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Amazon is by far one of the greatest websites in the world.

In this post, I will explain why it is beneficial for students to join the amazon student deals program and show you how easy it is to join as well.

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Firstly, for you to join this program you will need to have a .edu email address or if not, simply submit proof of your student status.  This is for students currently enrolled in a college or university.




  • SIX (6) months free trial: After your free trial is up, your membership will upgrade to Amazon Prime for 50% off and you can cancel anytime you want to.  I like the flexibility of this, as it is not like you have to be bound to the program 🙂  If you decide to take advantage, you will pay exactly $49 for the year!


  • FREE two-day shipping on millions of products:  Who doesn’t like free shipping?  And the good thing is that the shipping takes 2 days to arrive.  Now how awesome is that?


  • Exclusive deals & promotions:  Once you are a member of the amazon student, you will be eligible for unique deals which include offers and discounts on some of your favorite items.  You will also be able to enter contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways.


  • Earn $10 each time a friend you refer joins:  If your friends like to shop and get the best deals, this will be a very good place for you to recommend them.  You can invite your friends via any social sites or through your website.
  • If you would like to know how to get a free website, just type in your desired name below to see if it’s available and follow the easy instructions.  Try it out, it free!


  •  Access to unlimited photo storage:  Now this is something that I think a lot of you will be interested in.  It is just a pain when your photo storage is full and you have to delete them from your devices, you lose some really nice photos because of this.  Now with unlimited storage, you do not need to ever worry about losing your photos again, just store them in the amazon storage.


  • Get unlimited streaming of movies, music, and TV show:  With Amazon Student, you have access to over 40,000 movies and TV episodes that you can access on your laptop, phone, tablet or any top gaming device.  If you are a music lover, you will have access to over a million songs for your listening pleasure.


Many students all over the world find it hard to cope from day to day, so that is why Mr. Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder) came up with programs like this to help as much students as possible to have a better experience online.  It is not just about buying something online, it is about giving students the opportunity to grow and even opportunities to earn money while referring others to this glorious platform.


It is quite easy to join the amazon student program.  Go to amazon to sign up now or click on the banner below the sign-up form to take advantage of the system.  This is what the sign-up form looks like:




Do you think that amazon student is beneficial to students?  Do you know anyone who is a member of amazon student, and are they finding it worthwhile?  Share your thoughts or suggestions.  Get involved in the discussion and share around the web.



2 Responses to Amazon Student Deals – Why It Benefit Students

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thanks a lot for this interesting tip to save money. I didn’t know such program existed. Too bad I am not a student right now. But I will sure apply when I go back. I am sharing this post with my facebook friends!

    • Jason says:


      You are correct, many people are not familiar about this great service that amazon is offering. I am sure your Facebook friends will. Thank you so much for your much needed engagement.


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