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Welcome to the Aussie Method Review.

There is this fictional character by the name of Jake Pertu, who is trying to get as much money as possible from many people all over the world, especially from the great people of Australia.

Help me to expose this scam so that more people will know the truth about this binary options trading software which is poised to deceive a lot of people.

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Name: Aussie Method


Fictional Founder: Jake Pertu

Actual Founder: Unknown

Type: Binary Options Scheme

Identical to: The Brit Method & The Canuck Method Scams

Price: Free to Join, $250-$10,000+ to “trade”

Rating: 0/10

Recommended: No

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Where To Report a Binary Options Trading Scam:


Legitimate Online Trading : EasyMarketsForex


When you first visit the Aussie Method website, there will be a video with a lot of actors in it, telling you how much money they made by trading online.

If you are highly gullible, you will most likely get scammed.

The actors that you will see on the web page are hired workers from websites such as

The creators of the Aussie Method Software paid them to read scripts for $5 bucks or more.

Below you will see a 2-minute video explaining how scammers actually let their scam systems seem legitimate:


Double click the video to view larger


There are literally tons of scam video which you will find on youtube about the Aussie Method.

One of the most deceiving fact about the Aussie Method is the promise that a person supposedly named Jake Pertu made on the website.

He says that his account currently has  $482,118.00 and that he made it in his first month.

He went on to show you a screen capture of his Bank Of America account balance with some millions of dollars in it.

Do you think that is all true?  Think again.

There are some really bad actors that you will see in the video when you first visit the website.

The first person who did his acting is quite a poor actor.

The second actor with his acting name set as Eddie Waltz said that he made $538,612.00 in one month.

If you like, you can watch the entire video for yourself and see the disgraceful acting on display.

Aussie Method Scam

Below you will see some evidence from Facebook.

You will learn that many people are getting scammed and is venting their frustration on social media.



Eg 1:aussie method


Eg 2:

Aussie Method


Eg 3:

Aussie Method


You may want to follow the advice of the people above for your safety online.

If that is not enough warning for you, you may want to know what these two people had to say about Aussie Method on Twitter.

First example:
Aussie Method


Second example:


Aussie Method


You can always visit twitter to see what others are saying.

Another very annoying thing which I did not like was that when I wanted to leave the website and clicked to close the tab, I saw a pop-up just like the one you see below.  Take a look:

Aussie Method


This tactic used is known as an exit pop-up.  Many fraudulent websites use this tactic to convince the user to stay on the website a bit longer so they can sell your more scam offers.


Legitimate Online Trading : EasyMarketsForex


What is The Aussie Method:

So what is the Aussie Method?

The Aussie Method is a fraudulent binary options trading website that promises anyone that they will be making millions of dollars by trading in the stock markets.

The narrator says he will not need your credit card number nor any other method of payment, but you will soon find out that you have to fund your account using a major credit card.

As soon as you sign up, you will be re-directed to their “trusted broker” website known as the (the last time I checked)

On the broker website, you will be required to enter the amount of money you want to begin trading with.

In order to unlock your Aussie Method Account, You have to fund your Big Option broker account.  

You are required to deposit from $250 – $10,000+.

You will see an example of this below:


Aussie Method


The truth is that once you deposit your money into this trading account and start trading, you will lose the first deposit.

You will then most likely receive a phone call from an Aussie Method agent telling you to deposit more funds as this will increase your chances of  winning the next trade.

You will then most likely receive a phone call from an Aussie Method agent telling you to deposit more funds as this will increase your chances of  winning the next trade.

However, what really happens is that your money is deposited into a scam account and shared amongst the Aussie Method creator and the BigOptions brokers.

TOP TIP: It is better for you not to give your phone number out to these people, nor sign up using your best email address.

In most cases, your email address is sold to a third party website.

This will enable third party website owners to send you emails with other scam offers.

Another warning that you may want to put out there is that when you are about to enter the trading website, your computer will give a security warning if you have protection installed.

It will warn you that the information will be read by a third-party.

That is a very big risk that you would take by sharing your credit card and other personal information to a broker that is not regulated nor trusted by the


TOP TIP:Do Not Enter Your Credit Card Details On The BigOptions Website.


Take a look at the security warning which I received from my Macbook security system using the Firefox browser:

Aussie Method

Are People Making Money With Aussie Method

Yes, people are making money with the Aussie Method Software – Those people includes the creator of the software along with its many affiliates.

The people who lose money are those who eventually sign up and deposits money into a broker’s account.


Do Not Believe The Social Media Testimonials

 On the Aussie method website, there are some fabricated screenshots of people on Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

When you do a Facebook search for all these people who say that they quit their job and is making up to $100,000, you will see that they too are fictional.

You can simply find this out by going directly to Facebook to do a lookup on any of the names that you see plastered on the Aussie Method website.

Aussie Method


I did the research already and found that those people are just made up.

The point is: You will not be making any money with the Aussie Method system, however, I can guarantee that you will lose money using the system.



As you can see, the Aussie Method is a full-blown fraud.

All the actors and fictional characters are giving the trading world a negative image.

By writing this review, I hope that it will shed some light on the Aussie Method and put an end to it once and for all.

I cannot do it alone, so I urge you once more to share this Aussie Method Review to as many people as possible.

Share your comments below with your experience if you have been a victim or almost.

The more people know the truth about the Aussie Method, the safer we will all be.


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To you success and safety online,
Jason (Founder)

14 Responses to Aussie Method Review | Is Aussie Method A Scam?

  1. Rebeka says:

    Hey,I have opened the account yesterday but haven’t started to what do you suggest??

    • Jason says:

      Rebeka, the information which I have given states that the Aussie Method is a fraudulent company and not approved nor certified by any cooperation.

      If you are looking to not getting scammed, you should be investing with established, ethical and award-winning firms which many are using to earn profits.

      AvaTrade is one of the platforms which I have recommended as legitimate for anyone to trade with. Do stay away from the Aussie Method so as to not be a victim to online binary trading scams.

      If you need further assistance, do let me know.

      To your success online,

  2. Austin Luckhoff says:

    This is a thing that must be taken up by Governments to eliminate like terrorism. This is international economic terrorism and must be punished by Goverments.


    • Jason Foster says:

      Hey Austin,

      I agree that these Websites owners should be treated like the criminals that they are. There are so many websites like the Aussie Method that continuously scam people day to day. I will be there every step of the way to point out these scams so that more people can be aware not to join them.

      I would suggest that you visit or to report any binary options trading scam. They are government agencies that are dedicated to stopping fraudulent sites like the Aussie method amongst others.

      Sorry to hear what happened Austin. You can always get in touch with me personally within my wealthy affiliate profile whenever you want to by clicking here. That is where I spend most of my time.

      Talk to you soon! 🙂

  3. Matt TheDopestMatrix says:

    Those actors are cheap and useless. They can easily destroy things for your business if they mess it up!

    Look at all the people saying it’s a scam – it will be shut down inevitably, I bet you!

    Thanks for letting me know about it!


  4. David says:

    Hi Jason

    That was hilarious using the same actress who endorsed the Aussie method to endorse you. Brilliant!

    Thank you for exposing this scam and saving people from wasting their time and money on it.


    • Jason says:

      The test video was done by another person. It is quite hilarious. Some people will do anything to make money.

      Thanks for chiming in.


  5. Hindy Pearson says:

    Hi, and thank you for calling yet another scam to our attention. I admit I had never heard of the Aussie Method until I read your post, but I’m shocked at the number of people scammed. The other scams I’ve seen have been much more subtle, sucking people in slowly. The fact that hundreds of thousands of dollars are claimed to have been made in the first month, should be enough to set anyone’s alarm bells ringing. Shame some people are desperate enough to fall for this, and hopefully posts like this will shut these thieves down. Well done!

  6. Emily says:

    hi Jason!
    Wow what a scam this Aussie method! I cannot believe that actress! Yes everyone has to earn a living but really? She is just as guilty and part of the scam. She is basically agreeing to scam people and lie for $5. Where is her integrity??? This type of scam makes me mad. As good hearted people get suck into them and lose a lot of money. Thanks for exposing it!

  7. Ravel says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for the research, I´m not going to join that scam.
    Better going to take a look at the alternative.

    Good job.

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