BTC Fund Me Review


BTC Fund Me Review


Hey, friend, welcome to my BTC Fund Me Review!

Lately, more and more people have become interested in BTC Fund Me.

Deciding to join a company should never be taken lightly.

This is a decision that requires a lot of research.

Unfortunately, there are moments when a company (especially an MLM one) does not disclose its true purpose or when there simply isn’t enough information in order to know what you’re getting yourself into.

As a result of the lack of information available to the general public, I have decided to do the research needed in order to write this BTC Fund Me Review in hope that it will help you make an informed decision with regards to joining the company.


What are MLM Companies?

MLM (Multi-level marketing) companies are also called pyramid companies. This is due to the way in which their income structure is organized.

These companies allow people to join for a fee.

Part of that fee goes to the ones who have sponsored the new employees’ entry into the system, while the rest is directed to the actual selling of a product.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that both genuine companies and scams follow the same basic principles, it may be hard to distinguish one from the other.

Usually, the only indicator is the fact that they vanish with no reason.


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The Owner And The Executive Structure of BTC Fund Me

The company’s website does not offer any information regarding the owner or the executive structure of the business.

Other sources provided just as little information regarding the executive background of the company.

The only information regarding the company’s background that I managed to obtain is the date when its domain was registered: “” has been registered on the 24th of November 2016.


The Cost of Joining BTC Fund Me

There are two ways of joining BTC Fund Me…

The first one is by means of an affiliate membership which will cost you 0.02 BTC per month, as a gifting payment.

The second one is full membership.  The price of full participation in the company costs 1.232 BTC per month.


The Product Line of BTC Fund Me

At the moment, the company does not offer any kind of retail product of service.  The people who join the company as affiliates or members can only sell their membership.

Other than that, the company does not give any kind of information, every enquiry having to go through various filters.


BTC Fund Me – Compensation Plan

As any other company that makes money through its pyramid structure, BTC Fund Me essentially allows members to earn money by gifting bitcoin to one another.

This is done across several single-level matrices.

Starting with level one, the new member is required to gift 0.03 BTC to the affiliate who recruited him, and will receive the same amount from two people that he will recruit.

For every other level the member will receive larger and larger amounts of money.

The compensation plan is clear and simple.  Essentially, BTC Fund Me is a “gifting” platform based on the notion of donating bitcoin.


The Verdict – Gold Mine or Scam?

Any company based on a pyramid income structure has one huge flaw regardless of the intentions of its owners: the fact that it relies heavily on the recruitment of new members.

Most of the income of such a company comes from the gifts of the people who join.  If there are no new members and the company does not have a product to market, all income disappears.

Also, it is important to remember the fact that this business model benefits the owner of the company (or the scam), more than anyone else.  Regardless of its legitimacy, a member will never actually earn enough to feel a difference.

Unfortunately, a company such as this one will never be a gold mine to anyone else than the owner.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s a scam.

There is usually very little to indicate that a company is a hoax.  Most of the time people find out when they don’t receive the money that they are promised, or when the company vanishes.

As far as BTC Fund Me goes, the only source of income is represented by the new recruits.  Once people lose their interest the company will probably collapse.

Hopefully this BTC Fund Me review has helped clarify things.  Please try to always make informed decisions and feel free to share your opinions and experiences related to this type of company below in the comment section.


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