of clixsense. Doesn’t hurt to make extra money. But could people actually make full-time income of this or extra money on the side is as high as this goes?

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    Very well written review, cheers Jason! Love how you make it simplified, so that even a person who has never worked in the web industry before, can start making money online. Wish you all the luck with your website and keep up the good work!

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