17 Responses to Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control : Scam? Ripoff? The Truth.

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Jason,

    Good job on this review of Niche Profit Full Control, I believe getting started for free is great but after you finish the four sales videos then it looks like you will be paying out a lot of money to continue.

    I don’t like any program that uses a countdown system to pressurise you into joining. Also his figures in 60 – 90 days really seem unrealistic.

    I think you are right when you say their are better alternatives out there.


  2. Alex says:

    Please, let me now what is or what do you mean by ” tactics such as shortage of spaces” ?

    Also, we are all well aware of the online scam offers so we can’t really believe that money can be made just because someone shows image of money receipt or something similar .
    Are those images counterproductive ?

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Alex,

      The term “shortage of spaces” is referring to tactics used by some marketers to create a sense of urgency, such as countdown timers, etc.

      I wouldn’t necessarily say income proof images are counterproductive at all.  A lot of people do want to see proof when it comes to making money online. 

      Unfortunately, scammers do abuse this, and will use fake income proof in order to trick people into paying money for their offers.

  3. Wilmer Martinez says:

    Hey Jason,

    Great review on Niche Profit Full Control. I agree that there are tons of program out there with alternative price points.

    I’ve never heard of this program but now that I have, I would like to take a look at it. Great job at providing an alternative website to look at also.

    This gives us the reader options when trying to choose a program that best fits our needs.

    Do you know how their payout is structured?

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for your comment, Wilmer and glad that you found the review helpful.

      If you are promoting the NPFC as an affiliate, the payout is 50% of the $1500.

  4. Luis says:

    Hey Jason!

    It is good to hear of online marketers that are getting it right, even if the offer is on the expensive side, like the one you introduced in your review “Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control” program. Scams have existed since the introduction of the internet, wayback in the pre-internet bubble era.

    Through the years, scammers have become much more sophisticated, so reviews like yours are a heaven-sent for newbies and veterans alike. Adam Short certainly seems to have a handle on Affiliate Marketing (the business model I am trying to learn and apply successfully and with integrity).

    His program, which begins with 4 free videos of marketing training showing you how to set the foundations seems like a clear, informative introduction on how to scale your business. This is even better since it is at no cost!

    The following eight modules of his program also appear very relevant and helpful, in the end resulting in acquiring online skills more than appropriate to be a succesfull affiliate marketer. My concern, however, is Adam’s unrealistic claim that you will make a five figure income in 60 to 90 days.

    Adam…you were doing so well, my friend! I wish he could see how unnecessary this claim is and how damaging it is to his offer.

    Like you say, affiliate marketing takes a lot of dedication, effort and time. I should know! And, of course, the high price he asks for subscribing to the program.

    If you have the financial means, by all means go for Adam’s program.

    Personally, I prefer slow and steady, with sound, solid foundations, a FANTASTIC community ready to help you, and a full, integral learning experience, from start to finish (a.k.a. WA!).

    Thanks for this very informative review. Good work!

  5. Murphy G says:

    Thanks for you honest review on Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control.  Sometimes I wonder why some of these programs are so expensive to join. I’m a beginner with little to no money at all and looking forward to making some few bucks online but unfortunately it seems internet business is only for those with extra cash. That’s how I see it these days.
    Thank goodness there are some out there that favor my pocket.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, Murphy.

      Honestly, some of these more expensive programs are suited for more experienced and advanced online marketers. In most cases, they allow these marketers to earn higher commissions from the products or services that they sell.

      As an online beginner, it’s best to start your online journey with places such as Wealthy Affiliate or Affilorama. They significantly costs less, plus they offer tons of value.

  6. Arta says:

    Hey Jason

    Thank you for the useful and honest review. Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control seems to be expensive – too expensive for me. Is there any online beginner who could afford this? On the contrary, Wealthy Affiliate seems to be much more realistic for online beginners in terms of the price. Does Wealthy Affiliate offer everything one needs to know about building an online business or do you suggest any additional platform for it to succeed online?

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Arta,

      There are people out there who are able to afford $1500 for programs such as NPFC.

      It’s really up to the individual snd the value and ROI of the product.

      It’s true that wealthy affiliate is great for online beginners and is a great price to get started too.

      The training at WA pretty much covers everything that any person starting out with an affiliate marketing online business needs to know. They focus a lot on getting free traffic using SEO by utilizing low competition keywords.

      The only tool that WA does not provide is an autoresponder for people who want to do email marketing.

      I hope this helps to answer your questions.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Jeff says:

    Reading your review of the Adam Short Niche Profit Full Control Program I have decided not to join up with them. I would imagine it would take longer than 60 days just to get your website up and ready let alone make 6 figure sums of money.
    I simply don’t trust people that make unrealistic claims just to sell there product! I see you have recommended Wealthy Affiliate as your top pick. Does this Online Platform include any extra hidden charges we must know about?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jeff.

      Wealthy Affiliate does not have any hidden charges…you only have two options:

      A free membership (which lasts for as long as you wish)

      The premium membership ($49/mth or $359/yr)

  8. Michael says:

    Sounds like he has a good program but like you said might be kinda expensive.

    I’m curious though, what is his main way he teaches people to bring traffic to their website? Are there free and paid methods or are they all paid ones?

    I like you like Wealthy affiliate because they show you how to get free traffic and lots of it — and after you start earning some money, they then teach how to reinvest into your company to make more money.

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Michael,

      It’s a good program for sure because the method which Adam teaches has been proven to work for many people.

      Honestly, though, I think it’s on the expensive side for an affiliate marketing business, especially when you have less expensive options out there to choose from.

      Adam’s “Traffic Advantage” software (which is included in the program) is what is used to get traffic to the users’s website.  It’s a software that redirects social traffic to the member’s marketing funnel.

      So, social traffic is what he concentrates on mostly as well as email marketing. (These are essentially paid methods)

      Now, when it comes to teaching people how to get free organic traffic to their website, wealthy affiliate leads in this field in my opinion.

      The method of Search Engine Optimization is the best way I see to build a long term online business.

      Thanks for your questions.

  9. Michael says:

    Hey Jason,

    We are all looking to make a little extra money. You are 100 percent right when you say there are a lot of scams on the internet today. You proceed to be very upfront about the program you are reviewing. I liked how you had a pros and cons list of Adam Short’s program. When you started to talk about Wealthy Affiliate you gave not only your word about it being the best, but show that other people made money from it. Great review!

    • Jason says:

      Hi, Michael,

      Glad that you found the review helpful.  The purpose is to help you and others to get a full understanding of Adam Short’s program before a final decision is made to join or not.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a very good place to learn the process of building a steady online business and they are free to test out too.

      Thanks for your comment.

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