Best Legit Survey Sites

surveys are

 the self-administered category of surveys as opposed to the traditional surveys 

which are conducted through face to face communication, telephone, among other


There are numerous surveys in the contemporary internet age.


a few of them meet the criteria to be classified as “the best and legit 


This article intends to explain the top 35 best legit survey sites.

These top 35 survey sites are based on critical rankings by



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• Swagbucks

Best Legit Survey Sites

can get surveys from Swagbucks, complete them, and earn 


Unlike many other survey sites, Swagbucks informs you where the company

 submits your information to.

This survey site has a minimal design, outstanding 

setup, and great customer support.

Swagbucks is convenient in the sense that it

 has a fast setup and great survey selections.

Their payment system has a quick

 turnaround time.

Another amazing feature of Swagbucks is their excellent 

privacy policy.

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• Pinecone 

Best Legit Survey Sites

2013, they used to pay via cash only.

From 2013, they

 reward you with points whereby 100 points is equivalent to $1 with most surveys 

paying up to $3.

The survey topics cover different topics.

This company uses 

 information to verify that you are not a possible duplicate.

Later, they use

 your personal information to develop statistics and metrics.

The site has 
levels of 
merits depending on how good you are in answering the survey questions.

higher the category the more the pay.

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• Price Rebel

Best Legit Survey Sites

reward you with points.

For every 100 points, you can 

exchange them for $1.

Points are earned through watching videos, taking 

surveys, referring others, and signing up for trials.

They also reward with gift 


You can exchange your points with PayPal payments in less than 24 hours.

Their interface is friendly.

Their website has a seamless explore integration.

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• New Vista Live

Best Legit Survey Sites

is a leading market research company that has opted to 

offer online surveys.

They reward through prize draws and cash.

Their surveys 

take 15 minutes.

They require you to answer all the questions with honesty.

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• Valued Opinions

Best Legit Survey Sites

have over 3,000,000 members.

Their panel exists in

 more than 20 countries with at least 15 languages.

Their rewards are based on

 answering surveys.

They offer many types of rewards.

However, their major 

reward system is by gift cards.

The minimum payout is $10 with an average

 survey ranging from $1 to $5.

They are accessible on both their mobile app and


Their privacy policy is standard.

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• Surveyeah

Best Legit Survey Sites

pay you to take surveys.

Referrals and student research 

are also other opportunities offered by Surveyeah.

The amazing feature about

 this company is that they never push you to share some information you do not


The only thing they need is your email address.

Currently, they are only 

offering merchandise and gift cards as reward options.

However, Amazon vouchers

 and PayPal services will be offered soon.

They are accessible internationally

 through mobile devices and desktops.

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• Panel Station

Best Legit Survey Sites

was founded in 2008 in India and as of now, they have

 over 2 million active members.

They are available in the entire world.

Depending on the length of the survey, they will reward you 100-5,000 points.

Topics covered include healthcare, consumer goods, and travel.

Minimum points

 to be redeemed are 3,000.

The signup process is easy.

They have anti-fraud 

policies due to their partnership with Cross-Tab Marketing Services Ltd.

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• Survey Bods

Best Legit Survey Sites

surveys mostly take about 10 minutes.

They are easy to 

answer and they call upon you to be very honest.

They are a trusted survey site

 working with major brands.

If you answer 

3 surveys badly and with dishonesty, they will close your account because this 

is against their honesty policy.

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• Global Test Market

Best Legit Survey Sites

operate much like Facebook.

When you register with

 them, they can use that information to make some money.

The vital privacy 

policy is that they cannot share your information without informing you first.


 operation is based on data mining.

Once they identify you as a target 

demographic, they offer you an opportunity to do product tests.

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• Fusioncash

Best Legit Survey Sites

site has become very popular in panelists especially in 

the US and Canada.

They offer you an opportunity to make extra money by 

watching videos on YouTube, answering surveys, and taking part in offers.


of their offers value range from $0.25 to $30.

Signup takes less than a minute.

They have many rewards offers you can select.

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Best Legit Survey Sites

site offers you the opportunity to earn various rewards 

by carrying tasks, shopping, and visiting websites.

ClixSense has a solid 

membership base of at least 7 million.

The site claims to have paid out more 

than $24,000,000 so far.

Their payment methods are via Pay Too, Cheque, Tango

 Card and Payoneer.

The site has a high trust rating.

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• Ipsos I-say

Best Legit Survey Sites

is an online market research company.

I-say is a

 component of the Ipsos Company that offers you surveys for money.

This company

 has a solid online reputation, reliability, and privacy policy.

Since the

 company purely engages in market research, their surveys are specific compared 

to other survey sites.

I-say specifically pays you for surveys, not for other 

tasks like shopping online or completing offers.

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• MyPoints

Best Legit Survey Sites

offers you the opportunity to earn extra money by

 signing up for offers or shopping.

This website is backed by the famous Prodege 

LLC that also owns Swagbucks.

The payout rates are good.

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• MySurvey

Best Legit Survey Sites

website allows you to know the survey that is going to

 pay out best and in the soonest time.

This is a great feature of Mysurvey when 

compared to other survey sites that keep prompting you for offers.

Payouts are

 either gift cards or cash.

It is functional on desktop and mobile.

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• Survey Junkie

Best Legit Survey Sites

site has more than 4,000,000 members who want to make 

your voice heard.

Their huge membership 

has earned them a great reputation since 2009.

When you become a member, your 

rewards are in point form.

Their most survey rewards range from 20 to 200


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• EarningStation

Best Legit Survey Sites

site offers you the opportunity to watch videos online,

 shop online, play games and answer surveys that earn you points.

Massfinity (a 

company offering products for market research) is the company that operates


As much as earning station is fairly new, it has quickly become

 popular based on their surveys.

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• InboxDollars

Best Legit Survey Sites

provide paid email services and surveys that pay in 


You can generate money purchasing services and products.

They also send 

their members all emails showing receipts of their payments which results when

 you click a link or read them.

In return, they give you a section of that


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• Harris Poll

Best Legit Survey Sites

website has a strong reputation in the market research 


Harris Poll abides by standards of various organizations.

They operate

 with points which are redeemable for rewards like gift cards to various places.

They also give out e-vouchers.

They have startup questions when signing up but 

with a good experience.

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• OneOpinion

Best Legit Survey Sites

website is relatively popular compared to some survey sites.

However, they actually offer some of the greatest opportunities for you to make 

extra money testing products and taking surveys.

OneOpinion is owned by

 CriticalMix, which has an A+ rating based on the ratings by the Better Business


As a result, OneOpinion is a great survey site you can make extra money


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• Hiving

Best Legit Survey Sites

offer one of the best referral programs.

Hiving runs

 surveys based on popular brands.

They reward with cash.

Their referral program

 is stated as one of the best in the world.

Interestingly, they still give you 

points even when you decline to take a survey.

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• PanelBase

Best Legit Survey Sites

offer high paying surveys that are only relevant to


Their reward systems include prize draws, vouchers, and cash.

They require

 you to fully fill your profile in order to receive the most relevant surveys.

Their outstanding feature is that they pay above the industry average.

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• Survey Club

Best Legit Survey Sites

survey company offers you the opportunity to earn using 

coupons, answering surveys, and participating in research studies.

The minimum 

payout is $20 which is redeemed through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or check.

This site is also exceptional in the sense that they offer a list of survey

panels of which you can join.

Their website works well on desktops throughout 

the world.

Their privacy policy assures you that your personal information is 

safe with them.

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• The 
OpinionPanel Community

Best Legit Survey Sites

OpinionPanel Community is the main research panel for

 graduates and students in the UK.

They offer great surveys with focus groups

 basically for universities and popular brands.

They reward you with high street

 vouchers and Amazon gift cards.

Their surveys usually take 10 minutes.


site is also compatible with mobile devices to enable you to take surveys via

 your mobile phone.

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• Vivatic

Best Legit Survey Sites

is a great survey site that offers extra earning 

opportunities apart from the surveys.

The extra earning opportunities are 

majorly data entry and writing reviews.

They reward through cash.

Their surveys 
take up to 15 minutes.

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• Crowdology

Best Legit Survey Sites

is an amazing survey site that offers instant vouchers.

The rewards are offered through either PayPal or Amazon vouchers.

Their surveys 

can be completed between 2 to 15 minutes.

They work majorly with television

 shows and great brands.

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• Toluna

Best Legit Survey Sites

pays about $1.5 per survey.

You can access this survey 

site through their apple and android apps or directly by visiting their site.

Their return on time takes a considerable number of surveys for you to achieve 

your PayPal increment e-certificate.

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• PopulusLive

Best Legit Survey Sites


 statistics to the press as well as programs on current affairs.

They only

 reward with cash with a decent payout.

You must fill out your profile fully in 

order to get the highest number of surveys.

They require you to be honest with 

your responses.

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• MindMover

Best Legit Survey Sites

provide very interesting surveys based on various

 consumer products.

They provide you with an opportunity to share your opinion.

Their reward system is by cash only.

It takes up to 15 minutes to complete 

their surveys.

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• YouGov

Best Legit Survey Sites

survey site focuses on topics of general interest and

 social issues.

Their polls include public affairs, commercial products, and


They reward through prize draws as well as cash.

Most of their topics

 are contemporary and in the news.

It is an easy site as you take surveys that involve 
daily happenings.

They also give you 1$ for signing up.

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• CashCrate

Best Legit Survey Sites

from their name “cashcrate”, they notify you that they 

give cash to their members.

Payment duration ranges between three to four 


outstanding feature of this site is that they have a gallery where members 

upload images of their PayPal payments and checks to prove that they received


Sign up to CashCrate >>



• Superpayme

Best Legit Survey Sites

website has been online for a long time making payments 

without issues.

They provide live surveys each day with fast payments.


 surveys are accessible on their sites throughout the year.

The minimum cash out 

is $1 through PayPal, Payza, and Skrill.

Sign up to Superpayme >>



• RewardingWays

Best Legit Survey Sites

offer legit surveys from various advertisers on a daily 


The surveys take between 5-20 minutes.

Longer surveys have larger 


To date, RewardingWays has paid more than $500,000 to its members.

Sign up to RewardingWays >>



• American Consumer Opinion

Best Legit Survey Sites

website pays you actual money to complete surveys and 

shares your opinion online.

Opinions are given on new products that you tried,

 test latest advertising campaigns, and give your opinion to such companies on

 what you think about their marketing slogans and techniques.

Sign up to American Consumer Opinion >>



• Pro Opinion

Best Legit Survey Sites

you answer questions based on your profession.


you complete the signup process, they send you an email about products and

 various topics.

After completing these surveys, you will get rewarded with 

points of which you can redeem for cash.

They pay cash via PayPal.

Sign up to Pro Opinion >>



• Ask Wonder

Best Legit Survey Sites

other paid surveys, wonder hires you to carry out

 research on diverse topics.

In other words, wonder gives you an opportunity 

that is similar to a part-time-job but still in form of surveys.

If you succeed

 and get hired, you will carry out expert research on various topics according 
to your area of expertise.

Sign up to Ask Wonder >>




above 35 survey sites have a high ranking.

Most users

 and members have referred others.

The customer care departments from these

 survey sites are accommodative and willing to assist.

These sites are

 recommended for making an extra income online.

We have given a guideline on the 

best survey sites according to google top ranking, it will now be easy for you 

to make a choice on the site that suits you.

Learn the rules of the sites as

 they may differ so that your account is not blocked.

Do you have an opinion about the Best Legit Survey Sites?

Have you tried any of the best listed survey sites?

Feel free to share your experience below.

Thank you for reading.


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29 Responses to Best Legit Survey Sites – The ULTIMATE Top List

  1. John says:

    Great article. Reading through every single line was worth it. I will really love to try a few of these survey sites. it is time to make some extra bucks. I currently use ClixSense, but the little issue i have with them is that, the pay can be sometimes very low. “you have to work to earn it”.

    Are the Surveys ordered in your order of preference?

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for your comment, John.

      The survey sites are not necessarily listed in any order, however, SwagBucks would be my top choice on the list.

  2. Michael says:

    Wow I had no idea there were this many survey sites out there.

    I have heard of some of the more popular ones like swagbucks and mypoints — but the other ones were new to me.

    Thank you for showing me there are lots of sites out there , that can help you earn a little extra bit online. However I have to say I don’t think these sites should ever be considered something for long term — just something to help buy extra coffee or two a month.

  3. Shwana says:

    Great article. I have thought about trying the survey to make money but I have always though that they were scams and you would not get paid the money that was promised. Lately I have heard good things about Swagbucks. Thanks for the info I might try it. Have you personally had any experience with Swagbucks?

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Shawana,

      SwagBucks is great and is actually my top choice on the list.  I have used it to gain points, however, I pretty much concentrate on my main businesses to accumulate substantial revenue.

  4. Keiron says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to reach a steady income goal of $200 per week, I think it would be a nice little extra cake every week on top of my full time paychecks. I think I will fill out a few of these surveys every night and see where it gets me, every step closer to my goal will count! Thanks for the article!

  5. DorcasW says:

    Jason; Your post is very interesting seeing that you have taken the time out to research these many survey companies to prove their honesty.

    I want to know though, While Swagbuck is outstanding in their operation is there a significant amount of surveys given to individuals in order that one can make a living from Swagbuck?

    How easy it is for one to make One hundred points for $1.00 with PineCone?

    While New Vista Survey may take a longer time to complete depending on the amount of survey given per day or season, It could prove more beneficial to survey takers than anything else.

    Do keep up your good work Jason


  6. Darren says:

    Hi there,

    I already do online surveys for a few sites, but I don’t get sent enough regularly, so I’ve been looking for some new survey companies to join so I can earn a bit more. I know surveys don’t tend to pay a lot, but at least it’s something, and I can do it from home.

    I see Swagbucks recommended everywhere, yet for some reason I’ve never joined. I think it’s time I gave it a try. I have tried Valued Opinions, Global test Market. My Survey, Toluna and YouGov.

    Great list here. There’s a few I’m going to try.

    • Jason says:

      Swagbucks is definitely one Survey and rewards site you want to add to your list. 

      All the best as you move forward.

  7. Anh Nguyen says:

    Hey Jason,

    Wow this is such a detailed post on survey sites! I wish I found your post way sooner. When I was younger, I was very into making money online through methods such as paid per survey. Sure, they are not something you can do long term, and I can see that you also recommend other work from home options. I’ll be sure to check them out.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hi, Jason

    Thanks for the vast variety of option you have given in this post. Online surveys are a good way to earn some -not much- money online and does not require any skills besides basic internet usage.
    I assume that you are targeting the US market. Which of these sites are available outside the US as well?

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Marios,

      These sites were researched for the Major Countries such as UK and the US.

      If you are not from these countries, you can feel free to use the “Hide My IP” chrome extension to change your IP address and  then proceed with filling out the surveys.

      Hope this helps and thank you for stopping by.


  9. Jacob Schilling says:

    Hi, Jason, nice list of survey sites, I can tell you did thorough research finding the absolute best survey sites.

    I myself have experience with survey sites, although I would end up quitting before I ever reached the payout max, and ended up never making any money with them. I am familiar with inbox dollars and global test surveys. One thing that is a bit surprising to me is that valued opinions only has a $10 payout to reach, and the surveys you say are $1-5 range? Out of curiosity, how long does it take to complete a survey on valued opinions?

    • Jason says:

      The surveys at Valued Opinions usually take 5-30 minutes to complete depending on the payout.

      And yes, they do payout $10 but it’s for retailers such as

      Thanks for passing through and as usual, the best way to earn a full-time living online is by having your own business in the form of a website.  Surveys are just another way of earning a little extra instead of watching TV or doing something less productive.

  10. Christina Spohr says:

    Wow! That is quite a list. I had no idea there were so many survey options. I had only heard of a few of the sites you listed.
    I really liked how you listed different sites and described a little about the site. It made it easy to sort through.
    This definitely helped me and I know it will help someone else. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. raimana says:

    It’s a good review about all différent survey, but have you done some of them ? have you got some people who did? and if yes how much they made ?
    I ask maybe too many question, it’s just because it’s good review and i think you only miss this part. Something we can look at and maybe say, hey it’s maybe working.

    • Jason says:

      I have done quite a few of these surveys sites back in the day.

      I have actually made a few dollars with Clixsense and Swagbucks, but nothing that is sustainable. I have also referred others, however, I am not sure if they made any money with them.

      It’s really up to the individual if they want to spend time on these sites to earn a few dollars.

      Nowadays, I am fully focused on growing my websites because this is the best way I see to earn real income online.

      Anyways, I think you have made some good points here and I will make some changes to the article when I do my next update.

  12. Philip Colbert says:


    I had no idea there was so many survey sites that actually do help you make a decent way to earn money online.

    I know from experience that surveys can take some time but it is great to see that the pay is pretty good as well in your review.

    I will have a good look and see if they are a good fit for me and if I can earn a little extra cash on the side.

    Thanks again for the information, much appreciated!



  13. gregS says:

    Hi Jason
    Thanks for the list of survey sites shown in your post.
    I have tried earning money with survey sites before, but i found they all pay you small amounts for the time used.
    I don’t have enough free time for the little reward, and have higher priorities.
    Imagine going through this list, and trying each one out, it would take forever. To me they are a waste of my valuable time, but that’s only my opinion.
    Even a 2 hour walk means more to me than doing surveys.

  14. BooBish says:

    Haven’t tried these survey sites. However, I’ve read a bit about the first one, Swagbucks, and wasn’t interested because they pay you so little, it seems.

    So do all these survey sites pay nickel and dimes? I don’t mean nickels and dimes literally, but not much more per survey. If one signs up for 10 sites and is only able to make $100 a month, I don’t feel it’s worth the trouble.

    • Jason says:

      These sites are really just meant to supplements ones income.

      In order to make real money online, it is best to have a website, populate it with content and then drive traffic to it.

      This is what my #1 recommended training teaches so check it out if you would like to learn more.

      Thanks for your comment and good luck!

  15. roamy says:

    Hello Jason

    As someone just getting started online and looking for ways to make money online, your post on surveys that pay could not have come at the right time for me.

    I have tried surveys before but soon gave up as I was not making any money.I`m not from the USA or Canada and Surveys here(Switzerland) are few and far between so that it took me time to even reach payout.

    Now having said that, I joined surveys not knowing that the money is on referrals, Ok I read you can recruit family and friends so that`s what I did but not all friends realize the power of pennies adding up.

    It`s Only later I came to understand you can promote the sites online and gain referrals.

    As said, i’m still new to online world and still not very sure how everything works concerning promotion and getting referrals, in your opinion, what`s the best place to promote these survey sites once I get started?

    I`m asking because as said, I tried sites like Clixsense, InboxDollars, and Fusion cash but I failed badly because of lack of referrals who could speed up things for me.

    You mention the sites you mentioned being as to rankings by

 Google, are they in any order or what is the criteria?

    Thanks so much Jason, this was really helpful as to what surveys to join, take surveys and get paid.

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Roamy,

      Hands down, the best place to promoted these survey sites is on your own website. (I show you how to get one for free on this page)

      I did not arrange the sites in any order, however, from my experience, SwagBucks is the top rated survey and rewards site.

      These criteria are based on detailed research from many authority sites online.

      Glad to help and if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help.

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