Alpha Money Generator Review – Don’t Buy Into The Hype

Alpha Money Generator is one of the lowest ranked binary options trading program that I have ever reviewed, and you are going to get a very good reason why they have managed to get such a low rating within this review.

Please read on to see the honest truth…


Name: Alpha Money Generator

Found at:

Type: Binary Option

CEO/Creator/Owner: Fabian Samuel??

Rating: -0/100

Recommended: NO


What is Alpha Money Generator?

Alpha Money Generator is a claimed binary option trading website that promises day traders that they will become a millionaire by simply signing up and depositing funds into their trusted broker account.

Many people who view the website will get the impression that what they see and hear are actually true.  You will soon find out the deceitful tactics that the creators of the system employ to lure misinformed people in.


Who is Fabian Samuel?

Fabian Samuel is the CEO/Creator of the Alpha Money Generator Software – well, not really.  Let me explain:

Fabian Samuel is actually a paid actor that the creators of the Alpha Money Generator hired from  I have exposed this actor on a similar scam binary options trading software on this website known as My First Online Payday.

The claimed CEO’s real name is Deren Stevens.  You will see one of his many Fiverr profile once you click on his image below. (Image opens in new window).

Who is Fabian Samuel


Fake Reviews Of Alpha Money Generator

As a diligent researcher, you must be aware of fake reviews that you will see on Google and other search engines about the Alpha Money Generator.

There are literally hundreds of affiliates who promote the system to earn commissions once you decide to join the Alpha Money Generator through their affiliate link.

These affiliates do not care whether you lose money or not.  Their only objective is to profit from misinformed individuals.

I am sure that during your initial investigation, you did stumble upon some of these websites.  They give rave reviews on they system, most times giving the Alpha Money Generator five stars, which encourages people to sign up.  Bless your soul that you have found one of the few honest reviews available online.

Bless your soul that you have found one of the few honest reviews available online.

TIP: A common attribute of fake review sites is that there are no ways to contact the owner of the website.  Usually, you will not be able to leave comments nor engage in any form of discussion.


The Many Lies Of The Alpha Money Generator

In addition to the fake introduction of the CEO of Alpha Money Generator, there are many more lies which are spread out on the website, these includes the various fake testimonials that you will see of traders across the world.

Take this character as an example that you will see on the Alpha Money Generator website: his real name is Ian, you will also find him on  He was paid approximately $5 bucks to record 75 words in a script given to him by the creators of the Alpha Money Generator.

To view Ian’s Fiverr profile, click on his image below.  Also, note that Ian was exposed within another scam binary options program that I reviewed on this website by the name of Elite Millionaire Society.

(Image opens in new window).


Alpha Money Generator Review


Are People Earning Money With The Alpha Money Generator?

The only people earning money with the Alpha Money Generator is the creator, and his or her affiliates.

Even though you will see screenshots of people saying that they have generated millions of dollars by using the software, it is simply not true.  Those screenshots of these people are either bought or stolen images online.

How do they earn money with the software?  Unfortunately from the people who signs up and deposits money; hoping to cash out at the end of the day as they were promised.


The Dream That Alpha Money Generator Sells

Let’s face it, we all have a dream to become very successful in life (at least I do).  The Alpha Money Generator does a good job getting you excited about the burning desires and dreams of your heart.

The creators of Alpha Money Generator plays with your emotions because many people yearn for success, but if it was that easy to accomplish that much money in short period of time by doing minimal work, trust me, I would not be here writing this review now, I would rather be earning money with the Alpha Money Generator.


There are many scams online that are just waiting for misinformed people to sign up and deposit money in a rush.

These people fail to do any research and I do not blame them at all.  I understand they are looking to earn online as we all do.

Even with these fraudulent systems in place, there are still ways for you to earn honestly online from anywhere that you have a device that can be connected to the internet.

I know that I have discovered one such honest online training platform which enables me to earn an income from anywhere that I choose

It is not an opportunity that promises you that you will be earning big money in a short period of time at all.  That is just not the way they operate.

This platform is a solid, established online community that has been around since 2005.  Many people have used the training to further themselves in life, earning consistent income on a regular basis.

I know this because I am one of those people, and I consider myself a bit lucky to have found the platform.

My advice to you today would be to stay far away from the Alpha Money Generator and set yourself up for success by implementing the strategies that I use to earn online.


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In any case, I thank you for reading the Alpha Money Generator Review.  I trust that I have prevented you from losing money using their software and trust that you will make a well-informed decision today.

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to share, please do so within the comment section right below.



To your safety and success online,
Jason (Founder)


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12 Responses to Alpha Money Generator Review – Don’t Buy Into The Hype

  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for this great review! There are so many so called “auto binary trading” rolling out on the internet everyday. Every single one of them tell you a bunch of lies and stories to get you to deposit money with their recommended broker, but you don’t know is that the broker will pay them commission once you deposit the moolah.

    I’ll definitely ask everyone to avoid Alpha Money Generator.


    • Jason says:

      Thanks Jack for your views on the Alpha Money Generator review. More and more people will come to the realization that their system is a fraud by reading this factual review.

      All the best Jack in all you do.

  2. Derek says:

    Very informative post!

    I have came across Alpha Money Generator before and I almost joined. I did do some research and did find the fake reviews you are talking about here. But there was one review that was a bad one and it really got me thinking about how it worked. Because of that review I ended up not joining it.

    Thank you for your honest review and I look forward to reading more.

  3. Julius says:

    That’s seriously disgusting to even create these kind of websites. They absolutely don’t care about the joining client. All they care is how to get some money to their own pockets.

    • Jason says:

      I know what you mean Julius. These scam stars do not care if you lose or gain, they are in this business to scam and that is all that matters to them. I am just grateful that I am able to help by writing these reviews so that people may be saved from losing their hard earned money.

      As usual, thanks for reading and continue to stay safe on the net.

  4. tyler says:

    Very nice review Jason, I will not be trying alpha money generator anytime soon. Thanks for the heads up and if I might add Wealthy Affiliate is a very good platform for any person from beginner to expert.

    • Jason says:

      Glad that you like the review Tyler and that you will be staying away from the Alpha Money Generator scam. Happy to know that you also like Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Jason, Great site and straight to the point on this scam. You are correct in that it plays on the mind of the unsuspecting person for whatever reason looking for quick money.

    There are a number of people who would fall for this unfortunately, I speak from experience in the past.

    I hope many people can view this site as it gives them reasons not to rush in, but do your homework first by checking its history and as you mentioned by being able to contact owner.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for your comment Peter. There are many scams to be wary of in this online world. I will be watching out for more systems like the phony Alpha Money Generator so as to warn many others to stay clear from them.

  6. Alexey says:

    Hey there, it’s Alexey! You did a really good review of this scam program – I enjoyed reading it. It is sad that people still think that they will be rich and earn money from the internet in such a way.
    The ONLY way that money will actually come to you and be a result of your actions is when you create value, and love to your community and your audience. That is the true natural way that it will work.

    Thanks for this post 🙂

    • Jason says:

      I totally agree with what you say Alexey. Unfortunately, many people will be lured into the many schemes that we often see online that promises great wealth in an unrealistic period of time.

      Thank you for your views and I am glad you liked the review.

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