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Insider Profit System Review


Hey, aspiring entrepreneur,

Welcome to the Insider Profit System Review.

You are here because you have stumbled upon the Insider Profit System program either by some email sent to you or just randomly browsing online.

Whichever way you were introduced to this program, this will be the review for you to make a very smart decision today.

Read on to find out if the Insider Profit System is for or if it is a big SCAM to avoid…


Name: Insider Profit System (IPS)
Found at:
Type: Email Marketing
Owner: Jeff Davis? (Not real.  See further below.)
Rating: 0/10
Recommended: NO
My Scam FREE Recommendation: Click Here


What Is Insider Profit System

The Insider Profit System is a system that promises that you will be getting “big paychecks” ($500 to $1250 Per Day) once you complete two simple steps

It is said that the system is available “only by invitation”  The two steps are:

  • Signing up to the GetResponse autoresponder email company.
  • Signing up to the website as an affiliate.

The idea that Jeff has is that he will set up a “done for you system” which includes a website that he will manage, which will generate leads and traffic; enabling you to earn daily commissions.

Now, setting up an email autoresponder, a website, and signing up to an affiliate network are all included in the process of making money online, however, Jeff Davis did not mention the MOST important aspect of having an online business which is – having your OWN website.

The website which is provided is not your own website – this means that you will not have full control over your business.

It is just not a wise idea to have someone that you don’t even know, set up a system for you and gaining access to your billing panel and your contact list. 

This same person could contact GetResponse providing all the necessary details and changing the name of your account.


Who Is Jeff Davis?

So who is this “Jeff Davis” by the way?  Is he even real?Who Is Jeff Davis

I asked myself the very same questions too.  I mean, it’s common sense to know the person who you are going to do business with right?  You want to know if he is actually a real person.

According to the Insider Profit System website, Jeff Davis was a small business owner, who worked for 14 hours a day, he failed, got frustrated etc.  He then figured out a way to make money online and now wants to pay it forward.

His story sounds pretty good, right?  But the big question is – is it all true?

In order to find out the truth, I did some investigation on trusty old Google to find out.

What I saw was not so good at all – it made me very skeptical.

All I did was to do a simple image search on google chrome by hovering over on the image and right clicking then choose the option to “search google for image” to see if the image was actually a legit one.  Take a look below to see what the google image search came up with:


Who Is Jeff Davis


So it seems that this image was either bought or stolen from the teeth whitening website.

What I think is that the person or persons who are behind the creation of the Profit Insider System went to the website and captured the image to put on the website to create a sense of trust.  After all, who wouldn’t trust a handsome smiling guy like that?

==> Click here if you want to see the smiling, teeth whitening image on the website.

Also, I could not find any other information on “Jeff Davis” associated with the Insider Profit System anywhere online.


Should You Trust Insider Profit System?

The creators of the Insider Profit System wants you to trust them, but should you?

They want you to provide them with your login information to your GetResponse and your ClickBetter account.

I would warn against giving out your login details to anyone especially if they promise you that they will make you rich overnight (a known scam signal).

You should also learn that people will always have an agenda when they seem to be helping you out for free.  (There is often time a catch).

The possibility of your account being taken over is very high.  This could lead to your list of email subscribers being stolen and also your credit card details will be known once the so-called “Jeff Davis” login into your account.

This would be a very big risk to take, especially for a website that makes a false claim about who they truly are, so therefore, for this reason, I would not trust the Insider Profit System by giving them my GetResponse and my ClickBetter account details.


Is Insider Profit System a Scam?

In my honest, humble opinion, I think Insider Profit System is a scam website.

It contains a lot of scam tendencies that I have seen with many other scam websites that I have reviewed here.

There are many promises on the Insider Profit System that you should take into account.

They say that you will make a set amount of money in a short period of time, there is also a “done for you system” which ALWAYS turns out to be scams.

My advice for you would be to avoid the Insider Profits System at all costs and do not put your money at risk.


What Do I Recommend?

After reviewing hundreds of companies and systems…(literally), I am now convinced that this is the best system to make money online.

Click Here For My #1 Recommendation

It’s the only system where you will learn step by step on how to build a business online the proper way with the right training, tools and 24-hour support from the community and owners so you know what you are doing…

Plus, you will be getting full one-on-one support from me whenever you need a hand with something.



Always do your research when you are about to join any business opportunity especially online where it is littered with a variety of scams.  I am doing my part by informing the community and the world to stay safe online and to find legitimate sources of income.

The Insider Profit System sure doesn’t look like a system that provides value.

Before you go, I am going to ask that you share this.  Information like this should be shared with your friends and family.

Forward it via email to someone who could benefit from what you have learned here or use the social media button of your choice.  Reviews like this are meant to be shared to keep others safe.

Also, if you have any questions for me, please leave them below the comment section or on my Wealthy Affiliate profile.

Your pal,

Jason (Founder)

Insider Profit System Review ©


8 Responses to Insider Profit System Review – Is It A SCAM?

  1. izaias silva says:

    Hello thank you for this alert was already interacting with this guy by name Jeff Davis and for his beautiful words I was already convincing myself to send my data to him, but through various research to know about it I found this portal enlightening, thank you for This alert will make me uncertain of the contact with this entrepreneur.

  2. yoshitha says:

    Hi even I want to join this system and earn money as I am a huge failure in my life so I want to do my best or I will do whatever to earn money. so is this still available?

    • Jason says:

      Hey, Yoshitha,

      Never say that you are a failure. You can become a success once you think like a successful person.

      Even if you were to start the training at WA and think to yourself that you are a failure, you will still not be successful.

      I hope to see you become a successful individual.

      My suggestion is that you develop your mentality first with books such as Think & Grow Rich and Rich Dad Poor Dad to start out.

  3. Kirill says:

    Hi, Jason! The ways you’ve described it this sounds like a scam to me. I simply can’t think of any profitable ways to implement this scheme. It sounds very sweet, just like all scams do, but it’s missing the point, how exactly the money will be done. Setting up a website and opening an account with reputable autoresponder provider won’t make a back without being filled with the unique content and genuine email list. If subscriber doesn’t have to do it then Jeff must work on it. I don’t buy it.
    Great review, thank you. You may save a trouble for someone with little online experience. Great job done!

  4. Audra says:

    Hi, Jason. I enjoyed your review. I am also always trying to uncover internet SCAMS so people don’t waste time and money on them. I am a good researcher, so I always ask our buddy Google whether or not the companies are legit, whether users can contact the website admin, if they’ve had complaints, etc,. I believe ‘most’ of these so-called opportunities are nothing more than thieves stealing from the public whose aim is to make money. Nice post!

    • Jason says:

      Hey Audra,

      Thanks for reading this review Audra. I like doing my research for any person who is out there on the net looking to find out if a system is a scam or not.

      There are so many scams right now and so many new user entering the internet space on a daily basis. I have to keep doing this to protect them and lead them in the right direction.

      Thanks for also uncovering scams for others to stay safe online. Keep on playing your part in this wild west known as the internet.

  5. Sue Lee says:

    Awesome reveiw. Not only did you do your homework on it, but you showed me how to do some of my own! Thank you so much for sharing some of your know-how on avoiding scams!

    • Jason says:

      Thank you Sue. That means a lot to me. I am happy that you found this review and it was my pleasure doing the research for you and others.

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