Anonymous Traders Review

Within this Anonymous Traders Review, you will find out what the Anonymous Traders Software really is.

You will get to know if it is a safe place for you to invest your money into, or if it is a place where you will actually lose money.

Let’s dive into this factual, detailed report on the Anonymous Traders:


Name: Anonymous Traders


Type: Binary Options Trading Software

Creator: Not Known (Anonymous)

When Created: 2015

Rating: 2/10

Recommended: NO

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NOTE: The anonymous Traders website has been suspended in some countries across the world and may have changed their domain name.

Be extra careful as you search for ways to make money online.  (These guys are very crafty)

Firstly, congratulations for being apart of the 10% of people who actually takes the time to find out if this new binary options trading software known as” Anonymous Traders” is legit or a scam.

Take note that there are some websites, youtube videos and other sources that promotes the Anonymous Traders to earn a commission so they will say anything to convince you that the software is legit.  Be aware of those sources.

anonymous traders


You are now on a website dedicated to finding scams online and exposing them for the world to see, backed with real researched facts.


What Is Anonymous Traders

When you hear the word “hackers” or “hacking” what comes to mind?  When I hear these words I hold on to my wallet and protect my identity tenfold!

Anonymous traders promotes themselves as a group of hackers who have successfully hacked binary options.

They claim that their software will be the answer to making money in the binary options markets and you as the user will be able to see profits in the tens of thousands each day.

These anonymous traders makes some really big and bold claims within the sales video.

It is my duty to expose the full truth about the software and to find out if is actually true and if the method works.

So the concept is that these hackers found a way to force the profits from binary options trades.

During the video you will see a masked man recruiting people to test the system to see if it will work on a grand scale.

The same masked man says the the software is 100% legitimate, but at the same time saying that the money that you earn will be deposited into your bank account by an anonymous individual.

First of all, if a system is legit why would you want to remain anonymous?

This is just a plain old deceitful tactic that these scam artist uses to fool misinformed people.


Does The Anonymous Traders Work?

Well, it seemed to have worked for the fraudsters in the past when review like these were not on the internet, but now the system has gotten some real backlash due to the large amounts of complaints that have been associated with using the software.

As I mentioned above the website has been suspended in some countries.

When people proceed with the system they will be authenticated when they verify their email address.

Within the next video, users will be told that they will be safe and that they will finally be able to make money online.

The fact is that the system is no different from the numerous amounts of binary options trading scams online at this very moment.

When potential members proceed on into the system they will be redirected to a brokers website; this is where you will be required to fund your account starting at $250 upwards to $10,000.

Once you fund your account you will then receive a phone call from a highly persistent representative asking you to deposit more money to increase your chances of winning.

This is non-factual statement, you are just persuaded to put more money into the anonymous traders pockets without even knowing it.

The saddest thing about this system is that all the money that users fund their account with will be lost as it is non-refundable especially if you choose to sign up to a bogus $1000 cash bonus that they promote on the site.

Quite frankly, I am just getting sick and tired of so many fraudsters posing as good guys when their only intention is to get your hard earned money from you.

Its a good thing that you have places like the and the websites which fights against scam binary options trading websites like these and put an end to them eventually.


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Why Do These People Scam Others?

I often wonder why individuals use their energy to create scam programs online that robs innocent people, when they could use the same energy to provide value with legitimate opportunities and still earn money in the process.

I get it that we all need money in our lives to function.  People eventually choose how they want to acquire money.

Many choose to get into the most illegal way that there is.

Personally, I choose to provide real value for my readers.

I help out genuinely by providing these reviews so that many people can stay safe on the net by avoiding systems like the Anonymous traders software.

So far, I have helped many people to avoid a scam and help them to find legit ways to earn online in the process

My advise to you my valued reader is not to get caught up into the illegal way of making money online as this will only lead you down the road of failure and distress.

There are many real trusted ways how you can use your knowledge to help others and make decent money; which I will point out to you further below in this post.



You have seen how deceiving the Anonymous trader is within the above paragraphs – you have been provided with the facts.

It is now up to you to take the next steps towards finding something that truly works.

I have been in your shoe searching all over the internet for ways to earn money without getting scammed.

I have to admit that the journey was not easy; I went through a lot and got burned one or two times.

It is not easy to find the perfect place that will help you to finally achieve something online, it does take time!

With all my search and trials, I am confident now that I have found the solution to making money online.

Stop!  Before you think that this is a get rich quick money software that promises you that you are going to make $$$ in the next hour, you may as well right now leave this page; it will not be for you if you have that mentality.

What I am referring to is a business…a business in which you are the owner, a business that allows you to be in control without a boss telling you what to do,  a business that is free to start with no tricks nor no gimmicks, a business that WILL work.

You will be required to work on your business, just like all business people do.

This is the real deal and you can only fail when you do not plan to put in the work.

You are now invited to check out this great opportunity!   I believe that this will be the right model for you to follow which will allow you to have financial freedom.


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I wish you only success in your online journey.  I am dedicated to helping you achieve success.  The best place to reach me is within my WA Profile or email me at

You can ask me your personal question(s) there if you like to.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions?

Let me know within the comments! 🙂

Your friend,
Jason (Founder) How To Stay Safe On The Net

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4 Responses to Anonymous Traders – LEGIT Opportunity or BIG Scam?

  1. Phix says:

    Where are your facts?
    I only read opinions and can see that you trick people into your own little money scam.

    You are the scammer here!

    • Jason says:

      What is this about?

      My energy will not be wasted on your comment.

      My readers are not stupid. Anyone can see that you are THE scammer here promoting Anonymous Traders.

      And, no, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. lol.

      It’s where thousands of people learn how to create profitable online businesses since 2005.

      Thank you for your comment. It helps!

  2. ido says:

    Hi Jason,

    Its a good thing that you take the time and go over these sort of things.
    I only hope that there are many people who invest just a bit more of their time to read reviews like this one, before they start investing money and most likely loose it.
    From your stories the entire thing just cries out “SCAM” and the fact that you are willing to constantly put up with these things,in favor of other people says a lot of your character.

    Good thing your website is here.

    • Jason Foster says:

      This is a passion for me to protect as much people as possible from these types of scams. I will keep helping out which will enable many to save their money to do better things.

      Thanks for you comment Ido.

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