Canuck Method Scam


Canuck Method Scam?


Name: Canuck Method
Type: Binary Options
Creator: Jake Mason (Fictional Name)
Price: “Free” To Join, $250-$25,000 To Trade
Rating: 0/100
Recommended: NO


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Hello, friend,

Great to see you here taking the time to do your research.  Its a good thing that you are not like the 95% of people that will get scammed because they failed to do a simple google search on the Canuck Method Scam before they invest their hard-earned money.

There are some fake reviews online which promote the Canuck Method; giving the reader the impression that this new binary options trading software is legit.  There are also some false testimonials that I keep seeing popping up all over the net.

Read through this no fluff, no bias, honest review to know about this system and how you may benefit from what you read.

Now let us continue with this Canuck Method Review….


What Is the Canuck Method?

The Canuck Method is a Binary Options Trading System created by a fictional figure known as Jake Mason.

According to the Canuck Method website, you will be able to profit immensely using the system within thirty minutes after you sign up.

It is emphasized on the website that you will make millions of dollars guaranteed with little or no experience.

There are many claims of earnings from so-called users and beta testers of the Canuck Method, but have you examined to see if they are really telling the truth?

You will definitely get to see what is really taking place behind the scenes today and if you pay special attention to this Canuck Method Scam Review, you may get solid information which will provide you with a real business starting today – provided that you are smart enough to recognize an opportunity when you see one.


Is Canuck Method a scam?

I am just going to be blunt, honest and to the point…

Yes, it is.  However, some people will still get scammed from it.  I have done extensive investigation for you to prove that the method is just a plain and simple scam.

I will provide clues for you to spot a scam below.  I hope this will prevent another scam from happening, just as the rest of the posts on this website have done.


First clue: Copy of two others scam sites; the Aussie Method, the Brit Method.  I call it the triple scam.


Canuck Method Scam

Aussie Method

Canuck Method Scam

Brit Method

Canuck Method Scam

Canuck Method


Second Clue: Fake Actors from

If you go to now, you will find actors who will act for $5.  These are some of the actors that are on the Canuck Method website.  See below.

Note: These are the exact same actors that you will see on the Aussie Method website.

Canuck Method Scam
Canuck Method Scam
Canuck Method Scam
Canuck Method Scam


Canuck Method Scam

Fake Canuck Method Testimonial


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Third Clue: Outrageous promises.

You will be told that you will make hundreds of thousands in the next 30 days with minimal work, clicking a few times on your device.  The person who talks during the video will even tell you that if you do not make the hundreds of thousands of dollars, he will personally give you $10,000.00 out of his own pocket.

Canuck Method Scam?


Canuck Method Scam?


Fourth Clue: The big Lie.

The big lie you will discover is that you are told that you will not pay any money at the beginning.  After you enter your email address and click on the blue button that says create your free account, you may be surprised to know that they are asking you for $500 – $25K+  immediately to start trading.  If you say something is free, it should be free.

Canuck Method Scam?


If you are paying attention here, you will most certainly avoid this scam.  More and more people are learning how to stay safe on the net by reading this website, I hope you have become one.


Canuck Method Conclusion

It’s systems like the Canuck method that continues to give the trading history a bad name.

You have seen that the Canuck Method is a full blown scam.  It is now time for you to take some serious steps in finding legitimate opportunities that you can use to create your own online business.

I have made it easy for you to find systems that really does work.  The greatest thing is that it is really free for you to join and start earning money.

You will not be required to deposit any lump sum of money, no credit card needed.  You will get the tools and knowledge that you need to succeed online.

If at any time you are skeptical and want to know more, I would suggest for you to read the full review to get a full unbiased understanding or visit the official training website and take a look around.

There will be no countdown timer to pressure you to join, just real vital information to help you make a well-informed smart decision.

Thank you again for taking your time to do your research on the Canuck Method Scam.  I trust that you will now take some positive actions towards your financial life.


Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?

Let me know within the comments! 🙂

Your friend in success,
Jason (Founder)


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2 Responses to Canuck Method Scam?

  1. Liz says:

    I was 12 hrs away from being totally sucked in on the Canuck Method but it was that still small voice that kept me awake half the night doubting my potential millionaire precipice I was about to topple over.
    Had to Google it & found the truth.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Liz,

      Glad that the review has managed to help you to find the truth about this type of scam. Trod with caution as you explore money making opportunities online. Scams are plenty and vicious so stay safe.


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