You can make money online by doing what you love.  The internet has made it so easy for you to monetize your passions.  It is quite simple today compared to years ago when the internet was just in its infantry.

Once you have a passion and you know a lot about it, you can write something online and post it using your website.  Some people do know how to use their passion and turn it into a business, but some people do not.

It is a shame that most people do not know that there are principles outlined in books and on the internet on how you can become rich; the steps are clear-cut if you are out there searching for it.   If you are frustrated and want answers, I would suggest that you read:

  1. The Science Of Getting Rich.
  2. Think And Grow Rich.

The two books listed above are very important.  It will be a very valuable source for you to get the engines inside of you moving forward.

One thing that you must know is that “Readers are leaders” and once you get into the habit of reading, you will be on the path to success.

You need an idea when you want to start making the real money.  Every good idea have the potential to make you free from financial burden.  When you start to read the books suggested, you will be transformed into the best version of YOU.  You will find yourself on a different level and ideas will start to flow through you.  Treat these ideas with respect and write them down on paper as soon as they come to you.

These 2 books have truly transformed me plus millions of people all over the world.

If you have read the book “The Secret”or even seen the movie , you should know that it was a phenomenal best seller that swept the world and had everyone talking about it.

What you may not have known is that the idea for the secret came to Rhonda Byrne by reading the book The Science Of Getting Rich.  It gave her the idea to write The Secret which is responsible for most of the wealth that she has now accumulated.

The Science Of Getting Rich was first published in 1910, it was published 27 years before Think and Grow Rich.  To me, it means that the science of getting rich is the grandfather of think and grow rich.

The Science Of Getting Rich goes straight into the process of making money.  It is not a book about philosophy as it clearly states at the beginning of the first chapter.

Think And Grow Rich on the other hand is philosophical in nature and it is more complex, it does deal with the power though and how it really shapes one’s future.

Of course you will find a whole lot of reviews on these books online and all the reviews that you read will tell you how good they both are.  I am not doing a full review here, I am just letting you know that they are a must read for you if you may be going through some very tough time or if you just want to start seeing success and joy in your life.

Both books are rated highly by the top book critics of the world and they are truly the top two books that I have read in my entire life.  They are still being sold today even though they have been published years ago, and they will still be in print even after you and I are gone from the face of the earth; that is how good they are.

For all the people who are just hearing about these two books, I congratulate you for reading this today.  And if you would like to get the full story on these two books, Wikipedia will be the best place for you to get a full overview of both of the books.

Below I have provided you the links to go to Wikipedia and read about these life changing books:

>>Click here to read about The Science Of Getting Rich On Wikipedia

>>Click here to read about Think And Grow Rich On Wikipedia

I know that some of you may have read them already and I know that you have found success after reading them, I congratulate you as well.  Do let me know your thoughts on them and how have they influenced you and your life?

Where Can You Get A Copy Of These Books?

These two books are by no means hard to get.  With the power of the internet, all you need to do is click or touch your device and enter your shipping information and your book will be delivered at the time that you choose.  Or if you choose, they will most likely be in your favorite walk-in book store.

These books are by no means expensive either.  You can get them for less than $10 once you have an internet connection, which is not a problem for you since you are now on the internet reading this.

The last time that I checked on Amazon (The cheapest place to get them), The Science of Getting Rich was $3.99 for the paperback version and the kindle version was $0.99.

For the Think And Grow Rich book, there seems to be different variations of the book, I have found that the updated version for the 21st century is on Amazon for $7.20 and the original 1937 version is available for $15.95.  The kindle version is for $0.99.

If you want to take a look at the prices now on Amazon, you can click on the links to go to Amazon below, the prices do go up and down from time to time:

>>The Science Of Getting Rich

>>Think And Grow Rich (Original Version)

>>Think And Grow Rich (21st Century Version)

You will see the kindle version to all the books when you visit Amazon.

It has been a real pleasure sharing this information with you today.

I wish you success in all that you do and I am confident that if you apply what these books teaches you, you will be on a different level than what you were on before.  Enjoy your day. 🙂

PS: If you would like to know how these books have changed my life, and allowed me to own my very own online business, you can always read more about me –>>here<<– .


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9 Responses to 2 Books That Will Change Your Life

  1. […] This is a very good exercise that really does get your mind in the right frame – It kinda reminds me of the Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich Book. […]

  2. Eric says:

    Very good post Jason. I myself have read both The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich and these books have transformed my life.

    I find both books life changing and I especially love the Science of Getting Rich for its simplicity.

    I strongly recommend that if anyone is on the journey of becoming successful then they should learn from the greats such as Napoleon and Wattles.

    • Jason says:

      Eric, I am positive that you have soared to a much higher level than where you were before you read these books. These two books are the books that some of the most influential people that you admire have read.

      I agree that the Science Of Getting Rich is straight to the point and focusses on simplicity.

      Thank you so much for keeping this conversation going. Feel free to visit this website anytime to find real authentic ways of becoming a success in life.

      All the best Eric.


  3. Demi says:

    Both books sounds interesting read with decent price tag. I will give it a try.

    • Jason says:

      They are life changers Demi. Hope that you will like them, and please let me know your thoughts when you go through with them.


  4. Hilda says:

    What an interesting article! I totally agree with you, The Science of Getting Rich and Think and Grow Rich are those life-changing books that should be mandatory in any school and college these days. The principles described in those books are profound, sound and eye-opening to say the least. I enjoyed reading them long time ago. Great review!

    • Jason says:

      Andrew Carnegie believed that if the philosophy of think and grow rich was taught in schools, the time spent in school would be cut in less than half of what it is now. I am glad that you have read them and now you are on a higher level than where you were before you read them. What chapter in think and grow rich stood out for you Hilda?

      Thanks for taking part in the discussion.

      All the best,

  5. Jerry says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for sharing this information. They taught me that when you think negative, the outcome will be like that. However, when you think positive it is most likely to be positive.

    What do you think about this in relation to the first book?


    • Jason says:

      Thank you for engaging within this discussion. Like attracts like Jerry and whatever energy that you put out there, it is what will follow you going forward in life.

      In answer to your question, I strongly think that whatever that you think about – negative or positive, you will get tangible results. The science of getting rich does mention this as well.

      Thanks for clicking through Jerry.


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