is 12 minute payday a scam

12 Minute Payday| Is 12 Minute Payday Scam


Name: 12 Minute Payday


Creator: Justin & Stephen James

Type: Online Marketing

Associated With: Steal My System

Price: $49 + Up-sells

Rating: 3/10

Recommended: No


My Recommendation: Learn More


It would be just great if we all could get our payday in 12 minutes right?   It would be just the ideal job for everyone looking for legitimate scam free way to earn online.

Lets find out if the 12 minute payday website will help you to achieve this too good to be true dream or if it will put you down the tubes of stress and poverty faster than Usain Bolt on the 100m track.


What Exactly Is 12 Minute Payday

Lets find out what exactly is 12 minute payday and what all the fuss is about the system.

12 Minute Payday is a system created by Justin and Stephen James as mentioned above.  The system teaches list building which is a genuine way to make money online.  List building is a very important aspect of online marketing as it helps you as a marketer to keep communicating with the individuals who sign up to your list.

In simple terms, this means that if you as a sales person have a new product or service that you would like to introduce, it is better for you to blast out an email to your subscribers than just sending them straight over to the offer sales page.  You want to gain trust from your potential customer, so an email communication is totally important for you to achieve this and keep your customers loving you and keep buying from you.

In the internet marketing world, it is said that an email list is worth just around $1 per subscriber for a month, that means if you had 2,000 subscribers you would be expected to earn around $2000 per month or if you have a much bigger list like 12,000 subscribers you would be expected to earn at least $12,000 in a month.

These are not just s0me numbers that are thrown around, these numbers are backed by facts on  However, you have to be actively engaged with your subscribers for this figure to be realistic.  You want to make sure that you are speaking to your subscribers (emailing them), if you are not doing this they will not buy anything from you.


Can You Make Money With 12 Minute Payday?

This is by far the most popular question that people are asking and it is a very important question that I ask too.  The 12 minute payday does make the claim that you can earn $2035.38 everyday in just 12 minutes so lets find out if this claim is true:

Honestly, I have been making money online for over 3 years now and I have never made that much money in that short period of time, neither have any of my colleagues within the top legitimate source of making money online.

What 12 minute payday does is tap into the emotional brain of individuals promising them big money in short bursts.  This is just not how it works at all.  All you will really get from 12 minute payday is access to a lot of landing pages that are said to convert highly.  I am not sure what all the hype is about as this is not something new or exciting – I think maybe its because of the hyped up sales video that they have presented that may be the reason why it is getting so much attention.

The first time that I came across the website, I had some high hopes and wondered if I could actually make that much money in such a short period of time.  After all, it was advertised as being free, but I soon realized that this was just a major lure to get me to proceed further into the system.

The only thing that is actually “free” is what they call the “6 figure business plan” which actually costs $9 to get into.  You are then quickly up-sold into different levels of the system at around $49.00 to over $100.00 per month.  This price is just astronomical when the only thing you get are just some email capture pages!

I then decided to take a look around the web for other users experience to see what they thought of the system and if they have had any success using the 12 minute payday system.

At first I saw some positive reviews about the system.  These reviews said that the system works and that they were making money with it.  Others say that the sales video ware really good and I do agree with that.

While digging deeper, I saw that there were tons of negative comments from actual people who tried the system. These people were saying that they lost their money and that the system is a total scam.  The negative reviews outweighed the positive ones that I initially saw.

I have to now wonder if the positive reviewers were part of the scheme company just to promote it online.  Since then, all I have seen are more and more negative reviews coming out daily about the 12 minute payday system.

I of course opted out of the system after doing hours of all those deep research.  It is just not the type of program that I would commit to and I will not recommend it for you to give it a try.


Conclusion + A *Legit Opportunity*

Even thought the 12 minute payday system looks promising upon the first glance at the sales video, it is nothing more than just a lose your money system that does not live up to the extraordinary claims that they promise.  The only real technique that 12 minute payday teaches is list building.  There is nothing else covered within the system and for the price that you pay to get this, I would say save your money today.

I like giving honest reviews and this is totally honest for you to decide if this system is right for you are not.  Some system works and some do not.  This 12 minute payday is at fault here and not the people who try it out.

Justin & Stephen James are just two internet marketers looking to make a quick dollar and build their email list at the same time.  They are really the ones who wins with the system along with their few close associates who promotes the system.

Have you tried the system for yourself?  I would love to hear your feedback.  Does it have some use value or is it worst than what I say it is?   Have you been able to make any money with it?

Please do leave a comment below as it will help others who might also be considering using the system.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on the 12-minute payday system, I hope I saved you some money today!


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  1. Johnathan Tarter says:

    Great and accurate review of 12 Minute Payday! This program definitely sounds like a scam and like a complete waste of time and money! People can learn how to build a list through many other free sources and they will learn that it is just not possible to earn that money in a such a short time frame when they look into those free sources! Great review!

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