AutoxAds Review


AutoxAds Review


Welcome to this no-fluff, honest, well researched AutoXAds Review.

It’s possible that someone approached you in person or on social media about AutoXAds and now you want to find out if the opportunity is a legit business or just a big scam.

Great thinking!

I will go into all the details for you which will allow you to make a smart decision.

Let us proceed then…


Name: AutoXAdsAutoxAds Review
Type:  MLM Matrix Cycler
Founder(s): Unknown
Rating: 4/10
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AutoXAds Review – The Company

There are a few suspicious things that one must notice about AutoXAds.

One is that there is not a whole lot of information about the website or about the company. Information such as when the company was founded and who is running the company is unknown.

The fact that this company is not willing to share information about who is running the company and the fact that the domain name was purchased around two months ago, on the 28th of October 2016, where the domain has been set on private indicates that there is something suspicious about this company.

From the look of the information that has been given, the owners are trying to hide their information as much as they can; a trend associated with schemes and scams.

AutoXAds not sharing their basic information on their website is a red flag.


AutoXAds Review – The Products

The system that AutoXAds offers is significantly different to other advertising services.

For starters, there are the daily advertising packages where the customer has to pay $0.25 for a single package per day.

The whole point of this is that the daily packages will be purchased by other advertisers to display the banner and text ads that the customer provides.

What a person who is on the website will notice though is that there are no retail able products.

When we talk about the retail products for this website, we are talking about the ability for other businesses to purchase text and banner ads from the affiliates who have bought the ad packages for $0.25 per day.

This is important because selling products is the main source of primary income for a business.  Without the primary income, the business would struggle to exist.

On AutoXAds though, this means that the affiliates who are based on the website have only affiliate membership to rely on to sell and market to potential customers.

AutoXAds says though that if the affiliate is able to get another affiliate into the program, then the new person is able to purchase positions in the matrix system that is being offered by AutoXAds.

Also, each bundle comes with advertising credits. That means that the affiliate is able to display more banners and text ads onto the AutoXAd’s website.

In terms of the products overall, the fact that there are no retail able products for AutoXAds to sell, the affiliate program in itself and the fact that the affiliate can purchase advertising credits to purchase banner and text ad’s on the AutoXAds website raises another red flag there.

What has just been described right here are signs of an ad credit Ponzi scheme.


AutoXAds Review – Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for AutoXAds though is something else in itself.

First is how the affiliate gets paid at all.  The affiliate has to purchase an advertising package for about $0.25 in a 4×1 matrix tier.

Once there are four affiliates who have filled up the matrix, a cycle is triggered, and a commission is paid out to the affiliates.

There are five tiers that are offered, with each and every tier getting more expensive to purchase but there is a higher commission for the higher tiers at AutoXAds.

One of the things that will be interesting to people who read this article is that in order to continue to purchase 25 cent positions per day, one has to fund their account.

That means that if the affiliate fails to do so, the affiliate will lose all their income from their account.

Where is the red flag in this?  There isn’t a red flag in this compensation plan at all.

It sounds reasonable and obviously, it does not sound too good to be true.

However, considering that we have just discovered that there are no retail able products and there is a lack of basic company information behind AutoXAds still gives us reason to be suspicious about what is being offered here.


AutoXAds Review – Price

In terms of membership, joining AutoXAds is free.  Although, this does mean that the affiliate is only able to receive matching commissions.

As previously stated, the cost to purchase an advertising bundle costs around $0.25 each day.

For those who want to join AutoXAds fully, one must pay around $10 per cyclic purchase.

Again, no red flags here.  Nothing too unrealistic here.


AutoXAds Review – The Verdict

In this article, we have walked through two very serious red flags about AutoXAds and we have gone through compensation plans and membership pricing for the website as well.  The latter two do not raise serious red flags at all.

However, we have not finished with the red flags yet. There are two more red flags to add. These two red flags come straight from the disclaimer and the FAQ of the AutoXAds website.

See below:

Via disclaimer on website:



…and via FAQ section of the website:


Q: “How Fast Will My Advertising Positions Mature?

A: We have no way of knowing how fast your positions will mature as this is based on the number of ad packages being purchased each day.”


What these two extracts show is that AutoXAds is demonstrating the nature of their investment scheme.

AutoXAds claim in the disclaimer that they are not a matrix program, but their compensation plan is based on a matrix cycle. This makes their claim a lie.

AutoXAds claim that they are not an MLM program. They pay out through multiple levels of their tier system, so that’s another lie there.

Also, AutoXAds claim that they don’t know whether an advertising position will mature or not is total hooey.  Investments mature, purchases do not as the saying goes.

Therefore, what we can conclude here is that AutoXAds has the giant markings of a Ponzi scheme.

There are about four to five red flags that indicate the markings of a Ponzi scheme and we can predict that the end result of this website will be ugly for the affiliates of this website who are there to make a quick buck for themselves.


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One Response to AutoxAds Review – SCAM or Legit Opportunity?

  1. Anis Chity says:

    Hey Jason

    The one thing that I don’t understand about these scam sites why would they start an online scam instead of building something useful that people will make money from?

    Maybe they just love to steal money from people?

    You have done a great job protecting people from this huge scam.

    I believe that sites that are new should not be trusted as most of them turn out to be a scam!

    And how the hell can you trust a site that doesn’t even offer basic information?

    This is surely a scam that targets people that are new to the online money making world

    I have joined Wealthy Affiliate too and it’s the best way to make a living online!

    Thanks for sharing and have a good day ahead Jason!

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