Build Your Website For Free

build your website

Build Your Website For Free

This page has only one intention.  That intention is for you to have your website up and running today for free.

There are many gurus out there who tries to scam you into paying hundreds of dollars in making a website, do not be fooled by them ever again.

To build a website is not rocket science.  The truth is that to build a website is actually a very easy process.  Many people get confused and think that the process is over complicated.

By the end of this post you will have your very own website that you can do whatever your imagination tells you to do!

There are only 3 steps to building a website.  Follow the instructions below and you will be set.


Step one:

Choose your website name (Domain); You can choose the name of your choice when it comes to building a website.  Try below with the SiteRubix WordPress website builder for FREE to see if your choice is available…

When you choose a name, you will be directed to a new page that looks like this:

build your website There you get to choose to build 2 FREE websites, or if you already have a domain name, you can transfer it over.  Just read what you see and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

 Step 2:

Choose the design of your website.

There are thousands of design that you can choose from within WordPress when you are building your website.  In fact, you can choose from 1855 themes.  Just take your pick from the list.  I am sure that you will find at least one that you like.

build your website

Step 3:

Publish your website.  This is the last step, just click on the big blue sign that says:

build your website


So today you have learned how easy it is to set up a website.  Go ahead and try it out for FREE.  It is a lot of fun and excitement.  If you happen to get stuck along the way, you may contact me here on this website or by going to the bottom of this page and leaving your questions or concerns.  I will provide you with an answer in the earliest time possible.


The Next Step


The next step that you will need to take is to allow your website to generate some income while it is online.

For this step, you will need the best training online to get you to that level.  I have personally received my training from the best online platform that there is.  The name is Wealthy Affiliate and it has provided me and over 400,000 others members with the knowledge to turn our websites into our part-time and full-time income.

The full details are available for you within the Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Go ahead and check it out and learn all you need to monetize your beautiful website.

I wish you success, happiness and prosperity for the rest of your life.

Stay safe out there and remember that you can always reach me within my profile at Wealthy affiliate with any questions that you may have.

Your pal,
Jason (Founder)



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