Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam


My Millionaire Mentor| Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam


Name: My Millionaire Mentor (MMM)


Creator: Ryan Mathews

Type: Get Rick Quick Scheme Hosting Program

Price: $49 + Up-sells

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No

Who Is It For?: For People Looking To Make Money Online


My Millionaire Mentor Review

Within this My Millionaire Mentor| Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam review, they claim that you will get rich in a short period of time, without you having to do any work at all.

There are many fake testimonials and websites that you will see promoting the Millionaire Mentor giving you the impression that it is legit.  With this review, I will uncover all the facts about this kind of scam so we can eventually silence anyone out there trying to promote it.

Too much of this nonsense about expensive yachts, great mansions and luxury cars trying to trick people who are truly looking for real opportunities online!

Can a total newbie really make $100K in 30 days as the Millionaire mentor claims?  Let’s dig a bit deeper to see if they are safe or fake…



What Is My Millionaire Mentor

My Millionaire Mentor is a hosting program that promises you that you will make about $100K in one month with very little or no work at all.  I think deep when I hear something like this.

Do people actually believe this claim?  Are people so desperate to believe anything someone tells them about making money online?

I know for sure that you are not one of those people simply because you are here reading this factual report on the system.

Have you seen the sales video on the website?  I have never seen that much fake earning accounts online in my life.  I even spotted one of the most lethal scam actors out there at the moment.

Her real name is Jessica Mueller and she does scam testimonials for a living.  I have exposed her on the Canuck Method Review and the Aussie Method Review reviews on this website, which are also scams

She was featured as one of the main actresses within the aforementioned reviews.

It is just a classless and shameless act of all the actors that the company hired from websites such as  All these actors are saying that they made tons of money with the system while fancy screen shots of the money will be rolling across the screen.

Imagine the audacity of what the narrator says: “$1000 – $10,000 is yours guaranteed each day!”

There is this very wise old saying that I always hear while growing up and still hear today, you may have heard it before and it is totally true:

“If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”.  It should sound the scam alarms bells in your head when you hear such claims.

Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam

Numerous Fake Millionaire Mentor’s Earnings!

Each and every day a new person gets scammed online due to failure to do their research and a desperation to make money online.

Allow me to show you how the scam industry functions and how you can avoid being an unlucky victim to online frauds.


Who Is Ryan Mathews

Is Ryan Mathews even a real person or is he just a made up character?  I did some detailed research for you to find out more about this name.

My results turned up empty handed, void, null.  He is just nowhere to be found.  He is quite possibly a paid voice over character behind the Millionaire Mentor system.

This is a popular trait among scam sites; you will hear the voice and in most cases will not see a face associated with the voice.

Some questions come to my mind when I come across things like this: Why would a creator of such a successful system not show his face for the world to see?  Aren’t they proud to be the creators of such “revolutionary” money making systems?

The answer to these questions should be quite obvious.  They will not show their faces because the system is just plain and simple not legit and they would be thrown in the scam jail and be displayed on all the news media sites for all the world to see.

The fact is: more and more fraudulent websites are created each day with these shady tactics.  The creators of these systems will hire actors to say that they made tons of money using their system.

These actors/actresses will do this for a low fee of $5 bucks in most cases.  Where are the dignity and good morals of these people?.  It would seem as if some people will do almost anything to gain a few bucks.


How Scammers Operate Online

There are many systems online that does teach scammers how to deceive people who are searching the internet for “make money programs”.

These techniques have been around for a very long time and many unethical individuals practice these same techniques over and over again.

With untrained eyes and ears, some people will, unfortunately, fall victim to online frauds.

Within the My Millionaire Mentor program, they claim that you will get US$500 for just watching the video, however, in reality, you are asked to pay US$49 to get access to the program.

If you do take the bait and sign up, you will then be required to pay an additional US$89 almost immediately to host your website.  That is a sum of US$138.

If you know anything about hosting, you will realize that the price that they are charging are ridiculously high.

As an example, I am able to host up to 50 websites with my hosting service provider for a fraction of what the My Millionaire Mentor system charges

In fact most well known and respected website hosting companies like NameCheap or GoDaddy will charge small fees which do not exceed $15.

After paying the $138 to join plus hosting, you will be redirected to your millionaire mentor “training” dashboard.

Here you will learn to use unethical methods just like the creators of the system.  One of the major problems I have with this system is that there isn’t a solid training program involved for you as the purchaser to really learn about creating an honest business online.

You will end up just like the fake people promoting the scam; posting positive reviews simply because you want to earn back your investment; even though you will know that it is a scam product.

Do not fall into this category of lies and deceit.  Major search engine sites like Google and Bing will not allow your website to rank, this means you will eventually lose your good standing and therefore not able to make any money.


Who Makes Money With MMM Program?

Ryan Mathews does make money with this system as well as a few of the affiliates who will stick around to earn back their initial investment. Let me just break down for you how he actually does it:

The fictional character Ryan Mathews is a scam affiliate marketer, he employs shady tactics in affiliate marketing, which involves signing up to a system that does not work for the customer, but pays out a commission to the person promoting the product.

The more people who purchase the system the more Ryan Mathews will make his commission.  This will eventually amount to millions of dollars over time for him.

How Is This Money Distributed?

There are literally tons of affiliate marketing programs online.  Some are legitimate while others are scams, the legitimate ones that you may be familiar with are Amazon, Ebay, Google, ClickBank, Nike, Coca-Cola, Walmart, BestBuy and many others.

The money that the customer spends will be shared amongst the affiliate and the company.  Amazon as an example will pay out the affiliate a 4 – 7% commission on each sale.

Some higher paying affiliate companies like ClickBank will pay out up to 70% commission to the affiliate.

Affiliate marking is an extremely good way of earning money online and you yourself can profit from this very lucrative business opportunity.

You can learn how to be a legit marketer and not a scam artist like those guys over at the Millionaire Mentor.  No need for you to be telling lies just to sell something online.  I believe that once you are honest and helpful in your life, you will do very well with affiliate marketing.


The Conclusion

I think you must now get the point and the verdict as it relates to the Millionaire Mentor System.  I am not recommending them at all to you.

I have done the full research and I know for sure that they are not meant to do you any good.  Your reputation will be tarnished if you do decide to be affiliated with them.

They are no mentors of mine and they should not be a mentor for you in your online adventure.


A Legit Opportunity

As a valued visitor to my website, I would like to introduce you to the best opportunity that I know about to earn online.  It is my absolute top recommendation out of all the programs that I have tried.

Trust me, it totally works and it is totally free for you to join today.

Click below to sign up.  Fill out the details that you see on the next screen.  I will be there to guide you along the way.  If you happen to have any questions, do not delay in asking me right away.

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Thanks again for checking out My Millionaire Mentor| Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam Review.

I trust that you have received the information that you were searching for.

If you may have any questions or concerns, please leave a message or comment below.  I will reply to you as soon as I can.

To your safety  and success online.

Your friend,
Jason (Founder)


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5 Responses to My Millionaire Mentor| Is My Millionaire Mentor Scam

  1. Ric says:

    Just watch his video, pay close attention,Ryan says he never went to college but had student loans. Sure, he did. So tired of scams.

  2. Salina Rodriguez says:

    Hi cud someone help me I think I sign up already but I can’t get to login to my account don’t know if I’m not remembered something properly so I wud like to start over old cuz I’m not getting back in to wealthy affiliate ….. U cud reply in gmail .com

  3. Salina Rodriguez says:

    Read the review ,I learned a lot about scams and I’m glad I never fall for one….I hope to find a legitimate work online & make money program still looking with hopes high !!!?”? :(:(:( . 🙂

    • Jason says:

      Thank you for taking your time to read through this important review and glad to know that you keep yourself safe from the many scams out there.

      You hope to find a legit opportunity and I am very proud now to let you know that you have found it right here.

      It is my #1 recommendation for many good reasons. Once you are able to follow and take action, you will be on your way to real success.

      Read this review to see what it is all about.

      Talk soon Salina and I wish you only success.

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