Game Loot Network Review

Game Loot Network Review


Hello, friend,

Welcome to the  Game Loot Network Review.

You have heard about the Game Loot Network either by word of mouth, social media or spammy emails and is now ready to get some factual information on the Network before you make a decision to join.

Great thinking!

Follow along with me within this review to find out the facts for yourself…


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Introduction To Game Loot Network

I was first introduced to the Game Loot Network by several friends of mine and also one of my older brothers.

They have all told me that many people are making huge sums of money by promoting the Game Loot Network System.

One close friend of mine has also told me that he is personally earning good money using the system so far.

Being the curious person who I am, I did not take their word for it.

I proceeded to get as much information about the system as I possibly could before I opted to join and now I want to share with you what I have learned.

I watched several youtube videos and read many other reviews about the Game Loot Network.  I am happy to say that I am seeing mostly positive feedback so far.

I saw that many people were giving the platform high praises and saying that it has changed their lives.

I am in the business of always looking for the most legit money making opportunities online for myself and others – plus exposing scams along the way, so I decided to go even a bit further to investigate the system.

I want to make sure that it will be a company for you to profit from or not.

Follow me along this journey to see all that I have discovered about the Game Loot Network…


Name: Game Loot NetworkGame Loot Network Review
Website Founder: Lance Baker
When Founded: December 16, 2014, updated March 30, 2015
Address: 4120 NE Port Drive
Phone: (816)600-4222
Type: Mobile Gaming MLM
Rating: 4.5/10


Lance Baker Game Loot Network

There has been mixed information with the name Lance Baker in relation to Game Loot Network.

I found out that the LinkedIn page and the official website of the GameLoot Network have two different addresses.

The LinkedIn profile has the business address listed as Arizona, while the official website states that they are located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA.

Personally, I find this a bit confusing and unethical.  It is a great idea to be transparent when it comes to business.

This could be a major turnoff for someone who is looking to join the Game Loot Network, so this is something that the owners may want to consider fixing ASAP.

Lance Baker has been known to be the author of the book “Game Loot: Grab Your Piece of the Mobile Gaming Revolution“.Game Loot Network Review

It is being sold on and

According to a whois website lookup on the website, the name Lance Baker has been found to be the website owner.

There is, however, no information on the website to indicate to people if Lance Baker is the official owner or not.

As a rule of thumb, you should always know who the owner is of any company that you join.  It is just applied common sense.

This way, just in case something unfortunate were to happen in your business, you would know who to contact and file a claim against.

I am not sure why Mr. Lance Baker have not announced or spoken about the Game Loot Network openly.  It is mind boggling to me and also a great mystery.

If you have found out any information on this, do let me know within the comment section.

Ok, let us now move on to the products of the Game Loot Network…


What Are The Game Loot Network Products?

The Game Loot Network Products are broken down as this…

The Affiliates within the Game Loot Network will have access to what is called the “FunZone”.  

The platform can either be accessed by purchasing tokens in different packages or accessing it for free when you have won tokens as a free member.

Below, you will see how the process is broken down:

>Fun 50 package ($10) – 50 tokens

>Fun 250 package ($50) – 250 tokens

>Fun 500 package ($100) – 500 tokens

>Fun 1250  package ($250) – 1250 tokens

>Fun 2500 package ($500) – 2500 tokens

>Fun 5000  package ($1000) – 5000 tokens

All the above packages are linked to the affiliate marketing side of the Game Loot Network, however, nothing is there to suggest that there is a retail offering.


How To Join Game Loot Network

In order for you to join the Game Loot Network, you would have to be referred by a Game Loot Network Ambassador through their unique affiliate link.

Most of the top Ambassadors happen to have their own website and/or have a strong presence elsewhere online.

You are able to join as a:

  • Free Gamer
  • Premier Gamer ($10 per month)
  • Gamer Ambassador ($124.99 per month)

As a free gamer or Premier Gamer, you will not be allowed to make top commissions, however, you will be able to play games and win tokens.

As a Gamer Ambassador, you will be able to make commissions as soon as you get 3 other persons to sign up as a Game Loot Ambassador under you.

This will allow you to make $5 per day in daily residual income, provided that those 3 persons remain as Game Loot Ambassador.

You will be able to get more detailed information on the Game Loot Compensation Plan further below…

Game Loot Network Review

Game Loot Ambassador Illustration


Are The Game Loot Network Testimonials Real?

I have been reviewing many programs on this website for a while now and I know that not all testimonials are real.

I have seen scam artists hired actors from websites like to promote a scam as a legit opportunity.

The good thing is that I have not seen any hired actors saying good things about the Game Loot Network.

What I have seen mostly are Game Loot Affiliate Members telling what the system is and how you too can become a member.

It is obvious that these members want you to join so that they will be able to earn when you join.

That is by no means something bad.  As a matter of fact, I do support these people as long as they are doing it in an ethical, non-spammy way.

I think everyone deserves to earn money to better their lives.

If you were to search youtube for “GameLoot Review” or “Game Loot Testimonials“, you will be sure to see various Game Loot Members basically giving you an overview and telling you to join this exciting and exploding gaming industry.


Game Loot Network Compensation Snapshot

The Game Loot Network does provide for its members a full compensation plan Snapshot.

The compensation plan will break down for you the commissions which you can potentially earn as a paid member.

Instead of writing out the entire details of the compensation plan here, I would rather let the Game Loot Network give you this information.

Take a look at the full Game Loot Compensation plan here or the below image  (found on page 3) for a complete breakdown on all the Game Loot Network Ranks.

Game Loot Network Compensation


Requirement(s) For Joining Game Loot Network

There are some requirement(s) which you should be aware of if you are interested in joining the Game Loot Network.

These are as follows:

• You must be 18 years old or older.

• You must live in the United States or a country that GLN can operate in.

• You must submit your Social Security Number or a Federal Tax ID number if you reside in the United States.

• You must fully complete and submit your Affiliate Agreement to GLN.

• You must provide at least two methods of payment including a merchant account enabling credit and debit card transactions.

• You must sponsor at least one sale of a GLN Fun Pack to a newly recruited affiliate.


Game Loot Network’s Reputation

The Game Loot Network has gained a positive reputation so far since its pre-launch back in May 2015.

Members are earning commissions and more and more people are joining the opportunity on a daily basis.

Kathleen Bradley, former daytime game show model for The Price Is Right from 1990 to 2000 is now one of the main promoters of the Game Loot Network.

She seems to be getting some good results from the Game Loot Network according to a youtube video where she reviewed the company.

There are a lot more Youtube videos which you will see other members of Game Loot Network saying good things about.

Take a look at some of the results below at the screenshot which I took:

Game Loot Network Review

Even though I had an extensive look around for any negative review on the Game Loot Network, I have yet to see or hear of any.

That is encouraging news for you, especially if you are looking to join the company at this time.


Is The Game Loot Network A Scam?

The gaming industry is already booming and is promised to grow even more exponentially in the coming years.

The good news is that many people are taking advantage and profiting from it right now.

There is no scam element involved with the Game Loot Network opportunity and I will keep on eye out if I see or hear of any further developments in the future.

NOTE: If you have experienced any scam with the Game Loot Network, please share your experience below in the comment section.  

This will keep this review as factual as possible and rated as the best review source for Game Loot. 


My Sincere Advice To You

The Game Loot Network is an MLM gaming structure and it does earn money for some of the members who promote it.

One popular trait that I see with MLM companies are that not all people really get a fair shot at making the money they deserve.

What really happens with MLM companies is that they get saturated and eventually dries out and crumbles in the future.

The Ambassador membership price of $124.99 is quite steep for the average person and will be a burden, especially if they are unable to get their 3 referrals.

Most times these people will pressure family members and friends to join simply because they want to at least have money to pay for their membership.

You must know that there are thousands of work at home programs on the net, but most of them are scams or simply do not work.

I can, however, recommend ONE work at home program that actually works.

Want to learn more?…

Simply click here.


I have been using this method in my business over the years and will not change it for the world since it allows me real freedom and income.

It has made hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars for many online marketers and will still be effective as long as you have digital or physical products on earth (it never gets saturated).

I have helped a lot of people to learn how it all works and most of them have been quite successful building out their online business.

If at any time you are in need of help, I will be here to assist you along the way.

Also, I appreciate you taking the time to do your research and I really hope that my Game Loot Network Review was of tremendous value to you.

You may get in touch with me on social media:

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Achieve your goals in life.


Your friend,
Jason (Founder)

21 Responses to Game Loot Network Review

  1. Efrain says:

    We would like to thank you for the great info on the Company only see a red flag where is the retail as far as the Niche

  2. Chris says:

    I joined 1 month ago I will say so far so good however the commissions have changed so please update review data if you can .

    I went in by watching videos seeing other people work in locally in Jamaica and they seem to have expanded into 10 country’s now.

    It’s obviously better for low earning country with not so good economy. So far nothing sneaky I don’t like MLM but I decided to try it .

    Rule here is before you join find 3 people interested that way u can get back your small investment. It also now states you must have 5 premium gamers in 60 days.

    • Jason says:

      Thanks, Chris for this new information.

      Glad to know that it is also working out for you thus far. I am sure that those who are interested in Game Loot will find your recommendation to find 3 people who are interested before they actually invest money to be quite smart.

      I will do some update within this Game Loot Network review.

      Kind regards,

  3. DanDruffExe says:

    To think I was so close to joining that.
    Thanks for the heads up.
    Good advice about WA!

  4. Ben says:

    Hi Jason,

    This program, in my humble assesment, is just another thing for affiliate marketers can promote on their websites. I am an affiliate marketer, and I already have my programs that I promote. I do not see why I should start promoting new programs, especially since it looks a little like an MLM scheme.

    On the other hand, it does seem legit, and if I WAS on the lookout for a new program to promote, I would definitely take a closer look.

    What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my decision?

  5. Elias says:

    Anything that even remotely connected to an MLM, is no-no for me. I don’t believe in MLM marketing at all, I find them all a kind-of pyramid schemes masquerading under another “legal” marketing name.
    And I’m not just saying that, at some point (maybe next month, next year, couple of years, who knows), people will eventually cancel, and that will affect the people above them. Those people above them will get unsatisfied and so they, in turn will also cancel, and so on until the whole “pyramid” collapse.
    Most of the MLM programs promote a not-so-understandable products.
    For example, I don’t know what I’m going to promote within Game Loot? What is the product? Why would people buy it? Do I just play games? How would I get money by playing games at all? All these stuff remain unknown for me.
    So far the best link you’ve got up there is the Wealthy Affiliate link, which is the most legit most trusted source for affiliate marketing and it is 110% legit. How do I know? I’m part of it since 6 months now and it’s working. So does for thousands of members with me. I recommend checking it, but if you are any serious about building a business online, don’t listen to all those “make easy money online” scammers, but instead be ready to work hard for it and it’ll pay off.
    Thanks for the review and now I finally know what this gamer loot is I’ve been seeing advertises about every day.

    • Jason says:


      Thank you for your thoughtful views on the GameLoot System.

      I agree with the point which you made. MLMs are definitely something that I do not like one bit.

      I love affiliate marketing with a passion and Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best place for anyone to learn all about it.

      Continued success,

  6. Uwais says:

    great to know that you do not need to be a gamer in order to promote this product. Interesting review and another good way to earn money, something I need to look into.

    • Jason says:


      Yea, within the Game Loot Network, members are able to earn income by getting other people to sign up as Ambassadors. They do not necessarily need to play games at all.

      Glad that you found the Game Loot Network Review interesting and also of value.

      Be well,

  7. Brandon says:

    I’m not really a fan of this ‘game loot’, however my partner (she’s a girl) has always been interested in this product. I didn’t really like it but after reading your review it definitely looks like something to consider for sure.

    I totally agree with you though when you said that the address should be the same on all networks, why someone would have 2 different addresses is beyond me – ESPECIALLY when you are running a big business like this.

    Definitely a well-thought out article and something I might have to consider in the future.

    Thanks so much for this post.

    Kind regards,

  8. Juliet Fray says:

    Hey Guys,
    I am currently a member of game loot network, and I must add that it really does work. The only downside is not from GAMELOOTNETWORK,. but from persons who might be a sceptic to join. I am currently at Ruby 2 earning $20.00 per day and loving it. I am not even an expert marketer.

    Juliet Fray.

    Also if anyone interested to join through me simply go to
    www. blazestar.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Juliet,

      I am happy to hear that you are having success so far with the GameLootNetwork.

      I wish you a lot more success as you diversify your earnings.

      Kind regards,

  9. David says:

    Really nice and in depth review I must say. I have one question, though, what exactly do you do in “Game loot network”? (correct me if I’m wrong) From what I understand from the article you pay mobile games and earn money. So how many hours do I have to play to earn money etc?

    This could actually be an interesting way to make some money on the spare time.

    • Jason says:


      You do not necessarily need to play games in order to earn with the Game Loot Network.

      You actually get paid when you successfully invite others to join the platform.

      The Game Loot Network is an MLM gaming system, so the more people you have under you the greater the earnings.

      I hope I have made it a bit more clearer for you.


  10. Josh says:

    I’m not too much of a gamer so I’ve been out of the loop on Game Loot, but I AM always looking for ways to make money online so this post definitely interested me. What I love is that it’s a pretty straight forward type of affiliate marketing, I don’t need to be a gamer to understand or promote. It seems simple enough to get started with and there’s red flags–which isn’t always the case–so I appreciate you passing on the info. I’ll be checking in to see how it works out for you.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Josh,

      The Game Loot is still relatively new on the scene, so let’s give it some more time to see if they will be a real pioneer within the gaming niche.

      As more and more people join, we will get a much clearer analysis of the entire system. It may be a system that booms of flops overtime.

      Thank you for your comment and I hope to see you again.


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