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Bitcoins Wealth Club is a new cryptocurrency company that offers people an opportunity to earn extra income.

I wanted to learn more about this company after I heard they could multiply your investment five times, even if you have no idea what cryptocurrency trading is all about.

Like anybody else, I was skeptical when I heard that you could make lots of cash by simply signing up, invest in bitcoins and watch the cash roll into your account on autopilot.

These days it is hard to believe anybody until you have evidence that what they are saying is actually true.

I have watched so many cryptocurrency companies use the same system only to fail miserably a few months down the line.

So, I don’t know what Bitcoins Wealth Club is going to do differently from the rest that have come and gone.

To find out if Bitcoins Wealth Club is legitimate as it claims, I decided to carry out an in-depth research about their business.

In this review, we are going to look at the company’s owners, compensation plan, products (if any), and the pros and cons of joining their business.

So, let’s get started…


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Bitcoins Wealth Club Owner

Bitcoins Wealth Club Review

To find the person who is running Bitcoins Wealth Club, I decided to visit their website whose domain name is bitcoinswealthclub.com.

I came across a man called Vitaliy Dubinin, who happens to be the guy who runs things at Bitcoins Wealth Club.

I also found out that Bitcoins Wealth Club was started on June 4, 2017.

This company advertises itself as a system that educates people about cryptocurrency and helps them earn 0.03 Bitcoins daily.

In fact, this man Vitaliy Dubinin claims it is 100 percent free to join his business, where you could multiply your earnings by a minimum of 470 percent every year.

You might be wondering how it is possible to make that kind of money without spending a cent, right?

Actually, I was able to find out that Vitaliy Dubinin earns his money through other scams and Ponzi schemes he directs his site visitors to.

Most of these sites that Mr. Dubinin refers his site visitors to are operating illegally without a license or registration.

Some of the scams that are associated with him include Trade Coin Club and USI-Tech.

Considering the many scam companies that Mr. Vitaliy Dubinin has unsuccessfully run in the past, I don’t see why Bitcoins Wealth Club is any different.


Bitcoins Wealth Club : What about the products?

Bitcoins Wealth Club has no products or services that members can sell to others at a profit.

Usually, when you sign up to join this company, you will be given a free course which teaches you everything you don’t know about blockchains, cryptocurrencies and earning passive income.


Bitcoins Wealth Club Compensation plan

Bitcoins Wealth Club doesn’t have a compensation plan as such.

When you sign up to join this company for ‘free’ you will be given a free course that teaches you how to make money through mining Bitcoins.

For now, the only thing we know is that members are promised they will earn 0.3 Bitcoins per day via an automated system.

How this is possible, I cannot tell.

However, Bitcoins Wealth Club has different income streams that they refer their members.

One of them is USI Tech where affiliates can earn 1 percent ROI daily on Bitcoins.

To qualify for this compensation plan, you are required to make a minimum investment of 50 Euros.

The other one is Trade Coin Club where members get to earn 0.45 to 1 percent daily on ROI for one year.


Bitcoins Wealth Club Pros and cons


· It is kind of free to join Bitcoins Wealth Club.

· They offer good Bitcoin education and resources

· There is a good chance of earning passive income without much effort.


· The owner of Bitcoins Wealth Club has been associated with scam businesses in the past.

· Doesn’t have a detailed compensation plan for investment decision.

· There is no guarantee that you will make any money when you sign up.


Bitcoins Wealth Club Review : The verdict

The last few years has seen the virtual money or Bitcoins value rise exponentially.

As you would expect, many companies are now venturing into this lucrative industry, including scammers who want to steal money from innocent investors.

One of them is a Ponzi scheme called Trade Coin Club which is associated with the owner of Bitcoins Wealth Club.

When you look at Trade Coin Club, you will realize that it has no information regarding the owner.

If Mr. Vitaliy was a man to be trusted, he would not refer his members to some fishy businesses that are not licensed.

On top of paying the joining fee, affiliates of Trade Coin Club are required to pay a compulsory fee of 25 percent of paid ROI after every 4 months. What they are doing is keeping money in the business so that they can pay new affiliates.

That makes Trade Coin Club a Ponzi scheme.

On the other hand USI Tech, which is linked to Bitcoins Wealth Club, has similar questionable business.

Considering the many past scam companies that Vitaliy has operated, including the latest ones that are associated with his current company, I now believe that this guy is out there to scam people.

Based on my findings, I can honestly say that Bitcoins Wealth Club is a scam business.

Thanks for reading the Bitcoins Wealth Club Review and if you have any questions, feel free to do so in the comment section below.


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Bitcoins Wealth Club Review

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