Name:  Automated Wealth Network (AWN)


Type: MLM MarketingIs Automated Wealth Network a Scam

Founders: Tim Chesonis / Mike Cocan

Rating:  30/100

Price: Free To Register + Up-sells

Pros:  Entry level training on Affiliate Marketing

Cons:  Not a full, comprehensive course on Affiliate Marketing.  Lacking in areas such as training and support.

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The Automated Wealth Network may sound like a legitimate business opportunity, but have you examined the facts to see if they are not trying to deceive you?

Read this review in full and you will find out if it is a great platform for you to grow your online business or if it is just another program which promises a whole lot but has no sustainable business plans for you behind it.


Automated Wealth Network Reviewed

On first sight of the website’s home page, you will be greeted by Tim Chesonis within a youtube video where you will be pretty much persuaded to fill out the form to the right of the page to watch another video.  He tells of how it is a great business opportunity for you to join for FREE.

You will soon discover that what you were told was not 100% true .

What really happens is that you are truly presented with a video, but the not so true part is where you are required to pay $7 to get into the system.  This is a first negative impression for me, you were told it’s free however it is not.

Within this page, you will also see a countdown timer suggesting that you hurry up or you will lose a chance (a very popular strategy found on most scam sites).

The fact is that even when the timer counts down to zero, you will still be able to fill out your credit card information and proceed to payments.  I never like those unethical behaviors and I am sure that you are not a big fan yourself.

Automated Wealth Network


The Up-Sells Within Automated Wealth Network

The up-sells within the automated wealth network are as follows:

Power Lead System: $27 per month + $23.97/Month (Affiliate Fee)

My Cash Freebies: This will cost a minimum of $30 to fill out various fortune 500 company offers and trials.  This is very similar to project payday network.

So far this is a cost of $7 + $27 + $23.97  + $30 = A handsome $87.97 out of pocket investment, even though it was advertised as free from the beginning.

NOTE: All the up-sells are separate systems that you could join directly by going to the respective websites.  Automated Wealth Network promotes these websites so as to get a commission when anyone signs up and pays for the system.

Automated Wealth Network – Tools

When you invest the money into Automated Wealth Network, you will be provided with some limited tools and training.

Here is a breakdown of what’s included:

  • Over 35 Training Video Tutorials

– Claimed to be valued at $397.  The videos are designed to help marketers with their online business promising to take your from a complete newbie to a six figure income.  This is a hype as the generation of traffic which is a very fundamental aspect of marketing is not thoroughly covered.

  • Entrepreneurial Community and Leadership Masterminds

-Claimed to be valued at $297.  This is a feature that allows you to meet and network with other marketers within the platform/community. I think this may be the most important aspect of being a member of Automated Wealth Network.  Why? Because as a marketer you will need to build a network so that your business may thrive to a much higher level.

though this feature is available, it still does not compare much to more established and recommended sources online.

  • Automated Wealth Network Business Platform

-Claimed to be valued at $597.  Tim and Mike say that you will gain access to a complete done-for-you money generating system.  Even though this may sound great, you will not have the training support that you need to succeed.



Conclusion + Special Offer

The Automated Wealth Network (AWN) is not totally a scam, but it is not a system that I would recommend for you if you are looking for an authentic platform where you can really start to learn the fundamentals of creating your online business for free.  The training is limited especially as it relates to traffic generation; which is a very important aspect to any successful online business.

Even thought AWN claim that they will take you from a complete newbie status to earning a full 6-figure income in a matter of months, you will not able to do it with the limited training system that is provided within the platform.

The truth of the matter is that online marketing is a business and with any business, you need the right education to sustain and manage it for the long term.  You do not need some information that won’t be the best for your business to grow in the long run.

With AWN, I am afraid that what is offered is too limited to reach the high level that we all want as business professionals and at the price that you will pay for all the up-sells it is just a waste in my opinion.


**Your Very Special Offer** 

Now, I am presenting to you today a very special offer that I think you will find really valuable for your time.  You will not be required to spend a dime to receive up to 10 top lessons on how to build and grow your online business.  It is certainly not a get rich plan that you hear about ever so often.

It will take some action from you.  It is a task-based system where you will truly learn how money is made online.  This is affiliate marketing at the most advanced level.

Many people; including myself have leveraged the system to continuously create websites online that generates passive income.  If you have been online searching for some time now and never find any success on how to make money, consider today a turning point in your life.

Wealthy Affiliate can and will teach you all you need to know about creating a very successful online business that will last for a long time.

I promise you that you will get a breath of fresh air as this place is the most comprehensive place to learn affiliate marketing and it is broken down simply for you to understand.

It has the highest ratings by many successful entrepreneurs.  Read the full review or click the “Get Started Today” button below to get more information.


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Thank you for reading the review on the Automated Wealth Network.  I hope that you have found the right information.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below.  I would love to hear from you! 🙂


To you safety and success online,
Jason (Founder)


2 Responses to Is Automated Wealth Network a Scam? – TRUTH EXPOSED!

  1. Yvette says:

    Interesting article! I really dislike things that indicate they are free and quite obviously aren’t. It loses credibility right there for me.
    I’m also not a fan at all of counting down clocks! It seems like everyone has seen or read some basic tip about this marketing ploy to create a sense of urgency, when everyone knows they’re not likely to be shutting up shop and switching off their offer at all.

    • Jason Foster says:

      The strategy of using countdown timers does work for most scam sites. It is just a very deceitful tactic to lure unsuspecting individuals to make the move in signing up.

      Those individuals always end up being dissatisfied victims. I will be on top of these sites to set them straight. Glad I could have provided the information for you.

      Thank you for visiting How To Stay Safe On The Net.


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