Cash With Oz a Scam



Cash With Oz a Scam?


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Let us find out in this quick review if the Cash With Oz will earn you cash or not.

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Name: Cash With OzCash With Oz a Scam
Price: $297, $97, $77
Founder: Fabricated/Unknown
Website Created: Jul-2014
Rating: 1/10
Recommended: No
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What is Cash With Oz?


Cash With Oz a Scam

Cash with Oz is a get rich online program with a lot of empty promises.

They have branded themselves as “The World’s Most Succesful Work-From-Home Program”.

Cash with Oz also made a guarantee that if you simply watch the feature video you will get a payout of $500.

Have you watched the short video as yet?  Did you receive your $500 payout?

Let me know down below in the comments…


Who Is Jason Scott?

Cash With Oz a Scam

Stock Image

As with any online business that you choose to invest your time and money in, it is very important that you know who the owner is.

Jason Scott is displayed on the Cash With Oz website as being the owner, but is he a real person or is he a made up figure?

In order to find this information out, I had to do some research on the name of a Jason Scott associated with the Cash With Oz System.

When I did a google image search on the image (see image above right), I found out that it is a stock image that has been used on a scam website known as the Income Infuser.

The same image is used but with a different name attached to it.

The name that is used alongside the image is Jashin Howell (see image below):


Cash With Oz a Scam


Now…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at the two images above to know that there is a scam taking place.

What do you think so far?  Does it look like to scam to you?




Other Fraudulent Scam Clues…

There are other fraudulent Scam Clues that you should be aware of when you browse the Cash With Oz website.

These are well-known tactics used by many scam systems for many years.

The first clue that I want to point out is the “limited spots remaining” tactic.

This is used to give you the feeling of scarcity.  The creators of the Cash With Oz system uses geo-location software to pick up where your computer device is located.

At the time of me writing this Cash With Oz review, I was in Tampa, FL.

The system picked up my location then showed me that there were just four (4) spots remaining.


Cash With Oz a Scam


NOTE: Depending on where you are in the world, you will see your location displayed with most likely the same amount of spots remaining.


The Popular: “As Advertised On”…

Many people fall for this one, and this is exactly what Cash With Oz does.Cash With Oz a Scam

People who are looking for ways to earn online does put their trust in the news media for some strange reason.

That is the main reason why scammers will put banners of famous news agency on their website.

I have come across so many scam sites using these methods.  To me, it is now obvious, however, to the numerous amount of unsuspecting individuals out there – I urge them to do their diligent research.

Make sure to share this to social media so that you may help out a friend or family member just in case they ever stumble upon the Cash With Oz System.

Of course, there are other clues to spot a scam website.

Read my full post on “How To Spot a Scam Website” here to learn other ways on how to keep yourself safe from the many online scams out there.

My Sincere Advice To You

I want to sincerely recommend that you stay very far from the Cash With Oz system.

Do not let the big promises of easy cash persuade you to enter your credit card details on their so-called “SSL Secure Payment Form”.

What the creators of the Cash With Oz really wants to do is steal your money that you worked so hard for.

Please note that I have done this extensive research for you to help you to understand that there are a lot of scams online at this very moment.

I have been finding online scams and reviewing them since 2014, so I know a thing or two about them. 🙂

Of all the systems which I have reviewed, I have seen a few good ones, but the absolute best one can be found right here on this page.


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I doubt that you will find another system like it, but if you do, please share the details with us below in the comments.

They have managed to help me to create my online business and have also helped countless of others to create their very own online business too.


Thank you for your attention today.  I am happy that you took your time to do your research on the Cash With Oz system.

If you have any questions for me, you can always contact me below in the “contact me” form and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

This has been the “Cash With Oz a Scam” review.

It was a pleasure sharing this with you today.

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All the best to you,

Jason (Founder)


2 Responses to Cash With Oz a Scam?

  1. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for the info, I had to take a second to catch my breath. So many scams going on that is hard to find a legit work from home job.

    • Jason says:

      Yea, I know Shannon.

      It’s a good thing that there are a few which are actually legit.

      I will keep exposing fraudulent systems to protect users online for sure.

      Thank you for your comment.

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