Bitcoin Express Review

Bitcoin Express Review


Welcome to my Bitcoin Express Review!

Most probably you have come across the Bitcoin being labelled as the next big thing by media houses and various publications.

Due to the coming revolution in the world of businesses and technology, the Bitcoin is portrayed as a form of digitizing trade transactions without the use of bank debit and credit cards.

You may wonder, what exactly is a Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin is more of a digitalized form of virtual currency.

Due to its scarcity, it is highly protected against inflation, unlike the normal money.

Bitcoins comprise of highly encrypted digital signatures to enhance the security of transactions.

However, to complete any business transactions, a private code and an address of a Bitcoin is required, hence eliminating the association of member names with any transactions.

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About Bitcoin Express

Bitcoin Express Review

Bitcoin Express is a company responsible for enabling Bitcoin transactions.

It connects all affiliate members to the network easily and enables perform any business transactions.

For individuals in technology and business, the search for a programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for the original creator of this virtual currency is still ongoing.

Since his white paper publication in the year 2008 entailing the suggested technical details of the Bitcoin, no other details of his whereabouts are known.

However, numerous reports have associated the rich Australian businessman Craig Wright with the development of the Bitcoin technology.

Having worked in cryptocurrency trading, he could arguably be the man behind the currency revolution.


Bitcoin Express Compensation Plan

In any form of network marketing, a compensation plan is a detailed structure of how commission of independent affiliate members is evaluated about their personal and downline’s individual efforts.

For Bitcoin Express, the method is based on a hierarchical strategy.

This means each member in the chain earns commission through referrals.

The more the referrals, the higher the number of members of your chain, and the higher the pay rate.

The affiliate members pay each other with a 2×2 matrix plan. In case you are wondering, this is how it works:

Level 1
– One affiliate member is the head and sits on top of two of his recruited members.

Level 2
– The two members under the affiliate member in level 1, introduce two more members each directly under their chain. The total number of members in the chain now becomes 4.

The chain continues with each affiliate member introduced recruiting two more members under his chain until the matrix is fully settled.

When a new member signs up into the chain, they pay 0.03BTC to their recruiter.

The affiliate member is then guaranteed a pay from two of the members on level 2 of the chain.

The higher the amounts of payment to your member recruiter, the higher the payments you receive from members of your chain.


Bitcoin Express Joining Requirements

The Bitcoin is still a new and open investment that has not faced any market competition yet.

So, it is easy to join the network before the complete revolution of currency.

However, the value of a single Bitcoin is increasing at a rapid rate due to rising demand.

In order to join this network of virtual currency, a payment of 0.03 BTC to your recruiter.

The total cost to incur, however, will highly be dependent on the number of affiliate positions you purchase.

The more the gifting positions, the higher the cost of membership.


Features of Bitcoin Express

– It allows quick and easy connection to the virtual network.
– It can show your BTC in your personal wallet.
– It allows secure transactions.
– Ability to send and receive Bitcoins.
– It enables the use of secure email to backup your Bitcoin wallet.


Bitcoin Express Final Verdict

The Bitcoin Express is experiencing traffic of new members ready to explore the investment opportunity in currency revolution.

For newbies searching for information before taking a leap of faith with their money, know that use of Bitcoin currency is not a quick get-rich scheme.

The earnings are totally through commissions.

Due to its compensation plan, it requires a continuous chain of new members for affiliate members in higher levels to earn decent money.

A dominant chain will lead to investment losses to members of that chain.

With the fact that the creator of this technology is yet to reveal himself, I can hardly guarantee the legitimacy of the business venture.

For what I know, only time will tell if this revolution is here to stay.

What do you think about the Bitcoin Express Review?

Let me know in the comment section.

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